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Acid Jazz
LP x 2 ACID JAZZ Compilation: Flying Funk - Flying Jazz Grooves (19 Track Ltd. Ed. 2 LP Set, FOC)
Ultra Heavy Funk And Rare Grooves From Flying Dutchman, Bluebird And RCA
EURBluebird Records0828765154710New (not sealed)3,995,25105051356de uk fr
CD ACID JAZZ Compilation: Nights In French Satin Vol.25028557803825New (sealed)1,992,592505302625us de uk fr
CD ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Best Of Funky FamilyGERSoulciety4025478005520New2,493,253201175047
LP ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Soulciety Funky Family: Blue AlbumGERSoulciety4015434000812New2,493,253201175048de uk fr
LP x 2 ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Soulciety Funky Family: Yellow AlbumGERSoulciety4015434002618New2,493,253201175074de uk fr
12"Booker, Craig D: Keep Going On (Ext. + 3)
+ Waiting For Evelyn - Full Version / Sky Travel - Full Mix & Scat Mix
BETerminal AntwerpTA004New1,792,332301318210
7"Ch3Vy: Hard Massage / Praize The Nord (Incl. Boca 45 Mix)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063892573New (not sealed)0,991,291206697603us de uk fr
LPCharmaine Neville Band: It's About Time (With Reggie Houston & Amasa Miller)
Rattlesnake / Smoother / Activated Relay / Thouqhtless Substantial / Yamantaka (Remeastered) / Humor Me / Cybernetic Catalysm
4015434003912New2,493,253201175060de uk fr
CDCHOP SHOP: Recovered Pieces4015434003622New1,491,941901173010us de uk fr
12"Cybophonia: Cut & Paste / Tribute / Harem Ocenao / Je Parl Pà FranséIrma Rec.0352910105505New (not sealed)1,992,592505267431
CDFrancis, Dean: Black Is All ThatGERSoulciety4025478006824New1,491,941901173002us de uk fr
CDFrancis, Dean: Black Is All That4025478006824New1,491,941901173003us de uk fr
7"Hardkandy: Three Days (x2)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063893174New (not sealed)1,291,681606697615us de uk fr
12"KIDDA: The Shoe Cash Ep (FLC)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063891262New (not sealed)2,493,253206801751us de uk fr
LPKIDDA: The Shoe Cash Ep (NC)CATP001New (not sealed)1,992,592506781037
LPRad.: RadifiedGERSoulciety4015434000515New2,493,253201175073de uk fr
12" x 2Rad.: Sister - So CompleteGERSoulciety4015434003516New2,493,253201175057de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveRad.: Venus Drops (Full Versions And Instrumentals, FOC)GERSoulciety4015434001529New0,991,291201172998us de uk fr
7"Sidewinder: Less Than Effortless / Water TowerUKSOMA796122851773New (not sealed)1,291,681606697614de uk fr
CDSoul, Truth & Power: ShakeGERSoulciety4015434002120New1,491,941900064627us de uk fr
12" x 2Steiner, Rubin: Guitarlandia (x9, Incl. Remixes By Ninja Tune & French Friends)FRABMG France0743219665010New (sealed)2,493,253205051434us de uk fr
LP x 2Steiner, Rubin: Wunderbar Drei (12 Track 2 LP Set)FRABMG0743219510518New (sealed)3,995,25105051447us de uk fr
CD ALTERNATIVE / NEW METAL / GRUNGE Compilation: Discovery Sampler Alternative Vol.1
2X Hum, 2X Sleeper, 2X Wanderlust, ...
CD ALTERNATIVE / NEW METAL / GRUNGE Compilation: Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock CompilationGER5036369504922New (sealed)1,692,22200318377us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Alien Ant Farm: Attitude (x2+1)UK0600445082823New0,991,291200322208us de uk fr
CDAshtrayhead: AshtrayheadGER4006030602425New (cut out)1,491,941900217119us de uk fr
CDAutomatic, The: Home 78
Recorded And Mixed By Andi Velte (Mundstuhl)
GER4031851996927New1,491,941900232347us de uk fr
CDBugzy: Bugzy
Recorded By Steve Gallagher
USA0643276400121New1,792,332300292875us de uk fr
7"Bush: Inflatable (String Lush Mix) / Headful Of Ghosts (Live)USA0075678534171New0,991,291200290137us de uk fr
CDSCalling, The: Adrienne (x2+1 Incl. Acoustic Version)EURRCA - BMG0743219683526New0,991,291201210560
7"CATHETERS: I Fall EasyUSASub PopSP604New (not sealed)1,291,681606698053
CDS (Album Case)Chemical People: Let It GoUSA0031895002527New (cut out)0,991,291200297894us de uk fr
CDSCrazy Town: Drowning (x1+2)
incl. Butterfly
UK5099767332658New0,991,291200322057us de uk fr
CDSCrazy Town: Drowning (x2+1+Enhanced Video)Columbia5099767332627New0,991,291201211380us de uk fr
CDDas Damen: Jupiter EyeUSASST0018861009520New (cut out)1,491,941900298160us de uk fr
CDDeadeye Dick: A Different StoryCA0771356102723New (sealed)0,991,291201234635de uk fr
CDDeadeye Dick: WhirlCAIchiban0771356104123New (sealed)1,491,941901234631de uk fr
LPDirt Merchants: ScarifiedUSA0723853107015New (sealed)1,992,592501134710de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Elviss: D - ChangeUK5050383501026New0,991,291201211952us de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Foo Fighters: All My Life / Sister EuropeEURRoswell0743219626721New0,991,291201211956us de uk fr
CDGod's Favorite Band: ShacknastyUSATwintone0035058921724New1,992,592500297061us de uk fr
CDS x11Guano Apes: 11+2 - The Complete Singles Collection (Box Set)EUR0828765716024New (sealed)3,995,25105049491de uk fr
CDGunjah: Politically Correct?FRANoise0701301025524New (cut out)1,491,941900298046us de uk fr
CDSHiss (Alternative): Triumph (x1+2)EURPolydor0044006577821New0,991,291201211697us de uk fr
7"Jale: All Ready / Hey Hey (Brown Vinyl)USASub Pop5024545022674New (not sealed)0,991,291206705884de uk fr
CDJuster: What I See Want I ThinkUSATVT0165810421028New (cut out)1,491,941900298914
CDLiberty 37: The Greatest Gift (12 Tracks)UKBEGGARS BANQUET UK607618021023New (not sealed)2,493,253206689267us de uk fr
CDSLimp Bizkit: MY GENERATION (x1+2+Video)EURUNIVERSAL INT'L0606949744427New0,991,291201136608us de uk fr
CDSLorien: Shivering Sun (x1+2)UK5099767194522New0,991,291200294499us de uk fr
CDSMillion Dead: I Am The PartyUKXtra Mile5033025003324New1,792,332300323401us de uk fr
7"Millionaire: We Don't Live There Anymore / For A MaidBEPlay It Again Sam5413356224139New (not sealed)1,291,681606781428de uk fr
CDNicklebag: 12 Hits And A BumpUSAIguana Records0704518057425New (cut out)1,491,941900281344us uk fr
CDS 5" dbl. SleevePapa Roach: Between Angels And Insects (Limited Ed. ; Pullout Sleeve)UKDreamworks0600445090828New0,991,291200285222us de uk fr
CDSPapa Roach: Between Angels And Insects (x1+2 Live Tracks+ Video)UK0600445090927New0,991,291200322107us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Papa Roach: Time And Time Again UKDreamworks0600445080423New0,991,291200292375us de uk fr
CDSPapa Roach: Time And Time Again (CD1)UK0600445080522New0,991,291200293817us de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Papa Roach: Time And Time Again / Singular Indestructible Droid (Live)EURDreamworks0600445080829New0,991,291200292448de uk fr
7"Parisman: A Place That Glows / Radio MountainsUK48 CRASH UK5050954116277New (not sealed)1,291,681606697634de uk fr
7"PERKINS, ELVIS: All The Night Without Love / The DumpsUKXL634904125875New (not sealed)0,991,291206715981us de uk fr
7"PERKINS, ELVIS: While You Were Sleeping / CounterclockwiseUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904028275New (not sealed)0,991,291206712829us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Puddle Of Mudd: She Hates Me (CD2, FOC) (+2 Acoustic Bonus Tracks)UKGeffen0606949780524New1,291,681601211124
7"REVEREND & THE MAKERS: HE SAID HE LOVED ME (x1+2)UKWALL OF SOUND UK5413356571448New (not sealed)1,291,681606697667us de uk fr
7"REVEREND & THE MAKERS: Open Your Window / Dear LydiaUKWall Of Sound5413356572049New (not sealed)0,991,291206697648us de uk fr
CDRolling Head: Vol.3 LiveUSAGrass Records0017531504327New (cut out)1,491,941900298218us de uk fr
CDSECTORSEVEN: Along The WayCA0777521143225New (sealed)2,493,253201233483us de uk fr
CDSSerafin: Day By Day (CD1)UK0827655001639New0,991,291200321754us de uk fr
CDSSerafin: Things Fall Apart (CD1)UK5050491009131New0,991,291200321757us de uk fr
CDSister Psychic: FuelCARestless0018777271721New (cut out)1,491,941900296597us de uk fr
CDSister Psychic: Surrender, You Freak!USARestless0018777274425New (cut out)1,491,941900298382us de uk fr
CDSkatenigs: What A Mangled Web We LeaveUSARed Light0097688837127New (cut out)1,491,941900278646us de uk fr
CDSkin Yard: 1000 Smiling Knuckles
Feat. Jack Endino
USACruz Records0031895001728New (cut out)1,792,332300297780us de uk fr
CDSlave Master: Under The 6 (Prod. By Bill Laswell)CARykodisc0014431030222New1,491,941900176400us de uk fr
CDStigmata A Go Go: It's All TimeUSAGrass Records0017531503122New (cut out)1,491,941900298219us de uk fr
CDSunset Valley: The New Speed USA0615493000729New1,491,941900278882us de uk fr
7"Television Personalities: All The Young Children On Crack / Any Love Is Good LoveUKDOMINO5034202122074New (not sealed)1,692,22206715983us de uk fr
CDToe Tag: RealityUSACherrydisc0738442289522New (sealed)1,491,941900298318us de uk fr
7"Veal: Everybody Wants More… (x1+3)UKBright Star Recordings5413356483345New (not sealed)1,692,22206715965de uk fr
7"Veal: I Hate Your Lipstick / DefilerUKSIX SHOOTER RECORDS5413356483048New (not sealed)1,692,22206697623de uk fr
CDVertex: VertexUSABlue Dolphin0605827700128New1,491,941900242615us de uk fr
7"Violent Delight: Same Old Story / Parental GuidanceUK5050466221278New0,991,291200290143de uk fr
CDSViolent Delight: Transmission (x1+2+Video)UK0825646088621New1,291,681600321765us de uk fr
CDSWheatus: American In Amsterdam (incl. Teenage Dirtbag Live Version + Poster)UK5099767410752New0,991,291200292945us de uk fr
7"White, Jack & Alicia Keys: Another Way To Die (Incl. Instrumental, Gold Vinyl)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904000776New (not sealed)1,692,22206700047us de uk fr
CDPolyvalent Immedia: Iron EyeUSACyberworks0026617500221New1,491,941900298224us de uk fr
CDRitchie, Brian: Sonic Temple & Court Of BabylonUSASST0018861020228New (cut out)0,991,291200298331us de uk fr
DVDB. B. King: Black Blues Live4015910021010Sup (sealed)1,491,941905080524de
CD x 2Blue Condition: Blue Condition / Vasely & Krajic - Art Of Blues8590646010829New (sealed)1,992,592505051406us de uk fr
CDHooker, John Lee: John Lee Hooker
20 Tracks: Incl. Boom Boom,, Dimples, Dusty Road,...
UKMaverick Music5055015801109New (sealed)1,491,941900257198de uk fr
CDPerry, Oscar: Still BlueUSATSOT0019011415529New (cut out)1,491,941900298388us de uk fr
CDTerrel: Angry Southern GentlemanUSAVirgin Records0724384009922New (cut out)1,992,592500166998us de uk fr
CDBrahms, Johannes: Sonatas 1+2 For Viola & Piano (Yossi Gutman / Peter Barcaba)GERAurophon4010165340367New (sealed)1,491,941905300380de uk fr
CDBrahms, Johannes: Symphony No.3 / Variations Haydn OP56A (Eduardo Marturet)GERAurophon4010165322509New (sealed)1,491,941905303333de uk fr
CD-Box (LP Size)Maffay, Peter: Tabaluga Und Lilli - Live (2 CDs + Buch)GERBMG0743212137521New (sealed)3,995,25105044831us de uk fr
CDMozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Jupiter Symphony / Sinfonia Concertante (Paul Kantschneider)GERAntica Classica4024395210178New (sealed)0,991,291205165397de uk fr
Books (Novels)
Book (PB) Size 1 (thin)Murakami, Ryu: 69 (Verlagshaus No.8)GERVerlagshaus No.83934763111New (sealed)3,995,25105071236de fr
Breakdance / Electrofunk / Oldschool
12" PictureFLYING STEPS VS ORIGINAL STYLAZ: Battle Megamix (Picture Disc, Lim:Ed. 500 Copies)GERFon-Ky0090204963263New (not sealed)6,498,468405325624us de uk fr
CDTreacherous Three: Old School FlavaUSA0019011812823New (cut out)1,491,941900297946us de uk fr
Brit Pop/Guitar Pop
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+1)EURDOMINO5034202125471New (not sealed)1,992,592506705881us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+1)EURDOMINO5034202125471New (cover not perfect)0,991,291206803419us de uk fr
10"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+3)EURDOMINO5034202125464New (not sealed)2,993,93806695505us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: FlUORESCENT ADOLESCENT / THE BAKERYEURDOMINO5034202126171New (not sealed)1,992,592506698051us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Teddy Picker / Bad Woman (Death Ramps)UKDOMINO5034202127970New (cover not perfect)1,491,941906792931us de uk fr
10"ARCTIC MONKEYS / DEATH RAMPS: Teddy Picker (Split Single, 4 Tracks)UKDOMINO5034202127963New (not sealed)1,992,592506695146de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Ash: Envy (CD1)UKInfectios Records5026854011929New0,991,291201211372us de uk fr
CDSAsh: Envy (CD2)(x1+2)UK5026854011905New0,991,291200293959us de uk fr
10"Athlete: You Got The Style (x2+1 Limited Edition Laser Etched Disc)UK0724355096968New1,491,941900290129us de uk fr
CDBent: Nothing Growes Here Anymore0017531502620New (cut out)1,491,941900298258us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveBent: Programmed To Love (3 Track Promo)
Always On My Heart, A Ribbon For My Hair, Welly Top Mary
CDS (Album Case)BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit (x1+2)
+ Whho The Cap Fit & I Believe In The West Coast
PIAS5413356220926New0,991,291201295454us de uk fr
7"BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit / Oh My CorazonUKPlay It Again SamPIASB109New (not sealed)1,291,681606715974
7"BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit / Who The Cap FitUK5413356220940New (not sealed)1,992,592506782750us de uk fr
7"BURGESS, TIM: Only A Boy / Rough TimeUK5413356221947New (not sealed)1,692,22206782710us de uk fr
CDSCharlatans: Impossible (CD2)UK0601215699722New0,991,291200294069us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Coral, The: Secret Kiss (FOC, x1+2+Video)UKDELTASONIC5099767437223New0,991,291201211971us de uk fr
CDSCoral, The: Skeleton Key E.P.UK5099767252222New0,991,291200293030us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Crescent, The: Spinnin' Wheels (CD1)UKHut0724354675706New0,991,291200292323us de uk fr
LPCrescent, The: The CrescentEUR0724381326312New3,494,554500290117us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Embrace: Make It Last (CD1)UKHut0724354606007New0,991,291200292979us de uk fr
7"Franz Ferdinand: Ulysses Pt. 1 / Anyone In LoveEURDOMINO5034202131472New (not sealed)0,991,291206697657us de uk fr
CDS 5" dbl. SleeveHaven: Til The End (x1+2+Video)UKRadiate0724354644702New0,991,291200292348us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveHaven: Till The End (x2+1)UKRadiate0724354644726New0,991,291200292353us de uk fr
CDSHell Is For Heroes: You Drove Me To It - CD2 (3 Track CD With Live Tracks)EUREMI0724355186225New1,291,681601211682us de uk fr
CDSHoggboy: Shouldn't Let The Side Down / Urgh !!!UK5033281625049New0,991,291200322136us de uk fr
7"Lemon Jelly: Make Things Right (Beatles Version) / Ambient LoopsUK634904921170New (sealed)1,692,22206787183us de uk fr
7"Lemon Jelly: NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS / SOFT (Coverversion)
Soft = Coverversion Of Chicago Track If You Leave Me Now
UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904115678New (not sealed)1,291,681606697637us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Books From Boxes (Demo Version) / Don McPhee (Pt. 2, Blue Vinyl))UKWarp Records801061822378New2,493,253206679859us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Books From Boxes / Obstinate Ideas (Pt.1, White Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061922375New (not sealed)1,692,22206679857de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Girls Who Plays Guitars (Part 2, Yellow Vinyl)UKWarp801061822774New (not sealed)0,991,291206697495us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: I Want You To Stay (Limited Edt, Part One On Turquoise Vinyl)UKWarp801061920173New1,992,592506679722us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Karaoke Plays (Part 2 Of 3, White Vinyl, Limited Edt., Incl. Lyrics Poster)UKWarp801061823672New (not sealed)0,991,291206697652us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Karaoke Plays / Jean Baudrillard (Part 1 Of 3, Silver Vinyl, Limited Edt.)UKWarp801061923679New (not sealed)0,991,291206698044us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Our Velocity / Pride Before A Fall (White Vinyl)UK801061922078New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506789111us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Our Velocity / Robert Altman (Red Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061822071New (not sealed)0,991,291206803423us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: The Kids Are Sick Again (Part 3 Of 3, Orange Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061827779New1,291,681606679727us de uk fr
7"Oasis (U.K.): I'm Outta Time - RemixesUKBIG BROTHER5055019605543New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506697619us de uk fr
CDSOcean Colour Scene: Up On The Down Side (x1+2)EURIsland0731457283028New1,291,681601210875us de uk fr
CDSPulp: Bad Cover Version (Part 1)EURIsland0731458290025New1,291,681600285254us de uk fr
CDSPulp: Sunrise / The TreesUK0731458882121New0,991,291200322037us de uk fr
CDSPulp: The Trees / Sunrise (x2+1)0731458882220New0,991,291200293297us de uk fr
7"Radiohead: Nude / 4 Minute WarningUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904035075New (not sealed)1,291,681606697697us de uk fr
CDSThrills, The: Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far, x1+1)UK0724354746727New0,991,291200293818us de uk fr
Childrens (Music, Videos...)
CD VARIOUS (Childrens Music & Videos): Die Abenteuer Des Teddy BrummUSATURN UP THE MUSIC4260053474258Sup (sealed)2,493,253205079860de uk fr
Children's Music
CDSBob The Builder: Mambo #5 (Enhanced 3 Trk)0684911604429New0,991,291200322084us de uk fr
Christmas Music
CD CHRISTMAS/WEIHNACHTEN Compilation: The Windy City Christmas CollectionUSATwoflight0700362000228New (sealed)2,493,253205086613us de uk fr
Classical Music
CD x 2 KLASSIK Compilation: Classical Masterpieces (16 Tracks)
Händel, Greig, Bizet, Chabrier, Massenet, Beriloz,...
UK5033606002241New1,491,941900257679de uk fr
CD KLASSIK Compilation: Classics 4 LoversGERBEV Music AG5055015800300New1,491,941900296518de uk fr
CD KLASSIK Compilation: Classics At The Movies
12 Tracks Used In Popular Movies: Bach, Strauss, Mozart... London Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Chigago...
GERMaverick Music5055015800324New1,491,941900255448de uk fr
CDAlexeyev, Dmitri: Liszt: Variations/Elegy/Etc. UKOLYMPIA5015524170714New2,993,93801288642de uk fr
CDBACH, C.P.E.: Cembalosonaten (Colin Booth)UKOLYMPIA5015524404338New1,992,592501288919de uk fr
CDBalzer, Severin: Virtuoso Music For MarimbaGERAurophon4010165321380New (sealed)1,992,592505300432de uk fr
CDBamberger Klaviertrio: Klaviertrios Von Debussy & BrahmsEURCascade4028462100195New (sealed)1,992,592505303352us de uk fr
CDBeethoven, Ludwig Van [Beethoven]: Symphonie No. 4 Op.60 Et 8 Op.93 (Anton Nanut)GERArpegio4010165414327New (sealed)1,491,941905303347de uk fr
CDBeloruss.State TV+Radio Orch. / Soltan, Vladimir / Boris Raisky: Belorussian Series - Vol. 3 (Soltan)UKOLYMPIA5015524405533New (not sealed)2,493,253201288930us de uk fr
CDBooth,C. / Scarlatti, Domenico: Essential ScarlattiUKOLYMPIA5015524402518New1,491,941901288647de uk fr
CDBrand, Arnold: Sestetto Salonisti 2 - Pardon Madame (Operette)GERAurophon4010165321618New (sealed)1,491,941905300374uk
CDBuchman / Oradeo Philh. / Acel / Ibert, Jacques / Nielsen, Carl / Partos, Oedoen / Erwin Acel: VisionsUKOLYMPIA5015524004200New1,692,22201288620de uk fr
CDBurakowsky, Jan: Only A MomentGERAurophon4010165322660New (sealed)1,491,941905303331de
CDCaruso, Enrico: Historical Recordings 1902 - 19148712177000098New1,491,941900296499de uk fr
CDClementi, Muzio: Complete Piano Works Vol. 4GERAurophon4010165322882New (sealed)6,498,468405303346us de uk fr
LP x 2Danby, Nicholas: Occasional Pieces And Romantic Organ WorksUKDiamond Cut / CBS MasterworksDC40152New (sealed)3,995,25101245538
CDDevienne, Francois: Devienne Chamber Orchester Vol. 2Aurophon4010165321625New (sealed)1,992,592505303339us de uk fr
CDDURY, JEAN: QUIET MOVEMENTSCA0774668220123New (sealed)3,995,25101234569
CDFurrer, Ulrich: Der Etwas Andere Klavierabend (Chopin, Liszt, Strauß, Smetana Und Wagner)
Grande Valse Brillante Op. 34 No 1, G´Schichten Aus Dem Wienerwwald, Op. 325, Kaiserwalzer, Op. 437, Liebestod Aus Tristan Und Isolde, Feuerzauber Aus Walküre, Springtanz Aus Die Verkaufte Braut , Ouvertüre Aus Die Fledermaus, Fantaisie-Impromptu, Op 66,
GERP&G MUSIC4024395210000New (sealed)0,991,291205079853de uk fr
CDGrieg, Edvard: HOLBERG SUITE / PIANO CONCERTOUSAINTERSOUND RECORDS0015095253422New (sealed)1,491,941901389929
CDHummel, Franz: Archipelagos / Tantalus Lächelt4010165318021New (sealed)3,995,25105300413
CDJahn, Thomas: Orte Und Zeiten EURCol Legno0028942935525New (sealed)3,494,554505303349us de uk fr
CDJoffe, Dina: Chopin;24 Preludes Op.28 UK5015524180287New3,494,554501288942de uk fr
CDJörns, Helge: Europa Und Der Stier - Oper In Einem BildGERAurophon8401016531816New (sealed)1,491,941905300416us de uk fr
CDJoselson. Tedd: Nächte In Spanischen Gaerten (M.De Falla/J.Orbon)UKOLYMPIA5015524003517New1,992,592501288945de uk fr
CDKATIN, PETER: Katin Plays Chopin Vol. 1 UKOLYMPIA5015524001865New1,992,592501288954de uk fr
CDKeller, Max E.: KammermusikGERCol Legno4010165318014New (sealed)2,493,253205200488us de uk fr
CDKissin, Yevgeny: Evgeni Kissin Piano: Scriabin/Liszt/BachUKOLYMPIA5015524180188New2,493,253201288631de uk fr
CDLokshin, Alexander: Sinfonie 5/Lieder,4 (Northern Crown Ensemble)UK5015524171247New2,993,93801288936de uk fr
CDLondon Symphony Orchestra: Classical Climax Vol. 1 UKMaverick Music5055015800768New1,491,941900242054de uk fr
CDLövaas, Kari: Sings Songs By Grieg, Sibelius & StraussEURVerdi Records4010165321168New (sealed)1,491,941905300424us de uk fr
CDMARTYNOV / KONSTANTINIDI: Beethoven;Romantic Album UK5015524170257New2,993,93801288859de uk fr
CDMenuhin, Yehudi: Beethoven : Violinkonzert D-DUR OP.61 (Wiener Philharmoniker)GERAurophon4010165321762New (sealed)1,491,941905303345de uk
CDMkrtchyan/Talisman: Wagner;5 Poems By Wesendonc UKOLYMPIA5015524170813New2,493,253201288643de uk fr
CDMoscow Contemporary Music Ensemble: Moscow Contemporary MusicUK5015524170363New2,993,93801288890de uk fr
CDOosterum, Niek Van: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1 / From The Seasons / Dumka In A Major62Verdi Records4010165321151New (sealed)2,493,253205300398de uk
CDPetermann, Carsten: Spielt Werke Von Bach, Petrassi, Rodrigo,Mangore...GERFoxxy Medien4250026315756Sup (sealed)6,498,468405143522de fr
CDPhillpe, Marco Orchestra: The Music Of Andrew Lloyd WebberTime Music International5033606001022New1,491,941900257465de uk fr
CDPiazzini, Carmen: Mozart: Die Gesamten Konzetre Für Klavier Und Orchester Vol.7GERAurophon4010165319066New (sealed)1,491,941905303330uk fr
CDPoling, Chan: Music For Theatre De La Jeune Lune's: Children Of Paradise: Shooting A DreamUSATwin Tone0035058924428New (cut out)1,491,941900281921us de uk fr
CDProvatorov, Jennadi: Revelations (Ballett) - Valeri KiktaUKOLYMPIA5015524170578New2,493,253201288640de uk fr
CDRachmaninoff, Serge [ Sergei Rachmaninov]: All Night Vigil (Vespers)UKOLYMPIA5015524002473New2,993,93801288966us de uk fr
CDRICHTER, SVIATOSLAV: Svjatoslav Richter Vol. 3 - SchubertUKOLYMPIA5015524402884New3,995,25101288646de uk fr
CDRöhrer, Wolfgang: Walpurgisnacht In Staufen 8Ein Ohrenspiel Aus Goethes Faust)GERAurophon4010165323193New (sealed)1,992,592505300385
CDSmetana, Bedrich: Ma Patrie - Ma VlastFRAArpegio4010165414990New (sealed)1,491,941900146762
CDSorokina, Elena & Alexander Bakhchiev: Salonmusik,Russische UK5015524171513New2,993,93801288896de uk fr
CDTarasowa,M. / Miaskowsky,N.: Werke Für VioloncelloUKOLYMPIA5015524405304New2,993,93801288875de uk fr
CDThorson & Thurber: Dvorak: Legends/From The Bohemian ForeUKOLYMPIA5015524003630New2,493,253201288990de uk fr
DVDToscanini, Arturo: Brahms:Symphony No.1 / Weber: Euryanthe (CD+DVD)GER4015910023113New (sealed)1,491,941905165933de uk fr
CDViersen, Saskia & Quirine: Brahms:Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orch. OP102 / Tragic Overture OP 81GERVerdi Records4010165321878New (sealed)1,491,941905303328de uk fr
Classical Music: Ballet
CDKHACHATURIAN: Khachaturian: Cello Concertos (Marina Tarasova)UKOLYMPIA5015524405397New2,493,253201288636us de uk fr
Classical Music: Chamber Music/Recitals
CD (+Papersleeve)JANACEK / KOEHLEN: Sonate 27.April 1945/1.X.1905Col Legno4010165318076New (sealed)1,792,332305300425
Club (General)
CD DANCE Compilation: Night Life Party - La Compilation Des Plus Grands DJs FrancaisFRAWarner3283451012427New (sealed)2,493,253205031565de uk fr
12"ALLOY MENTAL: Gotta Love (x2, Red Vinyl)UKSkint5025425521980New (not sealed)1,692,22206719122de uk fr
LPASHKEN, MARC: Have You Seen My Dancing Shoes EP
Album Sampler 4 Tracks
LEFTLP002SNew (not sealed)1,992,592506781041
12" PictureBASS FROG: Axel F (TV Mix / Long Cut) (Picture Disc)GERZYX0090204838561New (not sealed)2,493,253205326386us de uk fr
CD + DVDBizz Circuits: Intifada Offspring
Mille Plateaux Media661956001420New (not sealed)13,9918,2418105153987us de uk fr
12"BONGO / DOP: GOSSIP RATSI'M SINGLE880319496318New (not sealed)1,992,592506781235us de uk fr
12"BUSHWACKA: Long Distance / Back To Point Zero (FLC)UKOlmeto689492066666New (not sealed)2,493,253206745947us de uk fr
12"BUSHWACKA: Remember (x2, Incl. Dub, FLC)UKOlmeto689492062767New (not sealed)1,992,592506745950us de uk fr
12"BUZZIN FLY: BUZZIN FLY-5 GOLDEN YEARS IN THE WILDERNESS EP0893468002446New (not sealed)1,992,592506771906
12"CAMEL RIDERS: Twisted 2007 Remixes (x2)USASubliminal691968018215New (not sealed)1,992,592506745963us de uk fr
7"CARLYLE, MARA: I BLAME DIDO (NC)UK827884002377New (not sealed)1,692,22206695294de uk fr
LPCHAZAM: EclektrythmsFRABasenotic Records3760009430020New (not sealed)4,495,855805109878de uk fr
12"CRUMP, HARRISON & DAJAE: Deeper (FLC)USASubliminal691968883417New (not sealed)1,992,592506745961us de uk fr
LP x 2CURTIS: Transfer (FOC)EUR0724353887018New (sealed)3,995,25105031324de uk fr
12"DA SILVA, JOALZ & EDDIE: DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES (Kiki Remix / Adaptor Remix / Leon Segka Remix, FLC)UKCROSSTOWN REBELS8005052472104New (not sealed)2,993,93805157092us de uk fr
ROM Size 1 (CD)DEATH CUBE K: DREAMATORIUM (IBM CD-ROM)IMC9001New (sealed)4,996,516405295833
12"DOLBY ANOL: Tender Touch (x3+1, Yellow Vinyl, FLC)EURBack Yard5051253103715New (not sealed)1,491,941906745977us de uk fr
12"DRONEZ: Call Me (x2, FLC, Feat. Shawnee Taylor)USASubliminal Soul691968661213New (sealed)2,493,253206725464us de uk fr
12"DRONEZ & SHAWNEE TAYLOR: Call Me (Incl. Richard F Mix)USASubliminal689492058418New (not sealed)1,992,592506745958us de uk fr
12"Dual Range: There And Back Again E.P.SESentinelDR12001New2,493,253201300073
LP x 2EDGAR, JIMMY: COLORSTRIPWarp Records801061011611New (not sealed)6,999,119006781048us de uk fr
12"FILO & PERI: Long Train Runnin (x3)USASubliminal691968017119New (sealed)1,992,592506801757de uk fr
10"FRANCOIS K & DAVID ALVARADO: VOL. 1-NRK 10UKNRK5082723602308New (not sealed)2,493,253206695304us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)GEEZ N GOSH: NOBODY KNOWSGERMille Plateaux0718752311120Sup (sealed)5,997,817705104785us de uk fr
12"Hard-Fi / Anne Clark: Living For The Weekend (Rework) / Sleeper In Metropolis (Rework,WL-Promo )GERMillionaireMILL7000000New (not sealed)2,993,93805053770
12"I Chiodi: Cuore Marro (x5 Incl. 2 Mixes By GG D'agostino)GERMedia Records0090204940516New (not sealed)5,497,167105248317de uk fr
12"J MODE: The Trouble Ep (FLC)5051083038249New (not sealed)3,494,554506781223us de uk fr
12"JARAMILLO, JORGE & NINI ANTHONY: The Funk Shop (FLC)USASubliminal691968018413New (not sealed)1,992,592506745966us de uk fr
12" PictureMADAGASCAR 5: Ice Ice Baby (x2, Picture Disc)GERZYX0090204684403New (not sealed)2,493,253205325627us de uk fr
7"MANSI, TOM & HEARTBREAKERS: WHO DUNNIT / Heart Break HooliganUK0893775001293New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506787747us de uk fr
12"MARLY: Saturday (4x Morjac Mixes !, FLC)USARobbinsREAB721321New1,792,332301311888
12"MOVEMENT: Croacid Four (4 Tracks, FLC)UKLoaded5025425113666New (not sealed)1,992,592506691977us de uk fr
12"MR GROOVE & VERGAS: You Make Me Happy (Feat. Rachel Hawnt) (x2)USASubliminal691968016716New (sealed)1,992,592506778200us de uk fr
12"MR.V FEATURING MISS PATTY: Da Bump Part OneUKDefected826194047870New (not sealed)1,491,941906801754us de uk fr
12"MR.V FEATURING MISS PATTY: DA BUMP PT2 (Incl. Masters At Work Mixes)UKDefected0826194047856New (not sealed)2,493,253206695856us de uk fr
7"NARRATOR: The Cavaliers / For The VikingsUSADIG011New (not sealed)1,992,592506790903
12"POLE FOLDER: Buenos Aires EPUKHope Recordings0881824131565New (not sealed)2,493,253205154144us de uk fr
12"PRED, NOAH: Sentient Systems (4 Tracks, NC)SentientsoundSNS001New (not sealed)2,493,253205155712
12"Radar (Dance): First Statement (3 Tracks)EURExactaudio0661956920219New (not sealed)1,992,592505050535us de uk fr
12"Razoof (Dance): New Star (x4+1, Incl. Salz & Turquoise Remix, STC)GERNesta0661956459511New1,792,332305022638us de uk fr
LPRELAXED MUSCLE: A Heavy Nite WithEURRough Trade5050159813117New (cover not perfect)3,494,554506801749de uk fr
LPRELAXED MUSCLE: A Heavy Nite With5050159813117New (not sealed)4,996,516406781042de uk fr
12" PictureRICK MANIAC & DR LOOP: Gimme Hope Jo'Anna (x2, Picture Disc)GERTerapia0090204919680New (not sealed)4,996,516405323588de uk fr
7"SCHWAB: Bland Band Boogie / Dj's In A RowUK5050294154878New (not sealed)2,993,93806782705de uk fr
12"Sedgley, Max: Happy (2007 Remixes)5050954153463New (not sealed)2,493,253205207536us de uk fr
CDSIMPLY JEFF: FUNKY INSTRUMENTALISTUSA0015095959126New (sealed)1,491,941901233039
12"SNAX: Special Guest RemixRR05New (not sealed)1,992,592506781229
12"Sonorous Star: Bullets & Bad Dreams EPUKCATSKILLS UKRID002New (not sealed)2,493,253201387218
LP x 2SYDENHAM,JEROME & CHANDLER,KERRI: Saturday - European Limited EditionFRA3700077687315New (sealed)5,997,817705031404de uk fr
7"U.N.K.L.E. FEATURING JOSH HOMME: RESTLESS / Blade In The BlackUKSURRENDER ALL5060100664224New (cover not perfect)2,993,93806795236us de uk fr
LP x 2VEGA, LOUIE PRESENTS IN THE HOUSE: VOL. 2-LOUIE VEGA PRESENTS IN THE HOUSEUKDefected0826194079871New (not sealed)4,996,516406781040us de uk fr
LP x 2VITELLI, COSMO: Cosmo Vitelli (4 Tracks)EURSLD010New (not sealed)3,995,25105256845
12"VITELLI, COSMO: Party Day (4 Tracks, STC)FRASOLID3700077630380New (not sealed)1,992,592505256846de uk fr
LP x 2VITELLI, COSMO: VideoFRASOLIDSOLID015LPNew (cover not perfect)5,997,817705256847
7"YOUTHMOVIES: The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor / After The Kicking KUK5055131701307New (not sealed)1,692,22206789114de uk fr
12"ZHANA: Are You Ready (Presented By Lenny Fontana, x2, Anthem Vocal & Dub Mixes)USAOdyssey RecordsODY007New (not sealed)1,692,22205061788
Club: Eurodance/Charts
CD DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Beat Blast 97CA0778765101323New (sealed)1,491,941901234617de uk fr
CD DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Dance 2001FRASony5099750315729New (sealed)2,493,253205027196de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Deep Heat Vol. 01
24 Tracks: The KLF, Betty Boo, Culture Beat feat. Lana E, LFO, MC B feat. Daisy Dee, DNA, African Business, ...
Eurostar4012175300119New (sealed)1,992,592501245575us de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Deep Heat Vol. 02
Incl. 12" Versions
4012175300416New (sealed)1,992,592501245571us de uk fr
CD x 2 DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Fantasy Dance Hits Vol.1GERAlphabet City4025858012223New (sealed)3,494,554505257336us de uk fr
CD DANCEFLOOR Compilation: Hypnotic Dance Traxx Volume 2CA0771356101924New (sealed)1,792,332301234578de uk fr
12" PictureA Klana Indiana: Uiiii Tuat Des Weh! (x2, Pic. Vinyl)GERZYX0090204835898New (not sealed)2,493,253205323605de uk fr
12"Amateo: Time After Time (x2+1)
Cover Version
EURWEA0809274913708New (sealed)1,291,681605044820de fr
12"Astro: The Show Must Go On (Maxi Edit / Hard-Wha / Radio Edit, With Picture Sleeve !)GERWarnerPROC95507New (not sealed)2,993,93805104830
12"Be My Guest: Highway To Hell (x4, Incl. Original Mix)
WEA5050466061607New (sealed)1,992,592505051464de fr
CDSBlackout: Get Up (x4)UK5099767179628New0,991,291200322032us de uk fr
CDSBlackout: Mr. D.J. UK5099767084427New0,991,291200322035us de uk fr
12"BRENNAN, MAX: Free Will (x2, Promo, NC)DKABRC001New (not sealed)1,992,592505290889
CDSBth: Last Christmas (x3)
UKEMI0724355027221New0,991,291200293527us de uk fr
CDSClock: Everybody (x6)5011781207729New (sealed)0,991,291201370264
12" x 2Culture Beat: Anything - Remix (x4)5099765995688New (sealed)1,792,332301245666us de uk fr
CDSDaddy Cool (Dance): Throw Yer Hauns In The Air (x3)
French Hip-Hop
UK5029446000158New0,991,291201210907de uk fr
12"DJ Bobo: Chihuaha - La Musique De LA Pub (Radio Version / 2002 XTN Remix)BMG0828765156110New (sealed)2,493,253205058419de uk fr
CDSDJ Luck & Mc Neat: I'm All About You (x4+Video)UK0731458871927New0,991,291200285275us de uk fr
CDSDJ Luck & Mc Neat: Piano Loco UK0731457280829New0,991,291200293389us de uk fr
CDSDJ Ötzi: Hey Baby (x2+1)ATEMI - Austria0724355092427New2,993,93800293308us de uk fr
12"D'Mercedes, Addys: Oye Colombia (x4 Incl. 4Tune Twins Mixes , NC)New (not sealed)1,692,22205277503
12"Edyta: Impossible (Paradise City/Milk & Sugar/Roy Malone King & Kelly Pitiuso Dub Mix)GERVirgin0724354689765New (not sealed)2,493,253205046218us de uk fr
CDSFast Food Rockers: I Love ChristmasEURBetter The Devil5050693086626New0,991,291200322153us de uk fr
CDSFast Food Rockers: I Love Christmas (x2)UK5050693086428New0,991,291200322158us de uk fr
12"Floorfilla: Kosmiklove - Black Wax Edition > Laseredged ! (DJ Cerla Mix)45DFC8014360145945New (not sealed)4,495,855805157091de fr
CDSGirlscamp: Sister5099767086223New0,991,291201202729us de uk fr
12"Jerry & Tom: D. I. S. C. O. Daze (x3, NC)4014235188705New (not sealed)2,993,93805267450de fr
CDSLadies First: I Can't Wait (x2+1+Video)EURPolydor0731457069127New0,991,291200294236us de uk fr
12" PictureLove Pack, The: Boom Boom Boom (x3, Picture Disc)GERZYX0090204961030New (not sealed)3,995,25105325610de uk fr
12"Magic Box (Dance): 4 Your Love (x2, Pietro Farinelli Mix)FRATime 3259119289913New (not sealed)1,992,592505263576de uk fr
12"Marquez, Carolina: Super DJ (Ext. / European / Alfonsin Tocame / MATRIX Remix)FRAHAPPY MUSIC3259119276913New (not sealed)2,493,253205104551de uk fr
12"Marta (Dance): Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (x3, Incl. Hardy Hard's Hand's Up RMX)GERBMG0743219447012New (not sealed)1,792,332305051418
12"Mee-Ra: My Money14020356New1,491,941900257615
12"Models (Female French Band): Ding A Dong (3:42) / Music Comes And Bang (4:56)FRAHeben / Xanadu5099767292662New (not sealed)1,992,592505051360de uk fr
12"Mox Epoque: Shining (x3, Incl. Club Mix)4014235188996New (not sealed)1,291,681605267432de fr
12"Naive: Joy Is (L4H Extended Mix / Dazed Mix / L4H Radio Mix, Picture Cover)FRAAbsolute Sound3259119297413New (not sealed)2,493,253205070923de uk fr
12"Naive: Welcome To Paradise (x4)V25033197122168New (not sealed)2,993,93805290855us de uk fr
12" x 2No Mercy: Morena (x6, Incl. Rosabel Mixes)BMG0743217785017New (sealed)2,493,253205051460de fr
12"No Mercy: Where Is The Love (x4, Incl. Can Coll Mix, NC)Sony - BMG0743217968717New (not sealed)1,992,592505263592de fr
CDSN-Trance: Forever (x4)UK5037128257028New0,991,291200321981us de uk fr
12"Nu Circles feat. Emma B: What You Need (Tonight, x4)UK5050466223609New1,491,941900289942us de uk fr
12"Oliveira, Valdeci: Lambada-Move Your Body0042287315514New1,491,941900236375us de uk fr
12"O-Zone (French): Despre Tine (Prezioso&Marvin Ext. Remix / Orig.Italian & Album Vers./Beach Ext.)FRAHAPPY MUSIC3259119298601New (not sealed)2,493,253205073525de uk fr
12"Rollergirl: Dear Jessie - Liquid Child Remixes (x3)KINGSIZE38RNew (not sealed)2,993,93805258537
12"Snap!: Beauty Queen (x2 + The Power Of Shanghai)GERSnapB53270901New (not sealed)1,692,22205049012
12"Snap!: Exited (12Inch & 12Inch Wylde Pitch Mix, Feat. Sarah Martin)GERLumar MusicLMVIN0001New (not sealed)2,493,253205088977
CDSSwitch (Dancefloor): Close My Eyes (x2)IRL0689232067823New0,991,291201211525de uk fr
12"Total Bang: Let's Goooooo! (Come On Everybody) (x5, Incl. Maxi Instrumental)FRAEmpire Music 0639842603201New (not sealed)1,992,592505103445de uk fr
Club: House (not specified)
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Axetázis A Palaceban 3
A Sterbinszky Axe The New Style (7:45) B1 Jamie Winchester & Hrutka Robert* One Way To Heaven (Sterbinszky & Bruckmann Reload) (5:18) Remix - Sterbinszky & Bruckmann B2 Sterbinszky & Bruckmann Feedback (5:24)
UNGDSH Records5999881384055New (not sealed)2,993,93805204264de fr
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Cool Cuts Vol.3 (GLC)GERExun0827170078468New (not sealed)1,992,592505271310de fr
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Defected Accapella Vol. 5 Code RedUKDefected826194088019New (not sealed)3,494,554506745983us de uk fr
LP HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: DEFECTED ACCAPELLAS 3 UKDefected826194069674New (not sealed)1,992,592506694167us de uk fr
LP HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: DEFECTED ACCAPELLAS 4 UKDefected826194069773New (not sealed)2,493,253206694168us de uk fr
LP x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Defected In The House: EIVISSA 07 LP2UKDefected0826194075767New (not sealed)3,494,554506745974us de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Disco Subversion Vol. 2
17 Tracks: Narcotic Syntax, E.D.P., Clever & Smart, Dave, Ricardo Villalobos, D.Diggler, David Ginero,...
EURForce Inc.0718750442826New6,999,119000274587us de uk fr
12" x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Flamingo Summer Edition 2002
2x Fab For, 2x75 Moods, Smurf & Perry
GERPeppermint JamFLAS002New (not sealed)3,995,25105167288
12" x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Flamingo Winter Edition
8 Tracks Incl. Fertile Ground, Pound Boys, Rawsoul Orchestra Usw.
Peppermint JamFLAW001New (not sealed)1,291,681605167289
12" x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: FloorFiller - Restless
HADSHLP33 - A) Coburn Vs. Dumb Blonde - Sugar Lips / B1) Özgür Can - The Love Below / B2) Undo & Vicknoise - Orca / C) Beckers - Switch (Oliver Klein & Peter Jürgens Remix) / D1) Rotterwolf - No More / D2) Bioground - Cinnamon
GERHadshot Haheizar4031345506113New (not sealed)1,692,22205047628de uk fr
CD x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Frenchy & Chic Part 1&2
20 Hardhouse 12" Trax
Step 2 House5413356982824New (sealed)3,995,25105227691de uk fr
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: GET LOST SAMPLER CROSSTOWN REBELS0800505252115New (not sealed)2,493,253205291472us de uk fr
CD x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Houseflor Vol. 2
22 Tracks: Model 500, Planet Soul, Felix Da Housecat, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Awex,...
4017866460073New (sealed)2,493,253205195819us de uk fr
12" x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Miami WMC 04 Promotional Sampler (FOC)
A) DJ Chus & David Penn Will I (Discover Love) / B1) Socafrica Hot / B2) Bini & Martini Say Yes (The Beginerz Remix) / C) Silver Sonic Electric Disco Tease / D1) Stathis L Spaceman (Electronica Remix) / D2) SFB Happy House
EURAzuliAZNY182New (sealed)2,993,93805267447
LP x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Muschihaus Vol. 4 (Dj Edition)
Blue Six, Angie Stone, Dido, Sunshine Anderson, George Duke..
BMG - Ariola0743219285218New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805094007de uk fr
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: My Skool Is Old Skool (4 Track E.P.)
Various Artists Vol.4 - A1) Faculty X - Indigo Child / A2) Ivan Komlinovic - Broken Engine / B1) Aaron Nesbit - Coup De Main / B2) Eclec Sonde - Jellyfish
CROOmegaritamOR005New (not sealed)2,993,93805064844
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Out Of The Blue E.P (NC)FRAFonkka Records3700077656021New (not sealed)1,992,592505290849de uk fr
LP x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: Through The Skies (STC)UKxtreme Records5036205004319New (sealed)4,996,516405261784us de uk fr
LP x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID COMPILATION: X:Treme Power (X:Treme Records Compilation)
12 Tracks: 2X Nate Williams, Roy Davis, Techfunkers, 2X Mark The 909 King, 2X Aphrohead,...
UKX:Treme Records5024462001912New3,494,554500290099us de uk fr
12" HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Club Bangers Vol. 1 (Michel Jackson Label, NC)New (not sealed)6,498,468405156606
14 Tracks: LAS Civ.I.Ous, Three Kings, 3x Cowboy Johnny Christ, 3x Land Shark, 2x Third Stone Sound, 2x KC Flightt, Epod, D'Boldiss
CACOCO MACHETE0747014480724New (sealed)1,992,592505158458
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: House Couture 2 - Mixed By DJ Dole
16 Tracks: Nav, Depth Perception, Chris Nazuka, Herbert, Blaze,...
GERNeuton0661956009624New (sealed)1,491,941901297506de uk fr
CD x 2 HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Ibiza Night (Mixed By Chrissi D)GERAlphabet City4005902628938New (sealed)4,996,516405257321us de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Love Truck '98
Korsakow & NUDGE, BCCrew, Die Soundkoenige, Clubheroes, DJ Dole, 3x Jan Driver,...
GER4020944200027New1,491,941901297246us de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Neuhouse - Slightly Different 2
17 Tracks: Electric Suedehead, DJ Rhasoul, Freestyle Orchestra, Colin Hart, Mathias Schaffhäuser, BCC Crew,...
GERNeuton0661956009624New (sealed)1,792,332301297479de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Progressive City Vol. 14017866010513New (sealed)2,493,253205205221us de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Progressive City Vol. 2Alphabet City / Friends4017866010995New (sealed)3,494,554505257338us de uk fr
CD HOUSE / CLUB / ACID Mixes: Progressive City Vol. 3GERAlphabet City / Friends4017866011800New (sealed)3,494,554505257320us de uk fr
12"10 Blondes In The Groove: Need A Filta (x1+3, NC)Bikini ClubBC003New (not sealed)1,491,941905260329
CDS10 Revolutions: Time For The Revolution (Ltd.Ed.)UK5060003076131New0,991,291200322173us de uk fr
12"2 People: The Look Of Love - The Mixes (WL-Promo)
Cover Version
GER63756MNew (not sealed)2,493,253205057928
12"2Soundz: Spring EP 2005 (NC)FRASonyRBT005New (not sealed)1,491,941905258541
12"2Soundz: Together (x3, Incl. Shik Stylko Mix, NC)Realbasic RecordingsREALBASIC002New (not sealed)2,993,93805258552
12"7Th District: What A Night (Feat. Janine Cross, x3)
A) What A Night (Lisa Marie Disco Experience Mix) (7:49) / B1) What A Night (The Right Melt Dub) (6:13) / B2) What A Night (Mr. Pink's Vocal Dub) (8:17)
GERCaus-N'-Ff-Ct4014235111017New (not sealed)1,992,592505047633us de uk fr
12"Abyss (Tech-House): Asteriod (x2, Original + Remix)EURAlternate RecordsATR202New (not sealed)1,992,592505047291
12"Abyss (Tech-House): Back Alley EP (4 Tracks, Incl. Fatality)
A1) Fatality (Original) / A2) Abase / B1) Fatality (Encore Remix) / B2) Back Alley
EURAlternate RecordsATR203New (not sealed)1,992,592505047278
12"Abyss (Tech-House): Big Arche (Original & Life Time Mix) / Paleance 2 / PaleanceEURGrooves Inc.GI003New (not sealed)1,992,592505046184
12"Abyss (Tech-House): Every Time I See You (Original & Club Mix) / Big Herard (Original & Club Mix)EURGrooves Inc.GI002New (not sealed)1,992,592505046183
12"Africanism: Soldiers - (+Tool 1 & 2 - Prod. By DJ Gregory, Promo, FLC)
Special Club Version
FRAYellow ProductionsPROC95499New (not sealed)1,291,681605257168
12"Albanese, Stefano & Jerry K. AKA The Base Boys: Open (EP)45Topplers8023353010665New2,493,253201304939de uk fr
12"Alcazar: Menage A Trois (x5 Incl. Original & Remixes / Club Mixes)EURBMG Sweden0828765327015New (sealed)1,491,941901357040de uk fr
12"Alfa Club: Mo Money (Feat. Kijahman, x2, Mixed By Ali Fax)FRAAcid Recordz0602498125809New (sealed)1,992,592505222236de uk fr
12"Alicea, Alex: Freak Out Of U (x3)USASondos Records0691968995516New (sealed)2,493,253205155837us de uk fr
12"ALIX (House): Clubbanger (x2+1, Incl. Clement Mix, FLC)FRATropism RecordsTR007New (not sealed)1,291,681605271932
12"Amillionsons / A Millian Sons: Misti Blu (x3, incl. Original & House Mixes)UK0809274906700New1,491,941900294519us de uk fr
12" x 2Amillionsons / A Millian Sons: Misti Blu (x4 incl. House Mixes WL-Promo)UKLondonLONXX468New1,792,332300294560
12"Anagram: Hurting For Your Love EP (NC)EURBoogie0824683302011New (not sealed)1,992,592505290812us de uk fr
CDSAngels Reverse: Don't Care (x3)UKInferno5036865003189New0,991,291200294073de uk fr
12"Aphrohead: Rush (1+2)FRAThee Black Label5413356994339New (not sealed)2,493,253205203093us de uk fr
12"Arduini, Pino: Don't Stress Me Out - Kiko Navarro Mixes (x4, Incl. 'Retronic' Vox)
A1) Kiko Navarro Retronic Vox / A2) Kiko Navarro Retronic Instrumental / B1) Kiko Navarro Retronic Dub / B2) Kiko Navarro Retronic Beats
CHMap DanceMAP2105New (not sealed)2,493,253205053762
12"Area F: Akumbe (Rugged International) (x2, Incl. Michael Gray's Africanlatin Mix)UKEye IndustriesAREAF1New (not sealed)2,493,253205054462
12"Asylum Seekers / Viet Cong: Rock This / Viet Cong: In The BeginningCHN 11 Records0661956384714New1,792,332301318083de uk fr
12"ATFC: Spread Love (Vocal Love / Music Love)UKOnephatdeeva0881824093269New (not sealed)1,692,22205041702us de uk fr
CDSAudiobully's: The Things (x1) / Turned Away (x2)UK0724355244727New0,991,291200293096us de uk fr
12"Audio-Video-Disco Connexion: Der Kroatische Traum/E.P. (FLC)GERBlaou4005902616270New (not sealed)2,993,93805156619de
CDS (Album Case)Basement Jaxx: Get Me Off (CD1)UKXL-Recordings0634904114626New0,991,291201211614us de uk fr
12"Basement Jaxx: Give Peace A Chance / Eradicate (DJ Copy)
Includes Samples From John Lennon's ''Give Peace A Chance'' And Pete Heller's ''Big Love''
UKBasement JaxxPEACE1New (not sealed)1,792,332305049121
CDSBasement Jaxx: Jus 1 Kiss (CD1)UKXL-Recordings0634904113629New0,991,291200321970us de uk fr
CDSBasement Jaxx: Jus 1 Kiss (CD2)UKXL-Recordings0634904113698New0,991,291201210834us de uk fr
CDSBasement Jaxx: Lucky Star (x3)UK0634904117221New0,991,291201211345us de uk fr
12"Basement Jaxx: Make Me Sweat / Cool ItUKATLANTIC JAXX5050954155566New (sealed)3,494,554505157083us de uk fr
12"Bastards At Work: Believe / Ruby (Promo, STC)City SpiritCSPIRIT002New (not sealed)1,992,592505258556
12"Beat Bandit: Turn On The Alarm (x3, Incl. Lexy Remix)EURFreundschaft Musik4014235066508New (not sealed)1,291,681605263585de fr
12"Belaze: Dancefloorfreaks (x2, WL-Promo, NC)USASPR00512New (not sealed)1,291,681605268207
12" PictureBENASSI BROTHERS: Every Single Day (Feat. Dhany) (x2, Picture Disc)GERSubmental Records0090204838592New (not sealed)1,992,592505325617us de uk fr
CDSBENASSI BROTHERS: Illusion (x4 Feat. Sandy)EURBenz Street880831001526New (sealed)1,992,592506599910us de uk fr
12" PictureBENASSI BROTHERS: Make Me Feel (Feat. Dhany) (Extended / Etienne De Crecy Remix) (Picture Disc)GERSubmental Records0090204836598New (not sealed)1,992,592505325613us de uk fr
12" PictureBENASSI BROTHERS: Memory Of Love (Feat. Paul French) (x4, Picture Disc)GERSubmental Records0090204922109New (not sealed)1,992,592505325609us de uk fr
12"Bender, Andreas: Black Gold EP
Then I Love You / Dig It / The Way
SEPatch ItNew1,792,332301304974
12"Bender, Andreas: Recycle EPSEBooby RecordsBR001New2,493,253201319412
12"Bhooka & T-Bone: No More (x4, Feat. Shena, Incl. Soul Avengerz Mix, FLC)High'n'Rising12PLRR006New (not sealed)1,491,941905261178
12"Big Man (House): Atomica (x2, Dj Q Mix, FLC)UKUltra VinylVU820RNew (not sealed)2,993,93805258572
12"Big Man (House): Atomica (x2, Incl. Mark Knight Mix, FLC)UKUltra VinylVU820New (not sealed)1,291,681605258542
12"Big Time Charlie: Chasing Rainbows 2002 (x4, Incl. Junior Jack Remix, FLC)Fuel0809274286802New (not sealed)1,291,681605257688us de uk fr
12"BLACK ROCK: Blue Water (Feat. Debra Andrew) (Original+3 Mixes, Promo, STC)USARobbinsREAB721331New1,992,592501311889
12"BLACKWATCH: I'm Here (Feat. Mykel) - Disc 2 (x2, Soul Mekanik + Sir Drew's Heshe Mix)UKHooj Choon5037454977263New (not sealed)1,792,332305053464us de uk fr
12"Blake, Kenny: High Times (feat. Pamela O'Neal)GERHigh'n'Rising4260018450044New1,491,941900243161de uk fr
12"Blake, Kenny: I've Been Watching You (x4+ Mixes By Frankie Patina/Steven Stereo, StCo)GERBrickhouse4260014390122New (not sealed)1,692,22205167574us de uk fr
12"Blond, Kristine: You Make Me Go Oooh (x3, incl. DND & Stella Browne Remix)UK0809274554307New1,491,941900290043us de uk fr
12" x 2Bobien, Su Su: Joy (x5, FLC, Incl. Whipped Cream Mix)USASoundmen On Wax0679681046913New (not sealed)2,993,93805258564de uk fr
12"Bootyshakers, Da: Da Bootyshakers EP Vol.Ll (NC)American FlavourDB002New (not sealed)1,992,592505290854
12"Braziu Xplozian: Berimbau / The Heartists - Belo Horizonte
A) Braziu Xplozian - Berimbau (Felix B. Remixx) / B) The Heartists - Belo Horizonte (David Morales Unreleased Mix)
UKATLANTIC JAXX5050294166161New (sealed)2,493,253205050660us de uk fr
12" x 2Bump & Flex: Promises (x6, incl. Jazz-N-Groove Mixes)UKFFRR0809274780805New1,491,941900290122us de uk fr
12"Buzios: When I Close My Eyes (x4, Incl. Pound Boys Mix, FLC)GERMudanza4036909002872New (not sealed)2,493,253205271332de fr
7"Cagedbaby: Disco Biscuit / 16 Lovers (NC)UKECB81SNew (not sealed)1,692,22206787767
12"Cahuna: Happiness (Jerry Amous's Club & Hayzee Mix, Feat. Signor Rossi La Felicita )GEREspirito4014235188750New (not sealed)1,291,681605046181de uk fr
12"Candy Apple: Smile (Feat. Joy Malcol, Original, Candy Smooth Mix & Dub Version)UKENDULGE5060129990052New (not sealed)2,493,253205157082de uk fr
12"CARTER, J DAMIEN: WHAT WORLD (Feat. TV Rock, My Digital Enemy)UKLoaded5025425411526New (not sealed)2,493,253206692804us de uk fr
12" x 2Castellanos, Jaqueline: Yara Yara (x6, STC, Incl. Mixes By K. Navarro, R&W, Ralf-E)Gogo MusicGOGO003New (not sealed)3,995,25105260320
12"Cerrone (House): Supernature (Edition 02)GERUrban4014235449562New (not sealed)1,692,22205291493
12"Chamonix: How Did You Know (x3) / 77 StringsUKSouthern Fried5099767382264New (not sealed)1,992,592505290561de uk fr
12"Charles, Kenny: Nite Moves (x2)UKBlack WaxBW001New (not sealed)1,692,22205290874
12"Charlessen: Tex Mex Cooking / Magic FX Box / Smaiche Movie (&Arnaud Le Texier)UKAtcha Recordings ATCHA052004New (not sealed)2,993,93805202694
12"Chatelain, Nick & Danny: Me Resuelve (x2, Incl. Harry Choo Choo Romero Mix, FLC)USABambossa Rec.BAM009New (not sealed)1,992,592506745962
CDS (Pullout Pack)CHIAPET: Tick Tock - Remixes (By Freaks, Herbert, Radio Boy, Two Lone Swordsmen,...)Yoshitoshi recordings0613878170029New (not sealed)1,491,941901297391de uk fr
12"CHROMA (House): Twilight - The Baracus RemixesUKOnephatdeepaOPDPA009New (not sealed)2,493,253205291500
12"Clones (Dance): Crazy Boys (x3, PC)Sony5099767451762New (not sealed)2,493,253205271925de fr
12"Colourful Karma: For The Music (x4, Incl. Mixes By ATFC & Sounds Of Live, Feat. Terra Deva)GERBoombasticBOOM08New (not sealed)0,991,291205258547
12"COMMON FACTOR: In Between (x2+1)UKSoma Quality0724354840463New (not sealed)2,493,253205202759us de uk fr
12"Cosmo Vitelli: We Don't Need No Smurf Here - Remixes (5 Mixes Incl. Afrika Bambaataa Mixes +1)FRASOLIDSLD018New (not sealed)2,493,253205088973
12"COTTO, DJ NORTY: Bring Back The Love - Remix (FLC)GERElectric SparklersES003New (not sealed)1,992,592505290836
12"Craig, Robbie: Special Remixes Part II (NC)USATraxxs`N Grooves Rec.TNG12007New (not sealed)1,992,592505231787
12"Crump, Harrison: On-On E.P. (FLC)NepentaNPT11New (not sealed)2,993,93805257708
12"D. Troy: Sixteen U (Original Mix / Antoine 909 Remix)FRAWeaked RecordsWK016New (not sealed)1,992,592505203110
12"Da Carlo: Sunshine @ Salinas (x3, Incl. Peter Gun Mix)GERDeep In RhythmPIR002New (not sealed)1,992,592505290818
12"Dajae: What Do You Want (x3, Feat. Full Intention & Wackside, STC)Brickhouse4260014390146New (not sealed)1,291,681605258574us de uk fr
12"Dalessandro, Billy: Sonic Revolution (FLC)
Mister Sinister / Krank / Shadow Government
GERForce Tracks4018333028406New2,493,253201321385de uk fr
12"Dancing Outlawz: Dance Outlaw (x3, Incl. Steve Murano Remix)
A1) Original Club Mix / A2) Mac L'Amour Remix) / B) Steve Murano Remix
WHITE LABELNew (not sealed)2,993,93805048985
12"D'andrea, Gabriele: Morning Light (x3, Incl. Laurent Wolf Mixes)
A) Laurent Wolf Extended (8:16) / B1) Original Dub (6:16) / B2) Laurent Wolf Dub (7:51)
GERLick It Records0090204935703New (not sealed)1,792,332305048987de uk fr
12"Dario G.: Voices (x3 from The Beach)UKEternal0685738194001New1,491,941900290001us de uk fr
LP x 2Data 80: Data 80EURForce Inc.0718756275213New8,9911,7211600274881us de uk fr
12"Dax Riders: We Will Rock You (Dax Riders Remix / Le Remix By KCPK (WL-Promo )
Cover Version
New (not sealed)2,493,253205054459
12"DB Boulevard: Point Of View (Original / Large & Quivver Mix)GERIllustrious5099767242162New (not sealed)1,992,592500321484de uk fr
LP x 2De Crécy, Etienne: Tempovision (2LP OIS)
All Tracks By Etienne De Crecy !
SOLID3700077630281New (not sealed)3,995,25105044816de uk fr
12"DEAGO, JOHN: Movin' (Original & Bell Mix, STC WL-Promo)GERGo 4GO4001New (not sealed)2,493,253205258559
CD (Digipak)DECKS, ERICK: WILD OBSESSION (FOC)GERCKP4040598010827New (sealed)2,493,253205324455
12"Deep Bros.: Go Deep (Feat. Dawn Tallman, WL, FLC)GERGogo Music4025563400414New (not sealed)1,792,332305290568us de uk fr
12"Deep Bros.: Go Deep (Feat. Dawn Tallman, WL, NC)FRAEmpire Music GOGO07New (not sealed)1,692,22205290835
12"Deep Touch: Want Me Back (x4, Incl. Mixes By Dj Digit & S.Krieg)Realbasic RecordingsRBR001New (not sealed)0,991,291205261780
12"Demon (House): In The In The Park (x4, FLC)2000StST040New (sealed)1,992,592505257199
12"Denis The Menace: Corocao (x4)USASubliminal691968017515New (sealed)2,993,93806778199de uk fr
LPDeskee (= Westbam): DancetracksGERBlack Out4001617078815New (sealed)2,493,253205190141de uk fr
12"Deskee (= Westbam): Hot Temptation (x3)
A1) Foundation Mix (6:22) / B1) Mindbomb Mix (5:27) / B2) Bitstream Mix (6:51)
House Of Faith4014235216903New (not sealed)1,491,941905061740de uk fr
12" PictureDisco Maniacs: Drop In Club (x3, Picture Disc, Lim:Ed. 500 Copies)GERSubmental Records0090204680931New (not sealed)2,993,93805325618us de uk fr
12"Disco Police: Close My Eyes / Jammy Myth (White Label DJ Copy)WHITE LABELDISCOP1New (not sealed)1,692,22205047650
CDSDisco-Tex: presents : Cloudburst - I Cast A Spell (x2+1)UK5037300200057New0,991,291200285213us de uk fr
12"Disko Allstarz: Crazy Hustle (2x Jerry Amore Mixes & DJ Todde's Funky Joint Remix, NC)
Groovy, Happy Non-Vocal House Music - Great !
GEREspirito4014235188743New (not sealed)1,291,681605046174de uk fr
12"DJ Christopher S. Vs DJ Bart: My Face (x3)CHZürich By HouseZBH001New (not sealed)1,992,592505277489
12"Dj Circle: This Love Is Real (x3, Incl. Dub Mix, FLC)Realbasic RecordingsRBR011New (not sealed)1,291,681605271904
12"DJ Harri & Papa Deep: Stand Up And Be Counted / Canned HeatUKDeep FreezeDF007New (not sealed)1,491,941905047686
12" PictureDj Laigi: Paintball (x3, Picture Disc)GERB.I.G.0090204835935New (not sealed)2,493,253205323583us de uk fr
12"Dj MFR & D'Layna: Just Because (x4, Incl. Mix By Kiko Navarro, FLC)GERGogo MusicGOGO006New (not sealed)1,992,592505258549
12"Dj Pari Feat. DJ Treib-House: All Day (Limited 500 Copies)GERFGS001New (not sealed)1,992,592505151540
12"DJ Peoples: I'll Get You Back (x3 Incl. Phats & Small Mixes)UKMutant Disco0881824023365New (not sealed)1,992,592505204251us de uk fr
12"Dj Shark: Never Let It Go (x2+1, FLC)Sharkastique Tunes3830035630074New (not sealed)1,291,681605271901us de uk fr
CDSDJ Sneak: Psychic Bounty Killaz (x2+2;& Armand Van Helden)Hyper Hype4017864002855New (not sealed)1,992,592505195816us de uk fr
LP x 3DJ Tonka: 84EURVivienne Records4014235782996New (sealed)4,996,516405046217de uk fr
12"DJ Tonka: Get Back (Extended & Dub Mix, Feat. Lara McAllen, FLC)
Club Mix / Jumpapella & Tonkapella-Tool / Pooley's Vocal Mix / Pooley's Honeymoon Dub
GERVivienne Records4014235780657New (sealed)1,992,592505041760de uk fr
12"DJ Tonka: Get Back (Feat. Lara McAllen, Incl. 2 Mixes By Ian Pooley, FLC)
Club Mix / Jumpapella & Tonkapella-Tool / Pooley's Vocal Mix / Pooley's Honeymoon Dub
GERVivienne Records4014235777305New (sealed)1,992,592505041758de uk fr
12"DJ Tonka: Never / J.O.E (FLC)GERVivienne RecordsVIV002New (sealed)1,491,941905046216
12"DJ WHITESIDE: Joy & Happiness (x3)CHZürich By House7619965210213New (not sealed)1,992,592505277493de fr
12"DKB: Give You (x3, Incl. Dom Kane Mix)
A) Soulshaker Remix / B1) Original Mix / B2) Dom Kane Mix
Instinct RecordsINS013New (not sealed)2,493,253205064858
CDS 5" SleeveDope Smugglaz Allstars: Barabajagal (x3+1 incl. Utah Saints Mix (FOC)UKPerfecto5039236001227New0,991,291200292343us de uk fr
12"Dr Dra(K): Avec Les Nuages EPUKCYCLO5037504003768New (not sealed)2,493,253205202698de fr
12"Driver, Jan: Set The Engine On Fire (x3)GERKombinatKOMBI003New (not sealed)1,692,22205290886
12"D'STEPHANIE: If We… (x3, Incl. Shik Stylko Mix, NC)Realbasic RecordingsRBT004New (not sealed)1,291,681605258573
12"D'STEPHANIE: To Good To Be True (x3, Incl. 2Soundz Mix, FLC)GERRealbasic RecordingsREALBASIC008New (not sealed)1,291,681605258543
12"Dubbyman & Above Smoke: Jazz Pollution EPSPADecoder MuziqueSR03New (not sealed)2,993,93805154149
12" PictureEASYJETTERS: Born To Be Alive (x2, Picture Disc)GERZYX0090204838677New (not sealed)2,493,253205323606de uk fr
12"Ed Luis & Santiago: Dance On (x2, FLC)CHBalance MusicBALM0202New (not sealed)0,991,291205258563
12"Electro Kingdom Feat. Mark King: World Machine (4 Mixes)EURBacci Bros. RecordsBB001New2,993,93801304934
12"Enochson, Markus: Sweet Love (Feat. E-Man) (x4, Incl. Santiago Mix)SPAFlamingo Disco8437002914097New (not sealed)0,991,291205271894
12" PictureE-Side Crew: Sexy (x2, Picture Disc, Lim.Ed. 500 Copies)GERFon-Ky0090204931002New (not sealed)2,493,253205323596us de uk fr
12"Esposito, Pablo: Get On Up (x3)EURB14916201New (not sealed)1,692,22205290559
12"Essence (House): Disco Tracks Vol.1 (NC)UVXUVX001New (not sealed)1,992,592505271940
12" x 2Fab For: I'll Love You (x8, Pt.1 & 2, FLC, Feat. Robert Owens)EURFlamingo Disco8437002914066New (not sealed)1,992,592505290570de fr
12" PictureFACE, JOE: Maniac (Theme From Flashdance) (x2+1, Lim:Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERHouse Nation0090204966844New (not sealed)2,993,93805326015de uk fr
12"Faithless: Muhammad Ali (The Oliver Lieb Mix, One Side Promo)BMG0743218973413New (not sealed)2,493,253205149281de uk fr
CDSFaithless: We Come 1 (x3, incl. Wookie & Rocket Vs Jeno Remix)UK0743218583520New0,991,291200285298us de uk fr
12"Fantastic 4 : On The Strip (x3, Incl. Mirage Dub, STC, Feat. Phoenix Orion)USABoombasticBOOM13New (not sealed)0,991,291205258562
CDSFelon: Get Out (x4+Video)UK0731458878926New0,991,291200293820us de uk fr
12"Femi B Feat. Gary Bardouille: U R On My Mind (x4, Incl. Mauve Mix, STC)UKUltra VinylVU230New (not sealed)1,692,22205290856
LP x 2Ferrer, Dennis: IN THE HOUSE 1UKDefected826194069575New (not sealed)5,497,167106693226us de uk fr
LP x 2Ferrer, Dennis: IN THE HOUSE LP2UKDefected826194069568New (not sealed)3,995,25106693294us de uk fr
LP x 2Ferrer, Dennis: WORLD AS I SEE IT 2 - Vol.2826194053673Sup6,999,119006781033us de uk fr
12"FIELDS, JORDAN: The Music (x4, Incl. Steve Sole Mix, FLC, Feat. Casioware)Map DanceMAP202New (not sealed)2,993,93805258575
12"Filmpalast: I Want (x2, Incl. Brother Brown Mix, FLC)Hope Recordings5050294111765New (not sealed)2,993,93805267424us de uk fr
CDFilmpalast: The Sound Of Unexpected Kisses (Round CD Case / Runde CD Box)GERNeuton0661956494628New2,993,93801297536de uk fr
CDSFilur: I Want You (x3)
Aka Salz & Projektor
GEREdel4029758358658New0,991,291201211631de uk fr
12"Fingertapp: You Can't Talk About Love (Feat. Hazel Fernandes) (x4, Promo, PC)GERWarnerPROC95498New (not sealed)2,493,253205109554
12"First Choice (House): Ain't He Bad ( Harlem Hustlers Electro Club Mix)UK5050466049704New1,491,941900294505us de uk fr
12"Fish Go Deep: Hey Mr. California (x2+1, Incl. Original, White Label DJ Copy)IRLBlusoul MusicBLU004New (not sealed)2,493,253205051561
12"Floorfillerz, The: Emergency - The Remixes (x4, Incl. Christian Alvarez's Saxed Up Rescue Remix)
Incl. ''operator'' Sample From Midnight Star
USAColour RecordingsCOLOR016New (not sealed)1,692,22205062696
12"Floorfillerz, The: Lights Out Over Denver EP (FLC)
Floorfiller, Sowing The Seedz (Deez Original & Seedz Remix)
GERHablando4036909003299New (not sealed)2,493,253205167566us de uk fr
CDFLOORMOVERS: FLOORMOVERSUSA2-K SOUNDS0802642150224New (sealed)1,491,941901445196
12"FLYING PIGS (House): New Ship (x2+1)Alaska DeepAD97004New (not sealed)2,493,253205250200
12"Foot Club, The: Furtherance E.P. (4 Tracks)USAMindfood Records0794447180714New (sealed)2,493,253201291392de uk fr
12"Force Sense: Force Sense EP (2 Tracks: Time Has Come + Below Zero)
DB 007
UKDeep Blue Recordings5060065330103New (not sealed)2,493,253205049983us de uk fr
12"Forever Young: We Will Rock You (x2, Incl. Dax Riders Mix, WL-Promo, NC)
New (not sealed)1,291,681605263578
LP x 2Funk For Sale: Many Ways - The Album (FOC)BMG0743217390716New (cover not perfect)5,997,817705256976de uk fr
12"Funk Leger: Bootyshaka (x2, NC)Undefined RecordingsUDFR001New (not sealed)1,291,681605260330
12"Future Factor: Makin' Love (1 Sided DJ Copy House Mix)WHITE LABELMOTHER001New (not sealed)2,493,253205048930
12"Future Funk: I Gotta Get Mine (Confused Mix / Lost Mix)Future Funk4014235437803New (not sealed)1,491,941905049036de uk fr
12"Future Funk: MexicanoGERFuture Funk4014235781715New (not sealed)2,493,253205204582de fr
12"Future Soul Orchestra, The: Up And Above EPEUR909 Music ProductionHT002New (sealed)1,491,941901299511de uk fr
CDSGabrielle: Don't Need The Sun To Shine... (x4+Video)0731458737629New0,991,291200204277us de uk fr
12"Gabrielle: Should I Stay (x3, Incl. Mixes By Junior Vasquez & Satoshi Tomiie, STC)Go BeatNew (not sealed)1,291,681605267415
12"Galleon (House): One Sign (x3 Incl. Ext. & Instrumental)FRASony5099767266960New (sealed)1,491,941905051438de uk fr
12"Galleon (House): One Sign (x3 Incl. Instrumental)FRASony5099767266960New (not sealed)0,991,291205261788de uk fr
12"Gaudin, Olivier Livo: Standin With A Suitcase (x2+1, NC)FRARotax.3700077613154New (sealed)1,992,592505277501de fr
12"Gee, Franky Vs Eddy Tango: House Muzak (Franky Gee's Rollercoaster Ride / Eddy Tangos Rework, NC)GERBikini RecordsBIK05New (not sealed)1,992,592505271914
12"Gilberto, Bebel: So Nice (x3)UK5050466113108New1,491,941900290023us de uk fr
LP x 2Ginkgo: Eskimo Point (FOC)FRA3596971677862New (sealed)4,996,516405031454de uk fr
12"GM Funk: Volume 1GERRams RAMS003New1,792,332301304910
12"Godscent: Moonlight Ride - Remixes By Playmaker & StonebridgeSEImpression SoundsIMP1XNew (not sealed)1,291,681605277490
12"Golden Red: Hotel Mandatory: Water Damage / Mildews (FLC)
Minimal House / Tech-House
GERSub Static0827170076761New (sealed)1,992,592505277497de uk fr
12"Goldie-Lox: Jak-A-Nory (x2, Original + Gutterpunk Mix)UKSalacious Records5060087562971New (not sealed)2,493,253205060994de uk fr
12"Goode, Roger: In The Beginning (x3 incl. Ferry Corsten & Gabriel/Dresden Remix)UK0809274479709New1,491,941900290106us de uk fr
12"Gopher, Alex: Est-Ce Une Gopher Party, Baby? (5 Track EP)FRASOLID5413356831832New (sealed)2,993,93805149277de uk fr
12"Gopher, Alex: Time (x5 Incl. Mr Oizo For Dogs Remix)FRADisques SolidSLD021EPNew (not sealed)2,493,253205061902
12"Grad 1: Internet Macht Frei (x1+2)EUR0807297036718New1,491,941900290119us de uk fr
12"Grau, Jordi: Dark Loud (Original Mix / Circus Night Remix)UKPremier5055053400098New (not sealed)1,692,22205041703de uk fr
12"GREENS KEEPERS: Spanish Lee (x1+3, NC)FRABack UpBU03New (not sealed)1,992,592505109552
12"Grey, Miriam: Open Your Eyes (2 Track WL-Promo, NC)IDENTITYIDENT004New (not sealed)1,491,941905260328
12"Grey, Miriam: Open Your Eyes (x2, PC)UKIDENTITYIDENT004New (not sealed)1,992,592505260331
10"Groove Armada: Are Friends Electric (Late Night Tales)UKAzuli8801571110202New (not sealed)1,491,941906695522us de uk fr
12"Gum, Ralf: Latin Flavour Ep (Gipsy In Love / Latin Delight / Session For Carlos, FLC)SPAFlamingo DiscoNew (not sealed)2,993,93805167569
12"Gum, Ralf: Latin Flavour Ep (WL-Promo, NC)EURFlamingo DiscoB03452501New (not sealed)1,692,22205290814
12"Gum, Ralf & Inaya Day: What I Like (x4, Incl. 2Soundz Mix)EURGogo MusicGOGO008New (not sealed)1,692,22205290820
CDHANNA: Exquisite StyleCADeep Departures RecordingsDDCD001New (sealed)3,494,554505158462
12"Hart, Benjamin: Perfect Love Song / Theme From Midnight (FLC)GERBrickhouseBH004New (not sealed)1,992,592505167573
12"Heilbronn, Matthias: Like This / Dub ThisUSASaw Recordings0675427003714New (not sealed)2,493,253205047638us de uk fr
12"Heilbronn, Matthias: Tribute Spread Yourself - Dimitri From Paris / Dj Emily RemixesGERBoombasticBOOM07New (not sealed)1,792,332305277495
12"High Life (House): Mercy On Me (Feat. Karime Kendra)UKOnephatdeevaOPD022New (not sealed)2,493,253205204256
12"Holden & Thompson: Nothing (x3, FLC)UKLoaded5025425409882New (not sealed)2,493,253206691980de uk fr
12"Holden, Ty: Bullets Vol.1 (FLC)UKRunning Records4025563400032New (not sealed)1,992,592505258558us de uk fr
12"Hool Vs. Bruckheimer: Ntensity (Feat. Corey Andrews, x2, Original + Patric La Funk Remix)B-SidesBSI018New (not sealed)1,992,592505048996
12"HOUSE BREAKERZ: Can't Help Myself (x2+1, STC)UKATLANTIC JAXX5050954117366New (sealed)1,992,592506694164us de uk fr
12"HOUSE BREAKERZ: PAY MY DUES (STC)UKATLANTIC JAXX5050954155665New (sealed)2,493,253206693303us de uk fr
12"Hustler (House): Clubhopping (2 Tracks, WL-Promo, NC)GERJC RecordsJC011New (not sealed)1,692,22205290839
12"Ilya: Bliss (Album Version / Ilya / Max Sedgley & Tom Middleton's Cosmos Mix)EURVirgin Records0724386138767New (sealed)1,992,592505046232us de uk fr
12"Imhof, Rolf: Feel Good (x4, Incl. Soulkeepers & Pino Arduini Mix)CHTRAFFICTRF103New (not sealed)1,291,681605258567
12" PictureIn-Grid: Mama Mia (x4, Picture Disc)GER0090204838844New (not sealed)2,493,253205327629de uk fr
12"In-Grid: Tu Es Foutu (Tu M'as Promis...) (Orig. & Orig. Ext./Harlem Hustler Club/Fisa Fx)FRAHAPPY MUSIC3259119292517New (not sealed)2,493,253205104833de uk fr
12"Inkfish Vs. Tronso: Weird Reactions / Mrs. Pacman (FLC)SEACDC7332052033020New (not sealed)3,494,554505156618de uk fr
12"Isko: Believe (x2, Original Vocal Mix + Instrumental Edit)UKDigital BiznizzDIG001New (not sealed)1,792,332305061793
12"Island, Jake: All Good EPGERDesign RecordsDSGN1202New (not sealed)0,991,291205258560
12"Ixxel: Ich Liebe Dich, Ti Amo, Te Quiero (x4, Incl. Dry Mix)FRAWEA0639842071000New (not sealed)1,491,941905051413de uk fr
12"J & D / Voco Derman & Geoff White / M. Oblong / Winter Fruit / Ewan Jansen: United Efforts Volume 4 (4 Track EP)
J&D - Pushin' It Some More / Voco Derman & Geoff White - Vaja / M.Oblong & Winter Fruit - Clementine / Ewan Jansen - Ship To Shic
12"Jabre, julien: Swimming Places (Pete Heller Mixes)UKDefected826194038366New (not sealed)2,493,253206787188us de uk fr
12"Jacobee, Dee: Higher (x2, STC)GERUndesigned4025563400070New (not sealed)1,692,22205290554de fr
12" PictureJakarta: One Desire (x3, Picture DiscGERHouse Nation0090204894833New (not sealed)2,493,253205325623us de uk fr
12"JARAMILLO, JORGE: Crunked Up (Main Mix / Robotixxx Dub & Jorge Malo Techno Mix)USASubliminal0691968016815New (not sealed)1,692,22205155850us de uk fr
12"Jesus From Ibiza: Gone (x4, NC)Low Spirit0828765513616New (not sealed)1,692,22205290872us de uk fr
12"Jhc: Mother Blues (x1+3)
FRAObsession MusicOBS1203New (sealed)2,493,253205277500
12"Jimmy S: It's So Good (Björn Wilke's Moody Mix / Paul Mac's Original Ext. Mix, FLC)GERHablandoHAB01512New (not sealed)2,493,253205167568
12"Jinx In Dub: Ska Warz / Live & Direct (Feat. Return Of The Kings, FLC)UKResin Records5036454990142New (not sealed)3,494,554505156617us de uk fr
12"Johnny 7 Moons: Gonna Get You (1 Sided White Label DJ Copy)UKWHITE LABELGONE001New (not sealed)1,692,22205049947
12" x 2Jovonn: Dane To Dance E.P. (FLC)USASoundmen On Wax0679681047019New (not sealed)4,996,516405258561us de uk fr
12" x 2Jovonn: Dane To Dance E.P. (WL-Promo, NC)USASoundmen On WaxSOW470New (not sealed)2,993,93805270473
12"Juke Joint: Respect Yourself (Feat. Inaya Day, x4, Incl. Steven Stone Revival Mix)
A1) Jukey's Main Mix (7:13) / A2) Jukey's Dirty Dub (6:29) / B1) Steven Stone Revival Mix (7:14) / B2) Bhooka & T-Bone Remix (7:58)
UKPlayer Records0825496002754New (not sealed)1,992,592505053759us de uk fr
12"Kai Vs Kered: Believe - Original Mixes (Kai Discoclub & Electrovox Mix)UKAzuli Silver0880157132188New (not sealed)2,493,253205155828us de uk fr
12" PictureKatjana: Into The Groove (x2, Picture Disc, Lim.Ed.500 Copies)GERHouse Nation0090204891641New (not sealed)2,493,253205323608us de uk fr
12"Keevill, Joseph: D-Spot (x2, NC)UKBlue BlackBLUTES1205New (not sealed)1,692,22205290885
12"Kidstuff: Do What You WannaUKLoaded5025425409622New (not sealed)1,992,592506693302us de uk fr
12"King Size (House): Animal Attraction (x2+2 + 2 Tracks / Mixes By Oliver K, DJ Copy)
Track By Oliver K Is '' Simple Journey''
FRAEast West PR03845New (not sealed)1,291,681605051349
12" PictureKING, DAVE (House): Feel The Night (x3, Picture Disc)GERHouse Nation0090204894109New (not sealed)1,992,592505325622us de uk fr
12"Kings Of Tomorrow: Another Day (x3, Incl. Original)
A1) Another Day (Original Mix) (6:54) / A2) Another Day (Fred Everything Remix) (6:24) / B) Another Day (Fanatix Remix) (7:19)
UKDefected0826194006976New (not sealed)1,792,332305047295us de uk fr
12"Kings Of Tomorrow: Trouble Ltd. Edtion Album Sampler 1 (Another Day / So Alive 12'' Remix)UKDefectedKOTSAMP1New (not sealed)1,692,22205051527
12"Kinky (House): Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor (x3 incl. Sneak Mix)UK5050466324504New1,491,941900294520us de uk fr
12"Kinky Roland.: Getting Ready / Fixation (White Label DJ Copy)WHITE LABELDG002New (not sealed)1,692,22205047648
12"Kinky Roland.: Harmony (x4, Feat. Stephen Granville, STC)Ultra VinylVU620New (not sealed)0,991,291205258570
12" x 2Kissogram: If I Had Known This Before (x4 Incl. Westbam Mix & Original)EURBMG0743219090416New (not sealed)2,993,93805051420
12"Knabberbox: Rezpect (WL-Promo, NC)Undefined RecordingsBT008New (not sealed)1,692,22205290884
12"Knabberbox: Rezpect (x3, Incl. Manuel Tur Mix, STC)GERBrickhouse4260014395080New (not sealed)1,291,681605258565de fr
12"Knight, Mark: Tonight (x3, Feat. Johnnie Fiori, FLC)UKUltravinyl Records4025563400285New (not sealed)0,991,291205258566us de uk fr
12"Kobak, Pawel: Singing A Song EP (4 Tracks)
A1) Singing A Song / A2) Passing By / B1) Saved My Life / B2) Day By Day
SEWrong StepsWSR008New (not sealed)2,493,253205062686
12"Kohara, Kei: Reflection (Original / Chester Beatty & Rennie Foster Remix)UKAD PLUSAD001New (not sealed)1,491,941905041738
12"Kooki: Imagination (x3, Sushi Twins Remix + Super Club Mix + Dub Mix)UKHussle Recordings0724355136169New (not sealed)2,493,253205049972de uk fr
12"Krieg, Marcel Feat. Hustle D. Reid III: Xplicit Soundz (Atmosphere Mix / Intension Mix)GERFuture Funk4014235434918New (not sealed)1,992,592505049060us de uk fr
12"Krieg, Sebastian & Cooper, Tyree: Say Your Prayer (x4, Incl. Wackside Mix, STC)BrickhouseBH006New (not sealed)1,291,681605258550
12"Krieg, Sebastian Pres. Buzios: U Care (Original, Late Night & Dub Mix, FLC)GERMudanza4036909003268New (not sealed)2,993,93805167564de uk fr
12"Kristal (House): A Day Under The Sun (incl. Original & Marc Et Claude Remix)
The Worst Gale, Already Heared, How To Uproot Montain, The Holiest Wage.
GER0807297069815New1,491,941900290009us de uk fr
12"Kulak, Marc: Kulak's Groove (NC, Feat. Shar)Kulak RecordsKULAK2New (not sealed)1,291,681605258568
12"Kulak, Marc: Message In The Music (Feat. Singray, FLC)GERHouse SessionHSR003New (not sealed)1,491,941905257736
12"Kulak, Marc: Message In The Music (Feat. Singray, WL-Promo, NC)HousesessionNew (not sealed)1,491,941905268233
12"L.A.: Summer's Back In Town(x3+ Music Will Everlast, FLC)GERSpring Records0827170122468New (not sealed)2,493,253205157084us de uk fr
12"La Base: Starfunker (x3)FRASismic Music 3760068266134New (not sealed)2,493,253205202750de uk fr
12"La Forge, Jay & Rosario Gennaro: Like A Wheel / Fun 2 Nite (NC)GERDeep In RhythmDIR001New (not sealed)1,491,941905271939
12"La Hope: Dreams Are Ten A Penny / Diamond Ring (NC, Feat. Kincade)COCV001New (not sealed)1,692,22205277502
12"Lab Rats, The: States Of Being EPUKOnephatdeepaOPDPA004New (not sealed)2,493,253205046188
12"Latin Playhouse: Dance / Latina Makossa (Originals & Instrumentals )
Music By M. Dibango !
USATryon Park Records0640187030010New (sealed)1,792,332301311891de uk fr
12"Leah (Dance): Contact High (x2, Max Graham Vocal Remix + Dub Mix, Ltd. DJ Copy)UKWOODEN RECORDSWDN001New (not sealed)1,792,332305052237
12"Legend Of Talking Dog: My Shadow Dances - Disc 2 (x3, Incl. Original & Acappella)UKHooj Choon5037454977317New (not sealed)2,493,253205053470de uk fr
12"Lehner & Biebl: Sunshine EPATNew StargateSGR0032New (not sealed)1,992,592505290821
12"Lexy Und Der Mann: The Beginning / The EndGERBug Records4014235125809New (not sealed)1,992,592505055969de uk fr
12"Lighter, Felyx: The Sunshine EP (NC)EURBikini RecordsDMDBIK04New (not sealed)1,692,22205290882
12"Lindbergh, Dave: Fake (Original Club Mix / Nil Dymont's 18 Carat & DJ Enne Remix)GERBikini RecordsDMDBIK07New (not sealed)1,992,592505049441
CDSLinen, Max: The Soulshaker - The Original (x3 Incl. Robbie Rivera's Tribal Sessions Mix)UKGlobal Cuts5024545162721New0,991,291201211102
12"Live Element: Be Free (x3 incl. Original & Robbie Rivera Mix)UKStrictly Rhythm0809274245601New1,992,592500290116us de uk fr
12"Lord Damien: Bass PunisherGERCreation Rebel RecordzMCA23663New1,792,332301318068
CDSLove To Infinity: No Apology (Vs. Loleatta Holloway)UK5060000370010New1,291,681601211671us de uk fr
12" x 2Lovemakers, The: Prepare For The Fight (x5, Original, Josh Harris & Dummies Mixes, Promo)
1 x White & 1 x Black Vinyl !
12"Low Freak 1- C: Hold Up (x3+B-Double-O-T-Y (NC)Wicked Wax ProductionsWW001New (not sealed)1,692,22205156610
12"Lunatics (House): Lunatic (At The Club / Six Strings)GERFu WhiteFUWHITE14New (not sealed)2,493,253205204524
CDSM & S Presents Salsoul Nugget: If U Wanna UK0685738764426New0,991,291200285303us de uk fr
12"M. Troutman / M Troutman: First Blood EPEURPassion Play Music0661956960116New (not sealed)1,291,681601299430de uk fr
12"M.A.S Collective: Release Your Mind (x3)
A1) Release Your Mind (MAS Influence Club Mix) (8:25) / B1) Release Your Mind (Spen & Karizma Remix Re-Edit) (7:05) / B2) Release Your Mind (Delacola Advance Club Remix) (6:20)
GERCaus-N'-Ff-Ct4014235146231New (not sealed)1,992,592505047632us de uk fr
CDSMadhouse (House): Holiday (x2+1+Video)
UK0044006384726New0,991,291200293758us de uk fr
12"Maetrik: UNDERRATE DIS EP (NC)AUDIOMATIQUE4250382402930New (not sealed)6,498,468406781021us de uk fr
12"Manero (Vocal-House): Boogiedown - Feat. Angie Brown (Club Mix / Deep Mix)EURNew (not sealed)1,792,332305046160
12"Mantra (House): Mathar (x4, Incl. Bonus Intro Mix, PC)FRAAbsolute Sound3259119298175New (not sealed)1,992,592505109555de uk fr
12"Maslo, Samir & Michelle Weeks: So Happy TogetherEURExcited RecordsXC02New (not sealed)0,991,291205290845
12"Master Of Drum: These Drum Are Vol. 1 (WL-Promo, NC)GERJC012New (not sealed)1,992,592505277492
12"Mathyk: 2BCLUBIN
Insect Stride, Blood Smells Loud, Eat, Tyranid Moonstomp
GERMATHYKSup (not sealed)1,491,941905104575
12"Mavi: A Tribute To M&M's (x2, Original Mix 8:29 + Subsky's Solid Mix 9:40)CAReleaseREL021New (not sealed)2,493,253205052230
12" x 2Mboup, Abdou: Nobnala (WL-Promo, NC, 12 Inch x 2)EURSoundmen On WaxSOW473New (not sealed)2,493,253205271328
12" x 2Mboup, Abdou: Nobnala (x5, FLC, Incl. Foremost Poets Jumpin Mix)USASoundmen On Wax0679681047318New (not sealed)1,992,592505260324
CDSMcKay: Tell Him (x2+1+Video)EURGo Beat0044006577524New0,991,291201211679us de uk fr
12"Measures: Accidental MotionGERNeuton0661956033711New (not sealed)3,995,25105202704de fr
12"Metal Dogz: Cheeky Freekin / All Rise (NC)UKEye 4 SoundES008New (not sealed)1,692,22205290853
12"Mia (Dance): Addicted (3x Angelo D'Onorio Mix + 2x Eric Kupper Mixes > 9:15Min)USAMiadreamworld Inc.4014235781807New (not sealed)1,491,941905046185de uk fr
12"Mia (Dance): Woman (Eric Kupper Fierce Club & Dub Mix + 2x Christian B. Versions)USA4014235781869New (not sealed)1,291,681605053771de uk fr
12"Micro-Grooves: Updown / Make A WishAlaska DeepAD96002New (not sealed)1,491,941905250712
12"Midfield General / Artificial Funk: We Are Skint (Album Sampler, FLC)UKSkintBRASSIC24LPXNew (not sealed)1,992,592506693224
12"Mighty Dub Kats: Cangica (x2) / It's Just A Groove x3, Incl. Olav Basoki Remixes, WL-Promo)62Work RecordsWORK28New (not sealed)2,993,93805154162
12"Mighty Dub Kats: Guaguanco (x2 Promo, NC)UKSOUTHERN FRIED RECORDSECB100PNew (not sealed)1,992,592505290875
12"Migs, Miguel: Mesmerized (Part 2, Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Remixes, STC)UKNRK5082723602377New (not sealed)2,493,253206693284us de uk fr
12"Miko (House): Crossover EP
Do It Again / Meter / Later Tonight / Lembas / Beyond The Next Man / Sounds Throgh My Eyes / Bias / Downhills
EURNeuton0661956440212New1,491,941901299844us de uk fr
12"Misc.: Easy Forms / Thin Room / Result / OffsetGERForce Inc.4018333028352New4,996,516400275065de uk fr
12"Moca: Lift The Spirit (EP, FLC)EURBlack Love Records0661956029110New1,491,941901299481de uk fr
12"Modernist, The: Eldar EP (The Modernist & Bochum Welt)Art Of Perception0807297019018New (not sealed)2,993,93805194548de uk fr
CDSModjo: Chillin' (x2 + Lady Choos Mix + Video)UKModjo Music0731458700920New0,991,291200285292us de uk fr
CDSMojolators: Drifting (feat. Camilla, x3)UKMultiply5033222500527New0,991,291200293920us de uk fr
12"Mojolators: Who Can Dance / When I Hear Music (FLC)USAClub RecordsCLR001New (not sealed)1,491,941905260323
12" PictureMondo (House): Seventeen (x2, Picture Disc)House Nation0090204930203New (not sealed)2,493,253205327180us de uk fr
CDSMoog, Michael: You Belong To Me (x4+Video)Strictly Rhythm0809274027023New0,991,291200195775us de uk fr
12"Mooloodjee: Donthink / Way Of Love (FLC)PoumtchakPT07New (not sealed)1,992,592505268216
12"Mooloodjee: Rollercoaster 80 / OlskoolyserFRAPoumtchakPOUMTCHAK03New (not sealed)1,792,332305149261
12"Moonlight Union: When You're Gone (x2, Main Vocal Mix + Moonlight Dub)
Oxford 001
UKCome Together5039238068556New (not sealed)1,491,941905047683us de uk fr
12"Moorush, Yura: Next Round E.P.
Message, NiQue, Smile (Seti Remix)
GERForce Inc.0661956205316New2,993,93800275139de uk fr
CDMorel, George: In The Mix 4-The Finest In House Music4029758445112New (sealed)1,692,22205071366us de uk fr
12"Morillo, Erick: Dance I Said (x3, Feat. P.Diddy, PC)USASubliminal5050954132765New (not sealed)2,493,253206745940us de uk fr
12"Morillo, Erick: Dance I Said (x3, Incl. Touche Vocal Mix, Feat. P. Diddy)USASubliminal5050954141569New (not sealed)1,992,592506745954us de uk fr
12"Morillo, Erick: Dance I Said (x4, Incl. Tonka Mix, Feat. P.Diddy)USASubliminal5050954132703New (not sealed)2,493,253206745934de uk fr
12"Morillo, Erick: My World - Part One (Remixes By Tom Novy)USASubliminal691968018314New (not sealed)1,992,592506745970us de uk fr
12"Morillo, Erick: My World - Part Two (Remixes By Richard F, Harry Choo Choo, Feat. P. Diddy)USASubliminal689492065768New (not sealed)2,493,253206745936us de uk fr
12"MR G (House): Rum Down South EPUKLoaded5025425409721New (not sealed)1,992,592506693299us de uk fr
CDSMr Reds vs. DJ Skribble: Everybody Come On (Can U Feel It)UK0825646037520New0,991,291200293370us de uk fr
CDMRI (M.R.I.): All That GlittersEURForce Inc.0718756314424New6,999,119000274414us de uk fr
12"MRI (M.R.I.): Blue / You're Out You're In (FLC)GERForce Inc.0661956204715New4,996,516400275183us de uk fr
12"Muhammad, Jihad: The Other Side (x3, NC)UKShack Deep MusicSMD002New (not sealed)2,993,93805257733
12"Mylo (Dance): Muscle Car (x4 Incl. Mixes By Tiga Alex Smoke & Justus Köhncke (Gimmic Sleeve)UKBreastfed Records0823220301968New (not sealed)1,692,22205041694us de uk fr
12"NALIN, ANDRY: Baby (Is It True, Andry's Original & Gregor Wagner Mix, FLC)GERHablandoHAB01012New (not sealed)1,792,332305167565
12"Narcotic Thrust: Waiting For You (x2, Incl. Instrumental, STC)Free2Air5060088240489New (not sealed)2,493,253205268213us de uk fr
12"Navarro, Kiko: Perfect Place (Show Me Love) (x2, Incl. David Penn Stereo Mix, FLC)SPAFlamingo DiscoFLAME011New (not sealed)2,993,93805258571
12"Nelson, Grant: Je Suis Ta Drogue (Promo Copy, NC)UKWyzeWYZE1203New (not sealed)1,992,592505268211
12"Nielson, Holger & Nd: For The Ladies / Tante Edit / M_O_F / Sägezahntiger (FLC)GERMicro. Fon0661956539763New (not sealed)2,993,93805161273de uk fr
CDSN'Jay: Chat Up Line (x5)UK0044006598628New0,991,291200293495us de uk fr
12"NoJazz feat. Mangu: Candela (x5)GER0809274439307New1,491,941900290120us de uk fr
12"Northern Groove: Absolute / Acid Pipe (FLC)UKProgress Inn0822927003212New (sealed)2,493,253205257746de fr
12"Nost: Is This The End ? (x2) / Thou Moyest / Froter
Insect Stride, Blood Smells Loud, Eat, Tyranid Moonstomp
GERForce Inc.0661956213915New (not sealed)3,995,25100275182de uk fr
10"Nutz Unlimited: Dear Drum (x3, Limited Promo, NC)GERColumbiaSAMPMS6721456New (not sealed)1,491,941905267427
12"Oakenfold, Paul: Starry Eyed Surprise (x3 Incl. Josh Wink & Oliver Lieb Remixes)UKMushroom Records5413356187434New (not sealed)1,792,332305046195us de uk fr
12"Oaks, Oliver: I Will / Journey / Difficult MusicAlaska DeepAD96003New (not sealed)1,692,22205250736
12"Obelix + Mash: The Darkness (x2, Incl. Dylan Rhymes Mix, NC)UKBLUBLA1210New (not sealed)1,291,681605267435
12"Oliver, Ian : Speed Of Sound (x3, WL-Promo, NC)GERMillionaireMILL3000000New (not sealed)1,992,592505257730
12"Oniero: ExperimentalUSABlue Cucaracha6BCNew (not sealed)4,996,516405204233
12"Orange 2 Red: Legal Drug EP (Please F*** Me / Break Ya / No Porno)GERTeknosushi4014235091012New (not sealed)1,491,941905049111de uk fr
12" PictureOuthere Brothers, The: Boom Boom Boom (x2) / Don't Stop (x2) (Lim.Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERDance Street0090204930562New (not sealed)3,995,25105327189de uk fr
12" PictureOuthere Brothers, The: Boom Boom Boom (x3, & DJ Sputnik, Pic. Disc)GERZYX0090204960149New (not sealed)4,996,516400289409de uk fr
12"Painless: Something Moving EPGERNeuton0661956141614New1,792,332301299352de uk fr
12" x 2Paradiso (House): Got To Have The Music (Mixey By George Morel/Robbie Rivera/Willy San Juan, StCo)Juicy MusicJC008New (not sealed)3,494,554505167575
12"Paso Vs Maximus: I'm Ready To Shame (x4, Incl. Instrumental)FRADo It Music0639842691000New (not sealed)1,491,941905094249de uk fr
12"PBM (House): Ring My Bell (x2)GERPikes Peak4014235369609New (not sealed)1,992,592505251373us de uk fr
12"Peak Time Players: Vol.3 - Sweet Dreams (1 Sided D J Copy)
Coverversion 8:22 Min House Mix
UKPeak TimePTP003New (not sealed)1,692,22205059984
12"Phats & Small: Night Like Dis (Feat. Mark Hornby) (Original Mix / Tom Novy Remix)UKMutant Disco0881824039366New (not sealed)2,493,253205204589us de uk fr
12"Phillips, Sharon: Touch Me (x4, FLC)EURBrickhouseBH0022New (not sealed)1,692,22205290870
12"Phillips, Sharon: Touch Me (x4, Mixed By Franky Patina, FLC)BrickhouseBH002New (not sealed)1,692,22205290881
12"Phoenyx, Tyler: Spank Up Ur World (x3 Feat. Samuel Stream)GERSPANK005New (not sealed)1,992,592505154185
12"Phonique: 99 & A HALF (x3, Incl. I:Cube Mix, DJ Copy, NC)UKGlobal UndergroundGUSSIN001DIGNew (not sealed)1,992,592506693234
12"Phunklarique: On A Higher Level (Original Mix / Oliver Koletzki Remix)Hammerskjöld0807297217414New (not sealed)2,493,253205249239de uk fr
12"Phunklarique: Saturation (x3 Incl. Original Mix)GERHammerskjöld0807297232219New (not sealed)2,493,253205249241de uk fr
12"Planet Funk: The Switch (x3)Bustin Loose Recordings5099767344163New (not sealed)2,493,253205055887de uk fr
12"Plastic City: Take You Somewhere (Feat. Melissa, x3, STC, Incl. Mixes By Robbie Rivera)USAJuicy MusicJC004New (not sealed)0,991,291205260327
12"Plastic Park: Your Favourite Tune (x2+2)GERVarious DelightVARIOUS1999New (not sealed)2,493,253205327167
12"Platinum Mules: Electric Ear (x2, Original Mix + Rhythm Code's Techy Affair Mix)UKMinimal5060065332329New (not sealed)2,493,253205048891us de uk fr
12" PicturePochill: Tu Es LA (Original Extended English & French Version) (Lim.Ed. 500 Copies)GERSubmental Records0090204680900New (not sealed)2,493,253205325614us de uk fr
12" PicturePoint Guards: Mary's Prayer (x3+1, Lim.Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GER0090204680658New (not sealed)2,493,253205327191us de uk fr
12" PicturePoint Guards: Never Fall In Love (x3 Incl. Pulsedriver RMX, Picture Disc)GERTerapia0090204961313New (not sealed)2,993,93805325631de uk fr
12"Polychord: Polybox EPEURBlack Love Records0661956970313New1,491,941901299423de uk fr
12"Polyclinique: Nuit / Amber WavesEURCyclotron0807297036817New4,996,516400290125us de uk fr
12"Polyester, Jonnie: Present: Ten Percent (+ K-Boy)UKBlackbooty RecordsBBJK007New (not sealed)2,493,253205051623
12"Pooley, Ian (House): Cold Wait /E-Dancer Deep Soul Mix / Attaboy Remix / Original Version)GERV25033197072968New (not sealed)2,993,93805053782us de uk fr
12"Popelek: Every Little Moment (Burning Sky / Little Bossa / Maateox's & Imada Mix)Warner0809274300102New (sealed)2,493,253205070750de uk fr
12"Popstars: Strange Dream - Pop Stars Vol. 3SPAPop StarsPOPSTARS003New (not sealed)2,993,93805154153
12"Power Tigers, The: Buzz Feeling (x2, Original + Dub, White Label DJ Copy)UKSmall WorldSWORLD003New (not sealed)2,493,253205063816
12"Procter, Michael: Come To Me (x5, Incl. Torso & Soul Keepers Mix, FLC)TRAFFICTRF102New (not sealed)1,291,681605258551
CDSProphets Of Sounds: New Dawn (x3)UK5029345010302New1,291,681601211341us de uk fr
12"Proton, Helge M. & Silverspin: The Son Of Ibiza (x3, Promo, NC)GER61773E1New (not sealed)1,692,22205290840
12"PUNCHER: The Wall (Wall Of House / Over The Wall & Dub Wall Dub Mic, Picture Cover)FRAWarner - Do It Music0639842033008New (not sealed)2,493,253205070754de uk fr
12"Pwog: Maenad (x2, Original + Alter Ego Remix)GERExactaudio0661956728143New (not sealed)2,493,253205050539de uk fr
12"Quickstep: Don't Go Away (x2, NC)QUICKSTEP001New (not sealed)1,291,681605267443
12"Rain People (House): Trippin' On Love (x2, Presents By Aaron Ross, Feat. Marcus Begg, FLC)Osiris Music4025563400407New (not sealed)2,993,93805260332de fr
12"RAIRBIRDS: Calling Remixes (x5, NC)EURONE LITTLE INDIAN5016958087562New (not sealed)1,992,592506694171de uk fr
12"Rawsoul Orchestra: Everyday (x3, Feat. Concha Buika)SPAFlamingoFLAME008New (not sealed)1,992,592505277491
12"Read, Jamie: Incision (Elektro Track !) / Creepy / Crawley
Feat. Don Abi..
EURUgly CutzUGC002New2,493,253201320774de uk fr
12"Reap The Beat: Let's Clean Up The Ghetto (Club Live / Live Dub / Club Rap Live & Beat Groove V)FRAWarner - Do It Music0639842595001New (not sealed)2,993,93805070760de uk fr
12"Reel People: In The Sun (Feat. Angela Johnston) (x4)EURDefected0826194038069New (not sealed)1,992,592505291452us de uk fr
12"Reel People: The Rain (Feat. Sharlene Hector) (Original Club & Joey Negro Mixes)UKDefected0826194035570New (not sealed)1,992,592505290105us de uk fr
12"Restless And Volatile: When I'm With You (Feat. Brenda, x2, Red Vinyl, Incl. Tom Shoret Electro Mix)
A) Defect / B1) Focus / B2) Brownbag
UKCariocaGFNK005New (not sealed)2,493,253205063849
12"Retronouveau / Sistema / Monomachine: Back To Chicago / Perseguir / LocomotionSPA2Nd Room Records2NDROOMRECORDS005New (not sealed)2,993,93805154150
12"Rivera, Robbie: Liar 2006 Remixes (Feat. Billy Paul)USASubliminal691968016310New (not sealed)1,992,592506745944de uk fr
12"Rivera, Robbie: Uptown Girls / Do You Want MoreUKULTRA617465122064New (not sealed)1,491,941906745967us de uk fr
12"RJ Project: When It Comes Around (Feat. B J Robson) - Disc 1 (x2, Incl. Red Jerry's Mixes)
A) Red Jerry's Banned From The Roxy Mix / B) Red Jerry's Airtight Mix
UKHooj Choon5037454277349New (not sealed)2,493,253205051645us de uk fr
12" PictureRobin S.: Show Me Love (Tonka's 2002 Club Mix / Stonebridge 99 Update Mix, Picture Disc)EURStereophonic74321888211New (not sealed)3,995,25105061077de
12"Robo Tourists, The: Disco Is Disco / Sex, Drugs & Rock And RollUKRobo Tourism Records5039238069553New (not sealed)1,491,941905047689us de uk fr
12"Rookie (House): No More (x2) / Music (x2, FLC, Feat. Jelee)Gogo MusicGOGO004New (not sealed)1,291,681605258544
12"Rubix Cube: Zauberwürfel (x3, Incl. Wippenberg Remix)KINGSIZE0731456690315New (not sealed)1,491,941905257709us de uk fr
12"Rumpf, Clemens: Funk Essentials On Plasctic (French Club Affairs / Funk It Up / Do You Love,StC)GERKult4025563400247New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805167570us de uk fr
12"S.U.M.O.: Samba Consumo (x4, NC)SPAFlamingo DiscoFLAME013New (not sealed)1,291,681605258554
12"S.U.M.O.: Seseland (x4)SPAFlamingo Disco8437002914103New (not sealed)1,291,681605258553us de uk fr
12"S_Cream: In My Eyes (x3) (Vs. Gian Feat. Viola, STC)GERLick It RecordsTYT003New (not sealed)1,291,681605267412
12"Safe Mode: Calling (Feat. The Lerm, WL-Promo, NC)UKSM001New (not sealed)2,493,253205267433
12"Saint Etienne: Action (DJ Tiesto / Mr Joshua & Laub Mix, Picture Sleeve)UKMantra0609008007365New (not sealed)2,493,253205057923us de uk fr
12"Salz: Salz 2000EURSalz-MusicNew1,491,941900199844
12"Salz: Tiefsee: N-41 / O-55 / N-44 / O-59GERSalz-Music4035175050013New1,491,941901299348de uk fr
12"Sandstorm: Oomba (x3 incl. Original)UKCredence12CRED015New1,491,941900294509
12"Saxo: Les Bruits De La Foret - Remix 2003 (JS Club / Main / Original & Anaklein Mix)FRABMG0828765784214New (sealed)1,992,592505070764de uk fr
12"Scarlet Diva: Shoot You Down (x3, Incl Dub Mixes)UKTrax Records0808524000168New (not sealed)2,493,253205049959us de uk fr
12"School.: If (Original Long Mix & Youssef's Circus Mix)EUR0724354690761New1,491,941900290109us de uk fr
12"Sebastian, J.F.: Burden - Remixes By Junior Vasquez (3 Mixes )62Pitch Black Rec.0660662372213New (not sealed)1,692,22205049041de uk fr
12"Serac, San: Tyrant (x4, PC)OUTPUT RECORDINGS0689492025465New (not sealed)2,493,253205267446us de uk fr
12"She S. Sunshine: The Key (x4)GERMedia Records0090204684793New (not sealed)2,493,253205249240us de uk fr
12"Simon, Michael: Home Alone (Feat. Mazaya)USASubliminal691968016617New (not sealed)1,992,592506745943us de uk fr
12"SINCLAIR, BOB & EDWARDS STEVE: Together (x4, NC)UKDefectedBSTOG01New (not sealed)1,992,592506693225
12"Sinclar, Bob: KIss My Eyes (x2, Incl. A. Clamaran Mix, Promo, PC)GEREastwestPROC95500New (cover not perfect)1,992,592505256975
12"Sinema: Confusion - The Riddle (x3)EURBlackjack0044006572116New (sealed)1,792,332305149270us de uk fr
CDSkywalker (House): BAR ITACA IBIZA PERFORMED BY SKYWALKERAlphabet City0807297015423New (sealed)2,993,93805257382us de uk fr
12"Slam: No One Left To Follow (x1+1, Vocals By My Robot Friend)UKSOMA796122222160New (not sealed)2,993,93806691970de uk fr
12"Small World (House): Can't Give You Up ( Original + Mojolators Remix)UKPortentplusPORTENTPLUS004New (not sealed)1,992,592505290880
12"SMITH, SEAN (House): Red Dog / Spirit Of Love / The HudUSADafunk RecordsDAFUNK003New1,792,332301319365de uk fr
12"Smooth, C.: Groove To / Yes I Need (NC)Realbasic Recordings8014961500020New (not sealed)1,291,681605260326de uk fr
12"Smurf & Perry: Lovin' 2004 (x3, Feat. Concha Buika, FLC)SPAFlamingo Disco8437002914103New (not sealed)1,291,681605258576de fr
12"Soares, Fernando (House): Quero Amar (x4, Incl. Mix By P. Brunkow, Feat. Raylema Rosas Quero Amar)CHNatural RecordsB40486201New (not sealed)1,291,681605258569
CDSSoda Club: Keep Love Together (CD1, feat. Andrea Anatola)UK5037300015255New0,991,291200322098de uk fr
12"Solveig, Martin: Rocking Music - Remixes (x3 Incl. Tom Newman Remix)GERUrbanB40156001New (not sealed)1,692,22205154148
12"Sorrentino, Stefano: Sans Egal (x3, Incl. Supersmack Edit, STC)Brickhouse4260014395011New (not sealed)1,491,941905271944de uk fr
12"Soul Avengerz: It's Alright (x2, Incl. Shik Stylko Mix, FLC)UKRealbasic RecordingsRB009New (not sealed)1,291,681605258555
12"Soul Designer / Memory Foundation / Substance: Central Remixed Pt. 6 (Special Projects 06)EURCentral Music0661956396601New1,792,332301319442us de uk fr
12"Soul Kitchen (House): Sensual / Get SomeFRABondelice Records3700077675022New (not sealed)2,493,253205104552de uk fr
12"Soul Resistance: Can't Live Without You (x4)
Black, Recycle, No Mind, Request
GERHigh'n'Rising4260018450037New1,491,941900294533us de uk fr
12" PictureSPEAKERBOX: Hit The Bass (x2, Picture Disc)GERHouse No.0090204921782New (not sealed)1,992,592505323609us de uk fr
12" x 3Starecase: FIRSTFLOORUKHope Recordings5050294124215New (not sealed)3,995,25105057426us de uk fr
12"Stengun Feat. Christina T: Big Fun (x4, NC)ESTCeremony RecordsCER02New (not sealed)1,692,22205290883
12"Sterbinszky & Bruckmann: Club Rotation (x3+1)UNGSTER005New (not sealed)2,493,253205204576
12"STICK FIGURES: No Hands No Teeth (WL-Promo, NC)GERRisky DiskoRISK00New (not sealed)1,291,681605271271
12"Streets, The (House): Don't Mug Yourself (x1+2)Locked On5050466113009New (cover not perfect)1,992,592505256924us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveStreets, The (House): Has It Come To This? (x1+2)UK0809274155627New0,991,291201211951us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveStreets, The (House): Has It Come To This? (x3)UKLocked On0809274155726New0,991,291201211949us de uk fr
12"Streets, The (House): Let's Push Things Forward (Studio Gangsters / Zed Bias Vocal / Mystery Mix)Locked On0809274523907New (not sealed)2,493,253205109874us de uk fr
12"Stylko, Shik: Musica (x4, Incl. S. Krieg Mix, NC)UKRealbasic RecordingsREALBASIC003New (not sealed)1,491,941905258548
12"Stylko, Shik: My People (x3+1, Feat. Tyree Cooper)UKRealbasic RecordingsRB010New (not sealed)1,992,592505290555
12"Stylko, Shik: The Electronik Boogie (x4, Incl. Mixes By Sebastian Krieg & Deep Touch)Realbasic Recordings4025563400018New (not sealed)1,992,592505260325de fr
12"Subware (House): Disco Hoopla (x2+1, NC)NZLReliableREL004New (not sealed)1,992,592505290106
12" PictureSun (House): Without Love (x4 Incl. Eric Kupper Mix) (Picture Disc)GERWaako Records0090204940752New (not sealed)1,992,592505326024us de uk fr
12"Super Stereo: Superhero (M Oblong & Plej Remixes)SEFACETSFACETS006New (not sealed)2,493,253205202792
LPSupermen Lovers, The: The Player (FOC)EURBMG France0743219530714New (sealed)6,498,468405051456de uk fr
12"Supermen Lovers, The: Underground Disco EPLafesse0743218439117New (sealed)2,493,253205157652de fr
12"SWAT SQUAD: Galka Y Nada
Minimal House
SPASoftware SOFTWARE04New (not sealed)1,792,332305081750
12"T.K. Bros.: Everybody (x2, Incl. Dub Mix)Realbasic Recordings4025563400063New (not sealed)1,992,592505260321de fr
12"T.K. Bros.: Everybody (x2, Promo Copy, NC)Realbasic RecordingsREALBASIC004New (not sealed)1,491,941905260319
12"Tagada: Get Down (Original Version / Alternative Version)Link Records0602498178119New (sealed)2,993,93805104865de uk fr
12"TALKING DRUMS (House): Show Me The Way / Let's Funk / 21St CenturySPASuena Music8437004768193New (not sealed)2,993,93805154164us de uk fr
12"Terry, Todd: In House EP (Feat. Roland Clark, STC)UKElementary GroupLMN015New (not sealed)1,692,22206730615
CD (Digipak)THIESSEN, ANDREAS: PLEASURE CLUB'S FINEST (FOC)GERCKP4040598010728New (sealed)1,992,592506666283us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)THIESSEN, ANDREAS: PLEASURE CLUB'S FINEST 2GERCKP4040598010926New (sealed)1,491,941906599861us de uk fr
12"Tonuri: Take Me (x3, PC)Blue Dye RecordingsBD03New (not sealed)1,291,681605271325
12"Transmotion: Ultraviolet EP (Monkey / Tribalcell)Underworld Recordings4032683502034New (not sealed)1,992,592505049445de uk fr
12"Tronso & Stian Klo: Sodium Lamp - Remixes (x2, NC)UKBENCHMARK RECORDINGSBENCGMARC002New (not sealed)2,493,253205263589
12"T-Total: The Healing Song (Feat. Leslie McGirr) / Feel The RainUKMint Source5029684096562New (not sealed)2,493,253205049957de uk fr
12"Twilo People: Without You (x2)FRAWOMAN3760068267179New (not sealed)2,493,253205202692de uk fr
12"Ultra Vision: Inner Earth / Spiral Mind (NC)UKBLUE & BLACKBLUBLA1212New (not sealed)1,992,592505257743
CDS 5" SleeveUna Mas: I Will Follow (x3)UKDefected5038234004735New (not sealed)-1-1,3-1306134612us de uk fr
12"Under Cover (House): Don't You Think It's Time (x3)FRA5099767353066New (not sealed)1,992,592505277494de uk fr
12"Unknown Artist (Dance): 1999 (2 Latinhouse Remixes Of The Prince Track, NC)QBA1New (not sealed)2,493,253205277499
12"Vanelli, Joe T: Get It On (Summer Love) (Incl. Tom Novy Mix, FLC)USASubliminal691968017416New (not sealed)1,992,592506745973us de uk fr
12"Venus (House): Venus (House Mix, WL-Promo, Single Sided)
GERLogicVENUS01New (not sealed)0,991,291205257749
CDSVolatile Agents: Hooked On You (feat. Simone Benn)
Tracks: Bongohead, Latin Mechanix, Cubanco, Sin Street, Cosmik Claves
UK5050383500029New0,991,291200322030us de uk fr
12"Wax, Le: Miss You (x2, NC)EURTrack DownTRD2026New (not sealed)1,692,22205290569
12"Weekend Players: 21St Century - François K Remixes (x2, Remix + Dub)UKMultiply12MULTY78PYNew (not sealed)2,493,253205054465
12"White Knight: New World Order (3 Mixes)NOTHING RECORDS4014235262740New (not sealed)2,493,253205250199de fr
12"Wild Orchid: Only Time (x3, Promo, Incl. Dance Mix, NC)Not On LabelNew (not sealed)3,995,25105267440
CDWild, Benjamin: With ComplimentsEURForce Inc.0718756314226New6,999,119000274476us de uk fr
12"Wink [Winx]: Higher State Of Consciousness (x2, Incl. Dirty South & TV Rock Mix, NC)UKStrictly RhythmSR12630DJNew (not sealed)2,993,93806691967
12" PictureWinman: Fade To Grey (x4, Picture Disc)GERHouse Nation0090204969340New (not sealed)3,995,25105327182de uk fr
12"Woodboy & Toe.B.: I Want You (x4, Feat. Esther Adam, FLC)UKRealbasic Recordings4025563400445New (not sealed)1,992,592505258557de fr
12"Woolf, Sharon: Blow Your Mind (x3 Incl. Phats & Small Mutant Disco Mix)UKAudio Deluxe5016555180161New (not sealed)2,493,253205203095us de uk fr
12"Woolf, Sharon: Blow Your Mind (x3)UKAudio Deluxe5016555180130New (not sealed)2,493,253205203094us de uk fr
12"Wordless People (House): In The Name Of (x1+1, NC)GERWordlessWR01New (not sealed)1,992,592505271931
12" PictureWrecking Crew (House): Heaven's On The Backseat Of My Cadillac (x2, Incl. Litt Mix, Picture Disc)GERSubmental Records0090204919260New (not sealed)2,993,93805323600us de uk fr
12"X Pone: Stranger In Paradise (x4, Incl. Extd. 70's Mix, PC)
Feat. Queen Regina
FRAWEA0639842052801New (not sealed)1,491,941905125812de uk fr
CDSYomanda: Sunshine (x3)UK0731456263526New0,991,291200285317us de uk fr
CDSZ-Factor: Ride The Rhythm UKSony5099767184820New0,991,291200322110us de uk fr
7"Zoot Woman: Gem / Grey Day Schmalensee MixUK5028589020078New (not sealed)1,992,592506789124de uk fr
7"Zoot Woman: You And I / Holiday HomeUK5028589013872New (cover not perfect)1,291,681606792930de uk fr
Club: Techno
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Area Of Hardtrance Vol.3Fog Area Records4005902617192New (not sealed)3,995,25105254580de uk fr
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Basejumper (Lars Mod , Dennis Schneider, Heiko Klingler)GERAnlage EANLAGEE006New (not sealed)2,493,253205203436
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Battle EP (Refill Records)
A1 Ted Björling Spatial Locality A2 Section One Reversed Reaction A3 Mumler Upphöjd B1 Skitus Papst8412Ngl B2 Mumler Ugly
SERefill Rec.0661956191510New (not sealed)2,493,253205202726de fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Best Of Club Area - Vol.1GERFog Area Records4014235417270New (sealed)3,995,25105254578de uk fr
LP TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Bomba Makina (6 Tracks)FRA0724355016966New (sealed)2,993,93805031456de uk fr
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smagghe (Album Sampler)UKReact0827847962489New (not sealed)2,993,93805267448us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Classic Trance CafeSPV4001617404720New (sealed)5,497,167105257386us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Club Cocktail 97SPV4001617404324New (not sealed)1,992,592505257394us de uk fr
CDS TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Dark Noize Present: EUPHORIAGERDARK NOIZE0090204834983New (not sealed)2,493,253205249697de uk fr
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Dark Noize Present: EUPHORIAGERDARK NOIZE0090204834976New (not sealed)4,495,855805249234de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: DEEP TRAX 1 GERFog Area Records4014235083963New (sealed)3,995,25105254508us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Definition Of Techno 2 (By Massimo)0807297033120New (sealed)3,494,554505257400de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Dj Darkzone Pres.Clubmaster0090204980888New1,792,332300231840us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Dr. Speedlove Presents Chemical Warfeare (Mix Mix Bang Bang)0637642014029New (cut out)1,491,941900296829us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Energy '96 - The CompilationTime Unlimited7612027906024New (not sealed)1,792,332305195824us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Frankfurt Trance Vol.3GERAlphabet City / Friends0043396292086New (sealed)19,9926,0625905257333us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Frankfurt Trance Vol.4GERAlphabet City / Friends4017866124203New (sealed)4,495,855805257319us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Go Ahead Vol. 2
Mandala, Nexus 6, Ian Pooley,,,,,
4017866862020New (not sealed)2,993,93805195834us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: It's Not Just About Skiing -The BEst Of Forte Records IIGERFORTE RECORDS4042564005561New (sealed)3,995,25105195840us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Kaos Totally Mix
All About Potuguese Dance Music Scene
PTG5602515206882New (sealed)1,792,332305195818de uk fr
12" Picture TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Media Records Germany - 50 (Lim. Edition 500 Copies, Picture Disc)
Niels Van Gogh , Subnerve, Spoot, X-Cabs
GERMedia Records0090204681563New (not sealed)2,493,253205248318de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Planet Bass II - The PresentTime Unlimited4017866160225New (not sealed)2,993,93805196781us de uk fr
LP x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Plastic Spirits - A Plastic City CompilationGERPlastic City4017866660015New (not sealed)5,497,167105257202
LP x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Plastic Spirits - A Plastic City CompilationGERPlastic City4017866660015New (cover not perfect)4,996,516405194191
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Poison Club Vol.6-DJ Hooligan Vs. King-O & DJ ErrikAlphabet City5413356731125New (sealed)4,996,516405257380de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Schranz & Loops 1 (Without Additional Papersleeve)Alphabet City50011012New (not sealed)3,995,25105257410de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Schranz & Loops 2 (Without Additional Papersleeve)Alphabet City50011042New (not sealed)2,993,93805257328de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Schranz & Loops 3 (Without Additional Papersleeve)Alphabet City50011052New (not sealed)3,995,25105257414de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Schranz & Loops 7Alphabet City4005902629249New (sealed)3,995,25105257395de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Seven (Konsequent Records Compilation)
21 Tracks: 2x Drax Ltd II, 2x Inevitech, Mono Junk, Drax Two, Drax Ltd. I,...
GERKonsequent0661956500527New (sealed)0,750,98901293101de uk fr
LP x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Seven (Konsequent Records Compilation)GERKonsequent0661956500411New (not sealed)4,996,516405195814de uk fr
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Spread The Groove 3 (FLC)GERKiddaz. FmKIDD040New (not sealed)2,493,253205268193
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Terminal M - The Label Compilation Volume OneTerminal M0807297015126New (not sealed)1,992,592505257330us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Terminal M - The Label Compilation Volume OneTerminal M0807297015126New (sealed)2,993,93805257378us de uk fr
12" TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The First Trance Opera Of The World - Second Opus - The Four SeasonsGERDARK NOIZE0090204681358New (not sealed)4,996,516405249237de uk fr
CDS TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The First Trance Opera Of The World - Second Opus - The Four SeasonsGERDARK NOIZE0090204681365New (not sealed)1,992,592505249691us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The Return To Planet BassTime Unlimited4017866160157New (sealed)3,494,554505195832de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The Sound Of Warhammer 40.000 - Chapter IArt Of Perception0807297020625New (not sealed)5,997,817705195841de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The Sound Of Warhammer 40.000 - Chapter II
13 Tracks: Northern Lite, John Starlight, Silicon Scally, Christian Morgenstern, Disx3, Heiko Laux,...
GERArt Of Perception0661956161421New (sealed)2,993,93801293093de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The Sound Of Warhammer 40.000 - Chapter II
13 Tracks: Northern Lite, John Starlight, Silicon Scally, Christian Morgenstern, Disx3, Heiko Laux,...
GERArt Of Perception0661956161421New (not sealed)1,992,592505195853de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: The Sound Of Warhammer 40.000 - Chapter III
13 Tracks: Alter Ego, Mike Ink, Christian Morgenstern, Heiko Laux, Bochum Welt,...
GERArt Of Perception0661956513428New (sealed)1,992,592501293126de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Compilation: Trope / Retrospective Waves 1993-1996
10 Tracks: DisX3, Soul Preacher, Secam, Pacou, Johannes Heil, Visco Space,...
GERTrope Rec.4018333005001New2,493,253201297492us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: AFRIKA AWARE - 37 Mix Tracks By Bob Brown
37 Tracks. Justin Berkovi, Ibrahim Alfa, Cari Lekebusch, Damon Vallero, DJ Slip, Neil Landstrumm, Woody McBride, Steve Stoll,..
GERNeuton0807297021325New (not sealed)1,491,941901297509
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Definition Of Techno (By Massimo)Alphabet City0807297015522New (sealed)3,995,25105257385de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Definition Of Techno (By Massimo)Alphabet City0807297015522New (not sealed)1,992,592505257392de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Diabolus In Musiker (Mixed By Maral Salmassi)
16 Tracks: Pacou, 3x Rubberneck, 2x Fanon Flowers, 4x Visco Space,.Disx3,...
GERKonsequent4017866126184New (not sealed)5,997,817701293105de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: GLOBAL AMBITION - The Atmosphere Club Mix By DJ Mike SGLOBAL AMBITION4017866360014New (not sealed)2,493,253205195828de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Hardbeatz Vol. 10 (Mixed & Compiled By DJ Mystery & Sam Punk)High Head4002587517922New (not sealed)5,997,817705257329us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Hardboiled 2003: Best Of Schranz
22 Tracks: Chris Wunsch, Per Mikael, Andrei Morant, Quartz, Chris Liebing, Speedy J,...
GERNeuton0661956397028New (sealed)1,491,941901299126us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: It's Not Just About Skiing 1 - Best Of Forte Records (Mixed By Maral Salmassi)
17 Tracks: DMX Krew, 2x Ural Diktators, 9x Christian Morgenstern, Alter Ego, Richard Bartz, Johannes Heil,...
GERFORTE RECORDS0807297017526New2,993,93801297430de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Marc Et Claude - Collecting AirmilesGER0807297015621New (not sealed)2,993,93805257383de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Marc Et Claude's Trance Mix Vol. 24017866125729New (sealed)1,992,592505257393de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Mix Unlimited Vol. 4Time Unlimited4017866160195New (not sealed)4,996,516405195825us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Mix Unlimited Vol. 4 (23 Tracks)Time Unlimited4017866160195New (not sealed)1,291,681606132868us de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: MIX UNLIMITED VOL.34017866160171New (not sealed)3,995,25105205871us de uk fr
CD (+Papersleeve) TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Oliver Reloop Klitzing Presents TECH TRANCEAlphabet City4025858012087New (sealed)3,995,25105257324us de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Poison Club - Four Years JubileeAlphabet City5413356889420New (sealed)11,9915,6315505257406de uk fr
CD x 2 TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Poison Club Compilation 5 (DJ Hooligan In The Mix)5413356899825New (not sealed)2,493,253205257399de uk fr
CD TECHNO / TRANCE Mixes: Rave Against Desaster (Mixed By Dany Lemon)GERHärtegrad Records4025858008257New (sealed)2,493,253201357020de uk fr
12"040: Dreams (feat. Erica Baxter)UK0724387931961New1,491,941900290013us de uk fr
12"303 Freak: Late SequelaeGERSalpeter Records0661956603969New (not sealed)2,993,93805203118de uk fr
12"4 Clubbers: Children (Club Mix 9:00min / Knarf Remix 6:33min)
UK0809274848406New1,491,941900289932us de uk fr
12" Picture666: Supa-Dupa-Fly (XXL Mix / Mario Lopez Remix) (Picture Disc , Lim:Ed. 500 Copies)GERHouse Nation0090204930609New (not sealed)3,995,25105325633de uk fr
12" Picture808 Monkeys: Communicate / Where Is Hege ? / Dorphin / Mind-Moon (Psychedelic Art Picture)GERUptown RecordsUPTOWN510New2,993,93801318411
12" PictureAbsurd: Brian (x2, Picture Disc)GERBoy Records0090204841332New (not sealed)2,493,253205327190de uk fr
12"Abyss Vs. Trinity: Faculty EP (FLC, 3 Tracks)Strike RecordsSTRASG1203New (not sealed)1,291,681605257737
12"Aires, Brian: Bikabakabokabuk (x2+1, FLC)Blaou4027248002760New (not sealed)0,991,291205271306de
12"Akoasm: Secrets Of Life / DaylightGER14060036New1,491,941900294542
12"Alaine, Patrick: Projekt 1 - Bretter Für Die Welt
Original Mix, Remix By DJ Naughty / Evolution
GER3 Ton3T0017New1,992,592501318039
12"Alenia Vs. Savinto: 08 Kial (4 Track EP)Kial / Neuton0661956172519New2,493,253201318055de uk fr
12"Alice DeeJay: Celebrate Our Love (x2, Hit Radio Mix By Danski & DJ Delmundo + XXL RMX)62Violent Records8716519000258New (not sealed)1,491,941905062750
12"Alice DeeJay: Will I Ever - Disc 2 (x2, Pronti & Kalmani RMX + Dutchforce RMX)Violent RecordsVIO1130New (not sealed)1,792,332305062689
12"Angel One: Everybody's Free (x3)EURUNDERLINE0743219310118New (not sealed)1,692,22205290868us de uk fr
12"Apholz, Olaf: Autoagressiv E.P. (4 Tracks - Clear Vinyl)
Schranz - A1) Autoagressiv / A2) Leiden Schafft! / B1) Zündfolge (Wellenformmodulation) / B2) Diskomann
ApwoodAPW005New (not sealed)1,992,592505061921
12"Audiotube: Transcendental Express (x3, PC)GERBMG0743218417511New1,291,681605257745us de uk fr
12"Avalon (Techno): Avalon EP (Eleven Asako / Tap Tap)Fog Area Records4014235209158New (not sealed)2,993,93805251386de fr
12"Baker, Tim: Frequency 313 EP (My Frequency / A2 / West Lafayette)GERMonostress Blue0661956130915New1,792,332301299398de uk fr
12"Bb Inc: A Touch Of Velvet (x3, Incl. Paffendorf Mix)
A) Paffendorf Mix / B1) Obsessive Remix / B2) Club Mix
GERGang Go MusicGG022New (not sealed)1,792,332305063814
12"Beat Factory: Music (x3 Incl. Jan Wayne Remix)GERAuenland MusicB26309801New (not sealed)2,493,253205204580
12"Beat Factory: Nothings Gonna Change My Love 4 U (x2, NC)Auenland MusicB27249001New (not sealed)1,491,941905268210
12"Berg & Blender: Deep Driving / AutospaceGERIntergroove0807297021219New1,491,941900291652us de uk fr
12"Bernd, Marco M.: CancerLuxusLUXUS015New1,491,941900294357
12"Biochip C.: My House / Coming Out Of Nothing / Borderline (FLC)GERForce Inc.0661956213519New3,995,25100275124de uk fr
12"Biomutant: Atemlos / Sector 7 CutGERSturzflug Records4260000820039New (not sealed)2,993,93805049055de uk fr
12"Black Coat: Breath EP (NC)
Breath / Space Impact / Sexual Movies / Other Dimension
FRALoud Beats0828765222112New (sealed)1,692,22205104446de uk fr
12"Blank & Jones: Suburban Hell (x2, Incl. Hardfloor Mix)EURGang Go Music4029758410905New (not sealed)2,993,93805268204us de uk fr
12"Blank & Jones: The Hardest Hard - Remixes (Feat. Anne Clark, x2)
Original Mix 6:10 / Suburban Mix 5:35
Gang Go Music5050466089205New (sealed)1,792,332305093923us de uk fr
12"Blimp: Heaven E.P.
Tracks: Heaven, (+ Bob Brown Remix), Doin' It, Queer
GERFramework0661956523212New2,493,253201299403us de uk fr
12"British Plastic: Don't You Stop Me Now (4 Mixes Incl. Original)GERLick It Records0090204930753New (not sealed)1,992,592505046196de uk fr
12"Bronsson, Charles: Outsider EP
Intoxicated / Pump Daddy / Clique / Street Smart
SEBooby RecordsBR002New1,692,22201318366
12"Brown, Murphy: You're The One (x2, Extended Mix 5:46 + Club Mix 8:04)
GERID RecordsIDR003New (not sealed)1,792,332305048989
12"Bruchschmidt, Thomas: Positive - NegativePsycho RecordsPSY004New (not sealed)2,993,93805251407
12"Bullfrog, Leo: Accent N Slide (4 Tracks, White Vinyl)GERSB RecordsSBREC04New (not sealed)3,494,554505204231
CDC.C.C.P. (CCCP): Journey Through The Past (Rasputin Stoy Mixes)
Incl. Special : American-Soviets Mix & Pink Floyd Mix -Shine On Your Crazy Diamond.
Belly Media4250026313073Sup (sealed)6,999,119005069232de uk fr
LP x 2C.C.C.P. (CCCP): Quantik Shamanism Thru Digital Western
C.C.C.P. Feat. MEYHIL / Do You Remember? The Worldwide Chart Title: American-Soviets, Made In Russia, Orient Express, Liquid Sky. Are Back With A New Electronica Style. Vinyl 2LP
GERMille Plateaux Media4250026317194New (not sealed)9,9913,0212905079894us de uk fr
12"C.C.C.P. (CCCP): The Preacher (x3 incl. Original Mix: 8:03min)Clockwork Records0708111261Sup (not sealed)4,495,855800247347
CDCable Car Theory: The DeconstructionGERDefiance Records4260007372524New (sealed)2,993,93801297341de uk fr
LP x 2Carola,Marco: Question 10GERELP0824683302110New (not sealed)4,495,855805045946us de uk fr
12"CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER: Something Must Happen / Cote Exdpose Au SoleilGERMinimal Sound Noise0090204843350New (not sealed)3,494,554505248329de uk fr
12"Chancellor: The Dark Night (Traumatize / Harmonize)GERCreation Rebel RecordzCR003New1,491,941901318392de uk fr
12"Chronic Twins: Collecting Nerve (x1+2, NC)GERDecomplex AudioDXA016New (not sealed)1,291,681605257702
12"Cirom: Dilemma EPGERDefcon0661956156519New (not sealed)3,494,554505202751de fr
12"Clarke, Dave: No One's Driving (x2+1, Incl. Chemical Brothers Mix)
A1) No One's Driving (4:25) / A2) No One's Driving (Chemical Bros. Remix) (5:40) / B) Wisdom To The Wise (Robert Hood Mix) (9:20) Remix - Robert Hood
EURDecontructionDRIVE001New (sealed)1,692,22205047631
12"Clarke, Dave: Shake Your Booty / Break Cover (DJ Copy)
Shake 1 - DGS 383564
UKDecontruction74321509541New (not sealed)1,491,941905047637de uk fr
12"Component: Part One (4 Track EP)
Losing It, Augment, Memory Loss, Who Cares ?
12"Condelius, Per: The Vice Squad EPGERKonsequentKSQ29New (not sealed)1,992,592505195813
CDSCousteau (Techno): Talking To Myself (x1+2)Palm Pictures0660200707422New0,991,291201211627us de uk fr
12"Cowles, Ellery: KaBogie / FakaGERDafunk RecordsDAFUNK004New2,493,253201320710de uk fr
12"Croon Inc: Schlossallee/Jackass Force Inc.0661956292118New4,996,516400275177de uk fr
12"Crusher, Pete: Rush Hour (4 Track EP)GERTelevision Records0807297073713New1,491,941901293216de uk fr
12"Cyberstorm: Skylight (x2)GER0807297021912New1,491,941900289956us de uk fr
12"Dark Globe: BREAK MY WORLD PT. 2 - Remixes (X3)UKGlobal Underground0828272801527New (cover not perfect)1,992,592505156615us de uk fr
CDSDavis, T J: Wonderful Life (x3)UK5050383500128New0,991,291200321889us de uk fr
12"Deason, Sean (Techno): The Shit: 2003 Remixes - Volume 3
Tristan Watkins: Deep Shit Mix / Devolve: Devolution Mix
Matrix RecordsMATRIX9New (not sealed)1,491,941905083631
12"Debie Sonique: Repeat The Formular EPGERTritone3T0014New1,792,332301299415
12"Dee-Nice, David: Pornichet's Guinguette E.P.FRAChateaurouge 3700077652047New (not sealed)1,692,22205202689de uk fr
12" x 2Delerium: Truly (x4, Incl. Brother Brown Mix)
DGS 233566 - A) Infusion Remix (9:49) / B) Signum Remix (8:03) / C) Brother Brown Remix (7:21) / D) The Wise Buddah Club Mix (9:30)
EURNettwerk0724355386519New (not sealed)1,491,941905047643us de uk fr
12"Denki Groove: Nothing's Gonna Change (x3, Incl. Lexy & K-Paul Mix)5099766936666New (not sealed)2,993,93805261790us de uk fr
12" PictureDeruyter, Yves: Infinity / I Feel Free (Lim.Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERBonzai0090204841493New (not sealed)3,995,25105327186us fr
12" PictureDeruyter, Yves: Infinity / I Feel Free (Lim.Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)Bonzai0090204840960New (not sealed)2,993,93805327179us de uk fr
12" PictureDeruyter, Yves: On The Move (x2+1, Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204920013New (not sealed)2,493,253205325615de uk fr
CDSDesert: I See The Light (x3)UK5016025683154New0,991,291200322026us de uk fr
12" PictureDeux: Sun Rising Up (x2, Original & Jupiter Ace Mix, Pic. Disc)UKAzuliAZNY200RNew (not sealed)1,992,592506803433
12" PictureDJ 4 MOTION / T FLOW: We Are Back (x3 Incl. Original Mix) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204682119New (not sealed)2,493,253205248335us de uk fr
12" PictureDJ 4 MOTION / T FLOW: We Are Back- Remixes (x3) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204682102New (not sealed)4,495,855805248352us de uk fr
12"DJ Bonebreaker: Druck (Es Ist Zeit)GERDMD4011037000105New (not sealed)1,692,22205048988us de uk fr
12"DJ Dero: Do The Tango (x3, Electro Mixes)GERLow Spirit0743219675613New (not sealed)1,491,941905051351de uk fr
CDDJ Emerson: Kidd RockGERKiddaz FM0807297024524New (sealed)2,993,93805161297de uk fr
CDSDJ Encore: I See Right Through To You (x3+Video)UK0044001924125New0,991,291200294066us de uk fr
12"DJ G-Force: My Obsession For The UnknownBEKk TraxxKKT010New (not sealed)2,493,253205203108
12"DJ Hooligan (Da Hool): Eichelrück (Thunder Club Mix & Euro Off Beat Mix)GERHool Productions4014235238042New (not sealed)2,493,253205049099us de uk fr
12"DJ Hooligan (Da Hool): Hear You Now (Club Mix 7:55 + Grand Chillas Mix 6:35)GERHool Productions4014235507513New (not sealed)0,991,291205049086us de uk fr
12"DJ Hooligan (Da Hool): World Is Yours - Part 1 + Part 2
BSI 014
GERB-Sides4014235507506New (not sealed)1,992,592505049015us de uk fr
CDDJ Isaac: Under The NeedleDropout4005902627979New (sealed)3,995,25105257375us de uk fr
12"DJ Jeremias: Back To Munich EPGERKlick Records6619560386178New (not sealed)2,493,253205202719us de uk fr
12"DJ Jeridoo: Manok (x2, Incl. Butcher Vs Verfall Remix)GERSturzflug Records4260000820015New (not sealed)1,992,592505047294de uk fr
12"DJ Preach: Performance M.F. EPGERDefault Recordings0661956157011New2,493,253201299493de uk fr
12"DJ Ricardo: Ginzei / Something 4 YaGERID RecordsDMDIDR002New (not sealed)1,692,22205048990
12"Dj Ross: Dreamland (x4, Incl. Starsplash Mix, NC)FRALoud Beats0828765107914New (sealed)2,493,253205104780de uk fr
12"DJ Shah: Riddim (x2, NC)GERZYX0090204925414New (not sealed)1,291,681605257735us de uk fr
CDDj Skip: Life Experiences0718751256828New1,491,941900232343us de uk fr
12"DJ Slip: Empire Digital Ghetto (EP)
Positive Future Children / Nation / Sliptron / Pull Ober Buddy
GERCreation Rebel Recordz0661956511011New1,992,592501318385de uk fr
CDDJ Slip: The Machines Will Know Who You AreGERKanzleramt0718756534327New (sealed)3,494,554501334091de
LP x 2DJ Slip: The Machines Will Know Who You Are
Positive Future Children / Nation / Sliptron / Pull Ober Buddy
GERKanzleramt0661956025914New (cover not perfect)3,494,554501362315de uk fr
LP x 2DJ Slip: The Machines Will Know Who You AreGERKanzleramt0661956025914New (not sealed)5,497,167101362317de uk fr
12" x 4DJ Taucher: Ebbe & Flut (5x 12Inch Box-Set Incl. OIS)GER4014235294123New8,4911,0711005054466us de uk fr
CDSDJ Tomcraft: Brainwashed (Call You x3 )UKData Records5026535016335New0,991,291201211128
12"DJs Unlimited: La Serenissima (x3, incl. Tekkno Trance Mix)DJ's UnlimitedDJ002New (not sealed)0,991,291205257729
CDDr Shingo / Dr. Shingo: EclipseGERTelevision Records0661956529528New (sealed)3,494,554501293072de uk fr
LP x 2Dr Shingo / Dr. Shingo: Eclipse
Braincracker, Braincracker Part 2, Diver, Steppin' Woulf
GERTelevision Records0661956529412New (not sealed)3,995,25101293224de uk fr
12"DR Shingo / Dr. Shingo & Ascii Disko: Chaos Space Marines (4 Track EP From Warhammer 40.000)GERArt Of Perception0661956161216New (sealed)1,992,592501293146de uk fr
12"Dr. Jack Ill & Mr. High End: Mindburse / Planet Phase / OutraseUSAA.S.WASW004New2,493,253201319360
12"Dragan: 75° EPCAAscend RecordingsASC005New (not sealed)2,493,253205202697
12"Drazer, Dylan: On Tilt EPEURAscend Recordings0661956349416New1,491,941901299578de uk fr
12"Duniz & Henrixx: DH1 EP (Fallin / No Fear / Basstard / Wandelt Wut In Widerstand, FLC)GERDekathlon0661956533402New (not sealed)1,491,941905152727de uk fr
12"Duniz & Henrixx: DH2 EP (Freakhou / Fell Das Groove, FLC)GERDekathlon0661956552267New (not sealed)1,491,941905152717de uk fr
12"D-Vision (Techno): Higher (x2)GERNOTHING RECORDSNOTHING001New (not sealed)1,992,592505250205
12"Dylan Rhymes: Dead Famous (2 Track Album Sampler)
A) Sugar DJ Feat. Katherine Ellis / B) New Sun
UKKINGSIZE5034373129667New (not sealed)2,493,253205049530us de uk fr
12"E.H.E. / Electronic Home Entertainment: 24.24
Tracks: Last Flight, Nocturnal, Pretty Bass, Airport
GERFederation Of DrumsNEUM004New1,491,941900294358
12"Electric Envoy: Masterplan / Rotating Circle / Generated MankindGERGenau0661956032615New1,491,941901299867de uk fr
12"Electric Hunter (Feat. Adamantium): Miss Electra (x3)Roca Records4014235237120New (not sealed)1,992,592505250932de fr
12"Ethos & Stormtrooper: Watch Out / Party PeopleUKFuture DanceFD016New (not sealed)1,692,22205061889
12"Exos & Ohm: Balance EPGERTissueSNOT04New (not sealed)2,493,253205202791
12"Exposure (Techno): Peak Experience (x1+2)GERStealth RecordsSTR3392New4,996,516400275118de uk fr
12"Extek / Spiros Kaloumenos / Shaolin: The New Strain Pt. 1UKHydrophonic RecordingsSTRAIN004New1,792,332301304977
12"Fanon Flowers: Detroit Grand PrixGERKonsequentKSQ006New (not sealed)2,493,253205194550
12"Fantastic Djs Vs. Galeria: Another Time (x2, NC)GERDMDFANT00112New (not sealed)1,491,941905290571
12"Ferro: Acuario / Libra (By W.Jörg Henze)GERDanza Electronica4018058155043New1,491,941900294439de uk fr
12"Fischer, Christian & DJ Murphy: Circuito - The Brazilian Connection Vol.2GERGhostline ElectronicsGLE013New (not sealed)2,493,253205204595
12"Flatner & Sloop: The Black AgendaGERBEV Music AG14060026New1,491,941900254049
12"Flinsch, Holger (Holger Flinsch): Ying Yang (& Holger Nielson, NC)GERKiddaz. Fm0807297249613New (not sealed)1,491,941905268249us de uk fr
CDSFlip & Fill: Shooting Star (CD2)UK5037128258001New0,991,291200231789us de uk fr
CDSFlip & Fill: Shooting Star (x3+Video)UK5037128258025New0,991,291200293666us de uk fr
12"Flo (Techno): Cilaos (4 Tracks, Incl. Alex Bau Mix, FLC)GERKiddaz. Fm0807297111217New (not sealed)1,992,592505268189de uk fr
12"Formation Vs Polarisation: Polaris Remixes Series 1
Adam Winick & Jeff Cochran: Format / Caspian Rabone: Polaris
GERPOLARIS0661956505515New1,792,332301300027de uk fr
12"Fuentes, Manuel: Oblivion (x2)GERMinimal Sound Noise0090204681686New (not sealed)3,995,25105249238de fr
CDFuture Breeze: CLUBMIXX 1
Key's & Groove, D-Vektor, Junkfood Junkies Feat. Mc Quest, Monsoon, ...
Friends4017866012586New (not sealed)2,993,93805257374us de uk fr
CDSFuture Breeze: Ocean Of Eternity (x3)UKData Records5026535014430New0,991,291201140741us de uk fr
CDSFutureshock: Pride's ParanoiaUK0724355273604New0,991,291200293486us de uk fr
12"GABRIEL & DRESDEN: Dangerous Power (x2, Feat. Jan Burton, FLC)
Discount Rhinos Dubber Rucky Mix / Kuffdam & Plant Mix
UKORGANIZED NATUREORGN008BNew (not sealed)1,491,941905041762de uk fr
12"GABRIEL & DRESDEN: Dangerous Power (x3, Feat. Jan Burton, FLC)UKORGANIZED NATUREORGN008ANew (not sealed)1,491,941905041766
12" x 2Gadgets, The: On / Off Remixes (FOC)GERELP0824683302516New (not sealed)2,493,253205088974us de uk fr
CDSGamma Loop: Stagmato Seven (x1+3, Inl. 2 Eclipse Mixes)Hyper Hype4017864007058New (not sealed)2,993,93801362471de uk fr
12"Garnier, Laurent: Join Hands - Remixes (x5 Incl. Zoo Mixes)FRACnr Music3383005900528New (not sealed)3,995,25105149249us de uk fr
12"Gecko: Physical Description (x1+2, By W.Jörg Henze)GERFederation Of Drums4018058111100New1,491,941900290123us de uk fr
CDGeneration Aldi: MinisystemGERDekathlon0807297030228New (sealed)2,493,253205152711us de uk fr
LP x 2Generation Aldi: MinisystemGERDekathlon0807297079111New (not sealed)2,493,253205152724de uk fr
12"Generation Next: Ver. Di-Pulse (x2 incl. Club & Progressiv Mix)GER5413356154634New1,491,941900294562us de uk fr
12"Genetic Waste: Palace Of Wisdom (Remix) / Coronation Of The Crow (By Solar Eclipse )GERLet Us Play MusicLP110New (not sealed)2,493,253205204534
CDGf: Electronic Lessons Pt.2EURKk Traxx0728182800323New (sealed)2,493,253201324280us de uk fr
12"Gf: One Minute To Late EpBEKK Records0728182116837New (not sealed)2,493,253205204235uk fr
LP x 2Gf: Planet UniverseBEKk Traxx0728182804833New2,993,93801318214us de uk fr
12"Gideon (Techno): Our House (3 Tracks, PC)UKLoaded5025425407222New (not sealed)1,491,941905268186de uk fr
12"Gizz T.V. / Gizz TV: Shakar (EP, 4 Tracks, White Vinyl)USATemple. Rec.L331265New1,792,332301300078
12"Gold, Alex: Back From A Break / Better Dayz (Saturday Night & Original Mix)UKExtravaganza5038892004849New (not sealed)1,992,592505049030us de uk fr
12"Golden Days (Maral Salmassi & Fabian Stall): Keep It Dry (x3)GERTelevision Records0880319173417New (not sealed)2,493,253205196783de uk fr
12"Golden Days (Maral Salmassi & Fabian Stall): We Deliver Your Demand (We Serve To Survive / Servicecraft)GERTelevision Records0880319187216New (not sealed)3,494,554505195811de uk fr
12"Grim Reaper, The: Wild & Loos (Original Fire Mix & Shockwave's I Smell Smoke Mix)GEREnergized4014235223376New (not sealed)1,491,941905049091de uk fr
12"Heckmann & Gecko: MKS / BseGER4018058111223New1,491,941900276525us de uk fr
CDHenry, Denard: Beautifully Bizarre
Kesselhaus / Distillery / Vibe
12"Henry, Denard: Super Bleifrei EP (Cel-x / Bodum-12 / Nikita (FLC)GERMüller Records4014235233924New (not sealed)2,493,253205053790de uk fr
12"Henze & Dundov: Bamboo / Weird TrainGERFederation Of Drums4018058111230New1,491,941900290097de uk fr
12"Henze, W.Jörg: Bird Strikes EP (Cashback, Bird Strike, Blowgirl)EURAscend Recordings0661956541018New1,792,332301299563us de uk fr
12"Henze, W.Jörg: Forbidden Stuff EPEURDefault Recordings0661956349614New2,493,253201304971de uk fr
LP x 2Henze, W.Jörg: Passengers OnlyGERFederation Of Drums4018058500065New2,493,253200290128us de uk fr
12"HINGE, RICHARD: Against Time / Checkmate / X-TriggerEURConrail0661956534614New1,491,941901299445de uk fr
LP x 2Ho, Oliver: The Soft Machine
A1) The Soft Machine / A2) Changing / B1) Magnify / B2) Burnt Sienna / C1) The Vision Pt.1 / C2) The Vision Pt.2 / D1) Summit / D2) Between
UKMETA0822927011613New (not sealed)3,995,25105047636us de uk fr
12"Hooked (Electro): Now I Get My Kicks (STC)UKElementary GroupLMN005New (not sealed)1,491,941906730607
12" PictureHot Steppaz: Around My Dream (Feat. Silver Pozzoli) (x4,Lim:Ed.500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERDance Street0090204964338New (not sealed)4,996,516405326016us de uk fr
12"Human Resource: Dominator (x4, Incl. Joey Beltram Program 2 RMX)GERLogic4007196148284New (cover not perfect)1,692,22205315631
12"Ice Cream Social: Tracks For Trainers (Woven Air x2)USAPitch Black Rec.0660662652018New (not sealed)2,493,253205257741de uk fr
CDSIntenso Project: Luv Da Sunshine UK5036865003431New0,991,291200293876us de uk fr
12"Interstate: The Sound Of Sundance (x4, Incl. 93er Original Mix)GERDiscomania4014235188248New (not sealed)3,995,25105257734us de uk fr
12"Jabbar: Shame / Let It Go (NC)GERL-Man8271700790696New (not sealed)1,291,681605271933de fr
12"Jam & Spoon: Butterfly Sign (K-Paul Vs Mark Spoon Remix & Thomilla Remix, Promo)GERNew (not sealed)2,993,93805046219
12"JDS: Electrotec Vs Lack Of Love (1 Sided White Label DJ Copy)UKShoe RecordsSHOE7007New (not sealed)1,992,592505051624
12"JDS: The Drummer / Gun Shot Means Rewind
RHYSYN025 - Electro Breakbeat
UKRhythm Syndicate Records5039238065807New (not sealed)1,992,592505049516de uk fr
12"Jeyenne & Marcel Kante: Estelle EPGERRaum RecordsNew (not sealed)2,493,253201320571de uk fr
12"JOHNSON, JOHN: Impact - Record 1 Of 2 (x2, Original + Brancaccio & Aisher Suicide Sports Dub)UKIDJ Records5060003481065New (not sealed)1,992,592505048992us de uk fr
12"Johnson, Lyric : I Come From Vegas (x2+1, FLC)GERKiddaz. Fm0807297096514New (not sealed)1,992,592505268244us de uk fr
12"Jonzon: Cardiological Stomp (x2, Original + Richard Bartz Remix)GERExactaudio0661956608766New (not sealed)1,992,592505050538us de uk fr
12"Kajioka, Ray: Doramu Kompyuta / (E)Motion(Al) Sequent / Mia-Chan / Visual Of LifeGERTelevision Records0807297073614New2,493,253201293164de uk fr
12"Kauffelt, Andreas & Michael Krieg: Virtuality Three (EP, FLC)GERUptownUPTOWN509New1,792,332301319460de uk fr
CDKay Cee: Beg 4 MoreROACH MOTEL0807297033021New (sealed)4,495,855805257397us de uk fr
12"Kaylab: Pray No Pop (x2, Original Mix 6:43 + Reloop Remix 7:31)EUREMI Electrola0724355090362New (not sealed)1,491,941905047641us de uk fr
12"Kerosene (Techno / Breakbeat / Electronica): Like A Ghost (x1+3)GERAthletikkATHL001New (not sealed)2,993,93805178429
12"Killa Productions: Feelin' Acid (3 Track Radio Only DJ Copy)UKK.B. Records IncKB203New (not sealed)2,993,93805050548
CDKillers On The Loose: Temple Of Boom0090204889426New1,491,941900231332us de uk fr
LPKissler, Torsten: Final Excess / Machine RoomPsycho RecordsPSY007New (not sealed)2,493,253205251411
12" PictureKitikonti, Joy: Dirty Summer (x4, Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204921195New (not sealed)2,493,253205327183de uk fr
12"KLF: Justified & Ancient (Vs. Deichkind & M. Schaffhäuser)GERBlaouBLAOU037New (not sealed)2,493,253205085259
12"KLF: Make It Rain / Build A Fire (Glove Mix, Vs. Moritz R., Picture Cover)GERBlaouBLAOU038New (not sealed)1,992,592505081751
12"KMJ: Roads EP (Original Mix) The Act (Original) Sex & Drugs (Original, NC)FRALoud Beats0828765447218New (sealed)2,993,93805105370de uk fr
CDSKOBE, GREG: Essabo / Titanium EP
GERDARK NOIZE0090204840311New (not sealed)1,992,592505293008us de uk fr
12"KOBE, GREG: Essabo / Titanium EPGERDARK NOIZE0090204840304New (not sealed)3,494,554505249236de uk fr
12"Kopfuss Resonator: Fahrenheit 451 / SeriousGERLecker Rec.4036909002889New (not sealed)0,991,291205045943de uk fr
12"Krilo: Already Heared ? (4 Track EP)GERTelevision Records0807297073515New1,992,592501293207de uk fr
CDKruse, Monika: Voodooamt - PanoramaTerminal M0807297001426New (sealed)6,999,119005257398us de uk fr
12"K-Traxx: Hardventure (Technoboy Remix / Original Mix)FRALoud Beats0828765222419New (sealed)3,995,25105105368de uk fr
12"La Puerta: La PuertaMONA01New1,491,941900294516de uk fr
12"Lambart, Michael: Autoagression / Drehknopf / Fliegenpilzsalat / SchmerzgrenzeGERMental Breakdown4014235420010New (not sealed)1,692,22205049449de uk fr
12"Last Rabbit Trace: Rhythem & Glue / Monday To Wednesday / Rhythem & Glue (Edit)GERMOLECULAR RECORDSMOLECULAR01New0,991,291201318420de uk fr
12"Lav, Gigi: Forever Friends (x3) (Meets Ben DJ)NOTHING RECORDS4014235250327New (not sealed)1,992,592505250719de uk fr
CDSLaz.: TomaBEV Music AG4031851998754New0,991,291200254427us de uk fr
12"Lee, Lev: At Night In Ljubljana EP
Godna Panoga, Synthaxis , At Night In Ljubljana
GERForce Inc.0661956213717New2,993,93800275187de uk fr
12" PictureLichtenfels: B-Boys Fly Girls (x3, Picture Disc)GER20010090204921270New (not sealed)1,792,332306125285us de uk fr
12"Lieb, Oliver: Jesus Ist Da ! (Feat. Klaus Kinski, x3, Incl. Club Mix)EURBMG0743219483010New (not sealed)2,493,253205073524us de uk fr
12"Lindrum, Al: Kein Disco (x2, NC)EURGang Go MusicBBLIN001New (not sealed)1,491,941905268206
12"Locutus: Supernatural Pt 1 (Phantom, Wraith, Spectre)GERKonsequent0807297045314New2,493,253201293212de uk fr
12"Lonnberg, Abi: The Funky Side Of Tellus EPUKRiot PlanPLAN002New (not sealed)2,993,93805202749
12"Loopzone: Realtime (Clockwork 96 Mix / Original & Dub Mix, Prod By Mijk V. Dijk)GERGhostline ElectronicsGLE001New (not sealed)1,792,332305049440
12"Lovesky: Runaway (x2, Wally Lopez Dub + Vinny Troia Dub)UKBAROQUEBARQ051New (not sealed)1,992,592505049971
12"MAC, PAUL: The Master (x3, Incl. Hertz & Baffa Remix)UKStimulusSTIM019New (not sealed)2,493,253205061748
12" x 2Malatya 44: Wonderland (x4 Incl. Ayla & DJ Sakin Mix)GERZeitgeist4014235146101New (not sealed)1,491,941900165597us de uk fr
CDMarc Et Claude: You Own The SoundGERAlphabet City0807297015720New (sealed)2,993,93805257390de uk fr
12"Martin & Ralph: Wet (Eyerer & Taucher Mix 9:11Min / Lawrence & Marsh Remix 9:29Min, FLC)GERScuba Records4014235434772New (not sealed)2,493,253205053796de uk fr
12" PictureMassenburg: Music From... (x3, Picture Disc)GER0090204940219New (not sealed)2,493,253205327628de uk fr
12"McDermott, Chance: War Without End
Dog Fight / Resolution / Needing Peace / Don't Hate...Congradulate
GERCreation Rebel Recordz0661956041211New2,493,253201320168de uk fr
12"Members Of Mayday: Prototypes (Original Ext. / Version 1.0 / P's Pro Choice Remix)GERLow Spirit0142353920038New (not sealed)1,992,592505053774us de uk fr
12" PictureMessalla (Techno): Hall Of The Mountain King (x2, Picture Disc)GERLabel / Zyx0090204961047New (not sealed)3,995,25105325632de uk fr
12"Metazone: More 4 This (x2+Future)GERCyclotronLEPTONE4New4,996,516400046988
12" x 2Mikael, Per / Jan Magnus: Per Mikael P (Side A & C) / Jan Magnus (Side B & D)
Do It Again / Meter / Later Tonight / Lembas / Beyond The Next Man / Sounds Throgh My Eyes / Bias / Downhills
GERG-Force RecordsFORCE012New3,995,25101321271
CDSMinimalistix: Close Cover (x3)
UKMinistry Of Sound5026535013235New0,991,291201211574us de uk fr
12"Miss Groovalistic Vs. Miles T.: Flying Circus / We Have (NC)OPYP Records4014235591475New (not sealed)1,291,681605271315de uk fr
12"Moller, Dhyan: Frequency Interference (Original & Remix By DJ Slip)GERCreation Rebel Recordz0661956510939New1,792,332301319476de uk fr
CDSMONA LISA OVERDRIVE: Born To Synthasize (x3)UKPlatipus0698349310722New1,491,941901210862
LP x 2Morgenstern, Christian: CaroleaGERFORTE RECORDS0661956474712New4,996,516405195806de uk fr
CDMorgenstern, Christian: CaroleaFORTE RECORDS0661956475429New (not sealed)3,995,25105195849de uk fr
LP x 2Morgenstern, Christian: CaroleaGERFORTE RECORDS0661956474712New (sealed)6,999,119005256841de uk fr
CDMorgenstern, Christian: HAWAII BLUE (Incl. CD Bonus Tracks !)FORTE RECORDS807297005622New2,493,253201297495
12"Morgenstern, Christian: League / Be Here New ( 3 Tracks)GERCreation Rebel RecordzCR002New2,493,253201318256de uk fr
CDMorgenstern, Christian: Re: Deat Before DiskoGERFORTE RECORDS4017866125132New4,495,855801297407de uk fr
12"Morrice: What Is Techno (Original & A Diff. Way Of Seeing It Mix) / MasterLoop
Incl. Mixes By: Alter Ego, John Tejada, Soulcenter, Neil Landstrumm, Ural 13 Diktators,...
PTGTechworld MusicTW01New2,493,253201318238de uk fr
12"M-Phaser: Duff Beer EPGERTreibsand4014235209875New (not sealed)2,493,253205204244de uk fr
12"Mr. Negative / Liv: More Than A Feeling (x2) / Feel The Love (FLC)GERManthraxx0827170073760New (not sealed)1,491,941905271950de uk fr
CDNeon (Techno): Electronics (1999 Debut CD)CATNR3001New2,493,253200278893de uk fr
12"Next Level (Techno): From Heaven To Hell EpGERPeon0661956210815New (not sealed)2,493,253205202722de uk fr
12"Noia & Cougarr: Thesis E.P. (Prod. By Kaij Juedemann & Cougarr)GERYuukakuNew (not sealed)2,493,253205046179
12"Noise, Chris: Static Noise (Serial Killer / Shape Penetration / StaticGERBypass Records4014235436912New (not sealed)2,993,93805056037de uk fr
12"Northern Lite / Cle & Mike Vamp: Tyranids (4 Track EP From Warhammer 40.000)GERArt Of Perception0661956161117New (sealed)2,493,253201293218us de uk fr
12"Novocoine: Intoxication / IntoxivationGERNeutonNEUM002New1,491,941901300045
CDNuages: Blanc EPFRAF Communications5413356974126New (sealed)2,993,93805261792de uk fr
12"Null: Notzucht /Inzucht/NotdurftForce Inc.4014235265178New4,996,516400275135us de uk fr
12"Oh Sheila: Oh Sheila 2000GERPST006New1,491,941900207999
LP x 2Pacou: RecentGERKonsequent0807297038712New (not sealed)4,996,516401293169de uk fr
12"Paffendorf: Crazy Sexy Marvellous - Vinyl 1GERGanggo5050466078100New (sealed)1,692,22205291551us de uk fr
12"Pajic, Miro: Wired Worlds (x2, FLC)Kiddaz. Fm0807297307115New (not sealed)1,291,681605268199us de uk fr
12"Parrotta, Gianni: Lord Porno (+ Frakmatik Remix) / Tantalos
Incl. 2 Minimal House Tracks
GERThunderground Records0661956174216New2,493,253201320161de uk fr
12"Passengers Only: World Wide Woman / The Depths (By W.Jörg Henze)Federation Of Drums4018058500270New1,491,941900294437us de uk fr
12"Plan B (Techno): Chaos Designer (4 Track E.P.)
A1) Insane 2005 / A2) Vientro / B1) R / B2) Trip
GERANIMAANI01112New (not sealed)1,692,22205062752
12"Plan_B / Plan B: Chaos Designer: Insane 2005 / Vientro / R / Trip (FLC)UKANIMAANI011New (not sealed)1,491,941905041706
12"Plastene: Maybe NakedUKSUBURBIA0800505150015New (not sealed)2,493,253205203111us de uk fr
12"Plastic Angel: Daylight (Remixes, incl. Resistance D Mix)0807297030716New1,692,22201134937us de uk fr
12"Plastic Angel: Pascale RemixesGERWASH4017866125958New1,491,941900289944us de uk fr
12"Polar (Techno): I-The Man / BodynoiseNOTHING RECORDS4014235209189New (not sealed)2,493,253205250782de fr
12"Polytechnique: Worldreset E.P.Salpeter Records0661956434310New (not sealed)2,993,93805202699de uk fr
12"Pozsgay, Olaf & Frank Ellrich: PlasmaticsLuxusLUXUS017New1,491,941900294443
12"Preach: Artika EPEURAscend Recordings0661956349119New2,493,253201299588de uk fr
12"Precious x Project: Dukkha (x2, Incl. Klubbheads Mix)Mo Bizz8714866403128New (not sealed)2,993,93805267436us de uk fr
12"Psi Performer: Art Is A Division Of Pain - Remixed - Part 2
Remixed By: Tom Tyler, Two Lone Swordsmen, Sutekh, Karl O'Connor, Anthony Child,...
EURK2O0661956470615New1,491,941901254036de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Psi Performer: Art Is A Division Of Pain - Remixed 1
Remixed By: Jake Mandell, Solar X, Solvent, Multicast, Plod,..
EURK2O0718756560920New (sealed)1,491,941901253048de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Psi Performer: Art Is A Division Of Pain - Remixed 2
Remixed By: Scorn, Anthony Child, Karl O'Connor, Tom Tyler, Russ Gabriel,...
EURK2O0718756561026New (sealed)1,992,592501254024de uk fr
12"Psilocybin / Oliver Lieb & WJ Henze: Limelight
Remixed By: Two Lone Swordsmen, Thor Thule, Sutekh, Tal, Bochum Welt,...
45Federation Of Drums4015058111338New1,491,941900290102de uk fr
12"Puestel, Rico: Senjor Soldjas / EucharistGERDARK NOIZE0090204836543New (not sealed)3,995,25105249250us de uk fr
CDSPuestel, Rico: Winterkälte / Senjor Soldjas RemixGERDARK NOIZE0090204840298New (not sealed)1,491,941905249694us de uk fr
12"Puestel, Rico: Winterkälte / Senjor Soldjas Remix (FLC)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840281New (not sealed)2,993,93805249248us de uk fr
12"Pulsar (Techno): Biasca (x2, + Friends, FLC, Incl. Goodbye Love Mix)GERPlanet Earth TunesPET002New (cover not perfect)1,291,681605257748
10"Pulsedriver: Cambodia (Club Mix) / Recycle (Club Mix)NOTHING4014235300237New (not sealed)1,992,592505250723us de uk fr
12" x 2Pulsedriver: Sequence (Vinyl 1+2)NOTHING RECORDS4014235134405New (not sealed)4,996,516405250927us de uk fr
12"Pulsedriver: Your Spirit Is Shining Rmx (x2) / Barracuda / PULSENOTHING RECORDS4014235139240New (not sealed)1,992,592505250724us de uk fr
12"Pure Exotica: Liebestraum EP (Prod. By O.Com)
Tracks: The Shove, Morning Bells, Trümmermänner
GERMonostress BlueLIKITB02New1,692,22201299510
12"Quartz (Techno): Techno In E Minor - Remixes EP (Incl. Preach, South Sonik & Human Tech Remix)EURNeuton6619560703654New2,493,253201299438de uk fr
12" PictureQuench: Dreams (x 5 Incl. Original, Lim.Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERHouse Nation0090204930579New (not sealed)3,995,25105325607us de uk fr
CDSR.B.A.: No Alternative (x4+Video)UK0685738913220New0,991,291200322015us de uk fr
12" PictureRamirez: Remix E.P. Part 2 (Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204920754New (not sealed)2,493,253205327194us de uk fr
12" PictureRamirez: Remix EP Part 1 (Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204920747New (not sealed)2,993,93805301803us de uk fr
12"Raver's Nature: Play It Loud (Old School / Nu School Mix) Into The DeepnessGERNextfire4014235398739New (not sealed)1,491,941905055953de uk fr
CD (+Papersleeve)Remus, Marco: PALAZZO Volume OneTCLASSIX0807297033229New (sealed)4,495,855805257391us de uk fr
CDRemus, Marco: Stunde Eins - DJ MIX
18 Tracks By: Thomas Schumacher, DJ Rush, DJ Mahatma, Marco Rmus, Andreas Kremer, Johannes Heil,…
GERKiddaz. Fm0807297066722New (sealed)1,491,941905161324us de uk fr
CDSRezonanced Q: Someday (x3)EUR5037128266020New0,991,291201211324us de uk fr
12"Richard, Patrick: New Positiions EP (4 Tracks, NC)CADeep Departures RecordingsDD004New (not sealed)2,493,253205271322
12"Riffraff: Accelerator EP (4 Tracks)
A1) Speed Limit / A2) Temp / B1) Green / B2) Backseatact
GERShokoySHOK98013New (not sealed)1,792,332305063079
12"Rios, Henze: Te Quiero (Deep & Main Mix)GERFederation Of DrumsLIONELVP1New1,491,941900290114
12"Rios, Toni: Ritmo Total - Remixes (x3)GERFederation Of Drums4018058155036New1,491,941900290110de uk fr
12"Riva (Dance): Who Do You Love Now ? (Feat. Dannii Minogue, Ext. Vocal/Original/Tall Paul RX)Double F Double R0809274276407New (not sealed)1,992,592505104554us de uk fr
12" x 2Rubberneck (Techno): Pot - Remixes (Incl. Original Version & Christian Morgenstern Mix)GERKonsequentKSQ007New (not sealed)3,995,25105194555
12"Rykkk's: Electryk FM (x1+2, Incl. Scan X Remix, NC)UKBrother RecordsBR02New (not sealed)1,992,592505257705
12"S.A.B.R.A.H.: Fantasy (Feat. Marvine G.)(x3)GEREnergized4014235223321New1,491,941900207997us de uk fr
12"S.R.I. (Reinhard Voigt): Cars And Girls (3 Versions, FLC)GERForce Inc.0661956213311New4,996,516401318241de uk fr
12"S.R.I. (Reinhard Voigt): Energie UKForce Inc.0661956210112New (not sealed)3,494,554500275180de uk fr
12"S.R.I. (Reinhard Voigt): Trax Pt. 1 (FLC)GERForce Inc.4018333622116New4,996,516400275056de uk fr
12"S.R.I. (Reinhard Voigt): Trax Pt.2Force Inc.4018333622185New2,493,253200275164us de uk fr
12"Salzmann, Patrick & Markus Lücking: Lower LevelGERLuxusLUXUS014New1,491,941900294468
12"Sanders, Kean: HaDisko / Real Fukkers (FLC)GERDekathlon0661956609565New (not sealed)1,792,332305152722de uk fr
12" PictureScared To Death: Boy Megamix Vol.1 / Falling (Lim:Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERBoy Records0090204829347New (not sealed)2,493,253205327187us de uk fr
12"Schiller: Dancing With Loneliness (feat. Kim Sanders, x1+1)
A) York Remix 10:15 / B) Das Glockenspiel - Schill-Out Fassung 5:33
Zeitgeist0731458735311New (not sealed)2,993,93805204590us de uk fr
12"Schneider, Dirk: Watch Out Boy / FreshGERTelevision Records0661956501012New (not sealed)1,992,592505195808de uk fr
CDSScooter: Nessaja (x4)GER4029758421659New0,991,291200322226us de uk fr
12"Sebastian: Toccata - Remixes (x2)NOTHING RECORDS4014235188057New (not sealed)2,493,253205251395de fr
12"Sebastian: Toccata (Club Mix / Extended Mix)NOTHING RECORDS4014235188811New (not sealed)1,992,592505250727de uk fr
12"Secam: TV Education (4 Track EP)GERKonsequentKSQ25New2,493,253201293188
12"Shama, Asem: CodejunkiesGERGhostline ElectronicsGLE011New (not sealed)1,992,592505277496
12"Shama, Asem: PI (Remixes)UKGhostline ElectronicsGLE008ANew (not sealed)2,493,253205204597
12"SHEK, KRYSTIAN: Check One EPGERZoll RecordingsZOLL01New (not sealed)2,493,253205055963
12"Sick Joke: Pill Monster / This SoundUKMixmaster RecordsMIX014New (not sealed)1,792,332305057345
12"Silver, John: Come On Over (Silver's Main Club Mix / Second Silver's Mix)FRA0602498095041New (sealed)2,493,253205246089de uk fr
12"SKI, MIKE: Welcome (Original Mix / Pinball Mix)Roca Records4014235209202New (not sealed)2,993,93805250183de
7"Skylab: The Viper / FragmentUKTUCH080New (cover not perfect)1,291,681606789100
12"Sluts'n'Strings: In Your Pretty Face - Remixes (Feat. 909, Hardy Hard + Laurent Wolf Remixes)Technothing4014235417263New (not sealed)1,992,592505250784de uk fr
12"Sluts'n'Strings: In Your Pretty Face (Feat. 909, Original + 4 Funky Remix)Technothing4014235417218New (not sealed)2,493,253201225375de uk fr
12"Snakecharmer (Techno): Serpent EP (V5 - V8)GERTrope Rec.TROPE033New (not sealed)2,493,253201319471de uk fr
12"Soul Preacher: Drop Out EPGERKonsequentKSQ26New1,992,592501293180de fr
12"Soundbox: Boneyard (x2, Incl. Terry Francis Mix, NC)UKEye 4 SoundES010New (not sealed)1,992,592505257742
12"Soundtank: Cultivator EPUKJeneticJENVR008New (not sealed)2,493,253205203080
12"Sowjet: Kreuzzug (5 Track EP)
Kreuzzug Andacht Erlösung Mariahilf Part 1 Mariahilf Part 2
ATFön RecordsFON12New (not sealed)1,692,22205053783
12"Space Frog: Follow Me (Derb Remix / Shockwave Remix / Space Runner Mix)GERSony0828765115018New (sealed)3,494,554505104839de uk fr
CDSSpoiled & Zigo: More & More (x3)UKManifesto0731456288222New0,991,291200293790us de uk fr
12"Spytraxx: Touch You (x3, Incl. Harris & Brooks Remix)KombinatKOMBINAT004New (not sealed)1,992,592505268217
12"Star, Holgi (Holgi Star): Big Nut Tree (4 Tracks, Feat. Andomat 3000, FLC)GERKiddaz. Fm0807297279719New (not sealed)1,992,592505268190us de uk fr
CDStar, Holgi (Holgi Star): StarwarsGERKiddaz. Fm0807297075816New (sealed)2,493,253205161298de uk fr
12"Starlight, John: Deep Down (Original / Golden Days Remix)GERTelevision Records0880319175718New (not sealed)3,494,554505195799de uk fr
CDStarlight, John: Rip It !
Incl. Zauberstab Der Liebe, Blood Angels,...
GERTelevision Records0661956170720New (sealed)4,996,516401293138de uk fr
12"Starlight, John: Zauberstab Der Liebe / Cashmoney
Original Written By Zaza
GERTelevision Records0807297073416New (not sealed)2,493,253205194545de uk fr
12"Step Color: Vaga General (x1+3)FRAFiat Lux Records0724354976469New (sealed)2,493,253205203428de uk fr
LP x 2Stereo Jack: StereophonieGERBash4014235435779New (not sealed)2,993,93805049113de uk fr
12"Stevo: By My Side (x4, Incl. Club Mix)DJs Present5413356172836New1,491,941900206762us de uk fr
12"Submode: Killed In Action EP (W & P. By W.J. Henze)
Killed In Action / Yakusi / Angel City / Alive
GERANIMAANIMA012New (not sealed)1,992,592505057924
12"Sunday On Weed: Sweet Bird Of Truth / Out Of Time (Mainhatten Mix)/Muddy Mony/Old School House
Ex Harthouse & R&S (DJ Pit)
GERAmbience RecordsAMBIENCE5New (not sealed)4,996,516405162261
12"TakBam: Elektronische Tanzmusik / Untitled / Small Beats / Cherry Blossom Dub, FLC)EURLow Spirit0743215967118New (not sealed)2,493,253205051414us de uk fr
CDTelevision Overdose: Terrestrial Broadcast v2.USAInvisible7376426002229New (cut out)1,291,681600277071us de uk fr
12"Tessier - Ashpool: Cardi (x1+2, FLC)UKLoaded5025425002366New (not sealed)1,992,592506693291
CDST-Factory: Message In A Bottle
Eng 047
UK5036865003066New0,991,291200322176us de uk fr
12"THREE DRIVES: Greece 2000 - Limited Edition (DJ Chus/Original & DJ Chus Instrumental Rework)SPABlanco Y Negro8421597044185New (not sealed)3,995,25105154776de fr
12"Three 'N One (Techno): Reflect 2003 - Vol.2 (x2, Incl. Acrylite Mix)GERLow Spirit0828765265515New (not sealed)2,493,253205109574de uk fr
12"TokTok / Domink Schuster / Claus Bachor / Marc Miroir: Asozial / Valvetronic / Wet Job / BirdcageGERGroovezeugtraegerGZT001New (not sealed)1,792,332305056010
12"Tokyo Dance Kids: Ichi Ichi (x4, FLC)ICHIBAN4014235280225New (not sealed)1,992,592505267444us de uk fr
12"Torul W: Discreamer (Rawkit & Transtek Mix) Start Like This (HardyHard's Rockmix)Low Spirit0828765722117New (not sealed)2,993,93805104822de uk fr
12"Torul W: Start Like This (x3 Incl. Hardy Hard Mix, WL-Promo)GERLow SpiritLSTW02New (not sealed)2,993,93805156608
12"Tox N Stone: Spirit Is Free (x4, Incl. Talla 2XLC Club Mix)GERPSYCHO ACOUSTICAL ENGINEERING4014235176726New (not sealed)1,792,332305046165us de uk fr
12"Trancesetters: Synergy - Disc 2 (John Graham's Quivver Mix + Original Mix)UKHooj Choon5016555160736New (not sealed)1,992,592505053661
12"Trancesetters: The Saga - Disc 2 (x2, Andy Jarrod Vs Freeloader Mix + Drax & Gooding Mix)UKHooj Choon5037454977164New (not sealed)2,493,253205053671us de uk fr
CDSTransfer: Possession (x4)UKMultiply5033222500510New0,991,291200285244us de uk fr
12"Transit (Techno): Hypnotic Harmony (x3, incl. DJ Shah Remix)5413356797930New1,491,941900184306us de uk fr
12"Tres Brasilieros, Los: I See The Future / Noites (Asem Shama Remix) / NoitesGERGhostline ElectronicsGLE012New (not sealed)1,792,332305048984
12"Tribe, Eddy: Anabolic EP
Original Mix, Teses Mix, Lars Klein & Norman Bates Mix
EURSchallmauerSM05New (not sealed)1,992,592505053700
CD (Digipak)Trike: INTERFLUGUSABpitch Control0661956664526New (not sealed)1,992,592505026994
CDSTrinity-X: Forever (x3)UK5037128255024New0,991,291200293672us de uk fr
CDTube-Tech: RAWT:CLASSIXX0807297059120New (sealed)3,995,25105257348us de uk fr
12"Turquoise [Salz]: Dedication (Salz, Modernist, Razoof Remix)GERSalz-Music0661956442810New (not sealed)2,493,253205290879de uk fr
12"Turquoise [Salz]: Mathilde / My French Cousin / Plastique / Girlfriend (Salz 013)GERNeuton0661956488115New2,493,253201299549de uk fr
CDSUhrmacher, Tillmann: Free (x4+1, Incl. Talla 2XLC Mix, Feat. Peter Ries)Fog Area Records4005902618090New (not sealed)1,992,592505254575us de uk fr
12"Uhrmacher, Tillmann: Friends - Remixes (x2)GERFog Area Records4014235417201New (not sealed)1,692,22205271198us de uk fr
12"Uhrmacher, Tillmann: Friends (x2, Contact Club Mix 7:26 + Vampires On Mars Remix 7:14)GERFog Area Records4014235416594New (not sealed)2,493,253205250740us de uk fr
LP x 2Underworld: Beaucoup Fish (FOC)5033197054315New (sealed)4,495,855805042220us de uk fr
12"Vadok: Rage 1990 E.P. (x2, NC)SumplusVADOK001New (not sealed)1,992,592505257718
12"Vadz: Rust-Off / PunktireGERTelevision RecordsTELE017New (not sealed)2,493,253205195802
12"Vadz: Spider Man EP
Abstraction, Spider Man, Monster Zink, Sweet Disco
GERTelevision Records0661956500916New2,493,253201293222de uk fr
12" x 2Vallero, Damon: Good Scene EP
The Start Of It / One Moment / Quirtek Robotics / Metro Jazz
EURDefault Recordings0661956349768New3,995,25101299548de uk fr
12" PictureVan Dansk, Ole: Leave 2Day (Vs. Danny Age) (x2, Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204837380New (not sealed)2,493,253205325628us de uk fr
12" PictureVan Gogh, Niels: Bombs Away (Club / Filippo DJ Naughty Moscatello Remix) (Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204836703New (not sealed)2,993,93805326022de uk fr
12" PictureVan Gogh, Niels: Don't Be Afraid Of Tomorrow - Remixes (x4, Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204835553New (not sealed)2,493,253205325626us de uk fr
12" PictureVan Gogh, Niels: One Way Out (x4, Picture Disc)GERPhobos0090204919833New (not sealed)2,993,93805325616de uk fr
12"Varela, Christian: Intecnique .02 (3 Track Album Sampler)
A) Transformation / B1) Metropolis / B2) Lunar Wave
UKINTEC6896291148644New (not sealed)1,992,592505050626de uk fr
12"Verfall, Der: Vater Unser (x3, STC)GERDaam Recordings0639842987608New (not sealed)1,491,941905257740us de uk fr
12"Vigipirate: Summer Games EPUKBeautiful Sounds Recordings 5060064420003New (not sealed)2,493,253205202705de fr
12"Virtual Vibes: Graveyard / Dirty BitchGERNOTHING RECORDS4014235236222New (not sealed)2,493,253205250210de uk fr
12"Visa (Techno): All Of My Life (x4, Incl. Original Hardcore Mix)
A1) Original Hardcore Mix / A2) Joey Riot Hardcore Remix / B1) Charlie G Vocal Remix / B2) Visa Treatment Mix
UKPower Station Records5025375107500New (not sealed)1,792,332305050615us de uk fr
LP x 2Visco Space: CLASS OF 84 (Written & Prod. By Christian Morgenstern)GERKonsequent0807297007411New (not sealed)4,495,855801293226de uk fr
CDVisco Space: The Class Of '840807297003925New (sealed)1,792,332301293060
12"Vitali (Hardcore): Robber Dance (x1+3, NC)GERDance Ecstasy 2001DE2059New (not sealed)1,992,592500275157de uk fr
12"Vries, Jurgen: The Opera Song (Brave New World) 8Extended Mix / Dub)UKDirection Records5099767362464New (not sealed)2,493,253205246097de fr
12"W.A.S. / WAS: Electric Dancing (x1+2, NC)GERDMD0828767119311New (not sealed)1,491,941905267414us de uk fr
12"W.O.S.P.: GETTIN INTO U (x2, Incl. Faithless Remix)GERMinistry Of SoundSUMOPR03New (not sealed)3,995,25101346004
CDWax, Tom: Tom Wax Mix Trax
Phuture Wax CD 003
Phuture Wax4017866960030New (not sealed)1,992,592505205880us de uk fr
CDWelt In Scherben: Welt In Scherben 1-5
Thomas P. Heckmann Produktion
Force Inc.0718750444028New6,999,119000274831us de uk fr
12"Wesenberg, Eric: Amazing Discoveries 2
Thomas P. Heckmann Produktion
Force Inc.4014235013373New4,996,516400275132us de uk fr
12"Wesenberg, Eric: Re Amazed 4014235041932New (not sealed)2,493,253205277507de uk fr
12"Westbam: Recognize (Tobi Neumann's Nu Skool Remix, NC)Low Spirit0743219904010New (not sealed)1,491,941905268195us de uk fr
12" x 3Westbam: Right On (Battle Vinyl Duplate Mixes)0743219575913New (not sealed)6,999,119005057358us de uk fr
12"Wildchild Experience, The: Bring It On Down (x2, C. Fischer Mix, FLC)UKLoadedLOAD123New (not sealed)1,692,22206694260
LP x 2Williams, Mark (Techno): A Point In Time
INGOMA LP001 - A1) Pump Me / A2) Tec Man / B1) Back In The Day / B2) Generation 6 / C1) Little Kiss / C2) You're My Star / D1) Two / D2) Rock 2
UKIngoma0824683304411New (not sealed)3,494,554505047629us de uk fr
CDWittekind, Sven: SEVEN DEADLY SINST:CLASSIXX0807297060928New (sealed)3,995,25105257387us de uk fr
12"WJH: Groundcontrol / Quiver / DevelopGERSupersonic Combustion4018058950020New (not sealed)1,692,22205041763de uk fr
12"WJH: Industrial Target / Survivals Of The FittestEURSupersonic Combustion4018058950044New (not sealed)1,792,332305041750us de uk fr
12"Wjh_Sebbo: Harmonix / Beauty Woman (By W.Jörg Henze)GERFederation Of Drums4018058111285New1,491,941900290103de uk fr
12"W-Moon: Envisionary Ep (All Prod. By Tomoki Tsukamoto)
Top Of Bottom / Kurama / Flowing Out
47Metro Juice Rec.MJR002New2,493,253201228922
CDSWoods, Michael: Solex (Close To The Edge, x4)UKFree2Air4029758503553New0,991,291201211889de uk fr
12"Xavier, Tim: Shades Of Emotions EPEURAscend Recordings0661956191404New2,493,253201299887de uk fr
CDSX-Cabs: Neuro 2005 (X-Cabs Vs. Riddler & Headcrusher)GERDARK NOIZE0090204836789New (not sealed)2,493,253205249689us de uk fr
12"Zander, Chris: Monkey Island / Richie Zander / Hard BoiledGERBasic PatternBPATT05New (not sealed)1,792,332305062702
12"Zander, Chris: Snarekillers EP (Snarekillers From Space +2, NX)GERBasic PatternPATTERNS04New (not sealed)1,992,592505257732
12"Zentz, Bryan: Redfield (Electric Gender Mix) / Asphalt
Tech House
UKINTEC0689629112563New (not sealed)2,493,253205051549us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Zombie Nation: Absorber (Multi-FOC)GERDekathlon4042564025170New (not sealed)1,491,941905152712us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Zombie Nation: Absorber (Multi-FOC)GERDekathlon4042564025170New (sealed)1,992,592505152710us de uk fr
Club: Trance
12" Picture4 DIAMONDS: Doamond Twins (x4, Picture Disc, Lim.Ed. 500 Copies)GERTECTRAX0090204681006New (not sealed)1,992,592505325619us de uk fr
12"80 U-MA: Phuture Dreams (x1+3)GERFog Area RecordsFOG003New (not sealed)2,493,253205250211
12"Act, The: Somerthing About U - Remixes (x3)NOTHING RECORDS4014235230633New (not sealed)1,992,592505250711us de uk fr
12"Alpha Beats: ABS Series Gold Vol.II (Stick Lights x3, FLC)EURStrike RecordsSTRASG1202New (not sealed)1,692,22205291492
12"Amex (Trance): Back In The Sun (Saint Rush Remix / Original Mix)GERDARK NOIZEDNB202312New (not sealed)2,993,93805249242
12"Amnesia, Jose: Hentai Fog Area Records4014235180525New (not sealed)2,993,93805250233de fr
12"Amnesia, Jose: Last Sunset In Ibiza (x2, DJ Jo Vs. Tibby Remix/Island Of Dreamix)GERFog Area Records4014235209172New (not sealed)1,992,592505250207de uk fr
12"Aqualoop: Twilight Zone (x3 Incl. Original Version) GERFog Area RecordsFOG005New (not sealed)4,495,855805250201
12"Aqualoop: Vol.2 - (Get Naughty / Voices 97 / The Aquanaut)Fog Area Records4014235236413New (not sealed)3,995,25105251382de uk fr
12"Aqualoop: Vol.2 - Remixes (Get Naughty / Aquanaut)GERFog Area Records0043396289512New (not sealed)16,9922,1522005250180us de uk fr
12"Astral Inc.: It Feels So Great (x2 Incl. Original Mix)Fog Area Records4014235236888New (not sealed)2,493,253201291372de uk fr
12"Astral Inc.: Remember Fog Area Records4014235188866New (not sealed)2,493,253205250161us de uk fr
12"Astral Inc.: Remember - Remixes (Pulsedriver Mix / Essential Mix)Fog Area Records4014235180556New (not sealed)4,996,516405250783us de uk fr
12"Astroline: Feel The Fire (x2)GERDoma4014235236901New (not sealed)2,493,253205250709
12"ATFC & Knight, Mark: Desire (x2, Presents Tracer, NC)UKToolroom RecordsTRACER001New (not sealed)2,993,93805257701
12"Atomic Alliance: The Countdown (Original Mix / Trance Generation Remix)Case RecordsCASERECORDS004New (not sealed)2,493,253205250710
12"BAILAY, PIT: Solarfire / China Vibes (Vs. DJ Lllördy)GERFog Area Records4014235083918New (not sealed)2,493,253205250730de fr
12"Base Attack: Nobody Listens To Techno (Original Mix / Flashrider Remix)GEREMI0724355256263New (not sealed)1,491,941905046236us de uk fr
12" PictureBazzmorph: Nymphomaniac (Oral Version / No Oral Version) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204968794New (not sealed)2,993,93805248350us de uk fr
12"Beatmachine: Move U Around (x3)GERDoma4014235236925New (not sealed)2,493,253205250163de fr
12"Black Spider: Save Your Life ! (x4 Incl. DJ Tom-X Mix)GERNOTHING RECORDS4014235180549New (not sealed)1,992,592505250748us de uk fr
12"Bodolino: I Will Die 4 UFog Area Records4014235416532New (not sealed)2,493,253205250735de fr
12"Boist, Daniel: Sun Gate (x3)Fog Area RecordsFOG002New (not sealed)2,493,253200297788
12" x 2Boist, Daniel / 80 U-MA: Sun Gate / Phuture Dream (Incl. FOG002+FOG003)Fog Area RecordsFOGLTD001New (not sealed)7,9910,4210305250242
12"B-Pump: Can't Stop (x2 Incl. Original Mix)GERNOTHING RECORDS4014235083932New (not sealed)2,493,253205250167us de uk fr
12"Brown, Scott: Ecstasy / You Got The ChanceGERFog Area Records4014235264591New (not sealed)2,493,253201362658de uk fr
12" PictureBURTON, RAY / TITUS: BaRock Me (x4, Lim. Ed. 1000 Copies, Picture Disc))GERMedia Records0090204840472New (not sealed)2,493,253205248330us de uk fr
12"C.A.L.II Project, The: Provide / Phase The BaseGERFog Area Records4014235208809New (not sealed)2,993,93805250202de fr
12"C.M (CM): Love Vibration (x2+1)GERFog Area Records4014235188583New (not sealed)1,992,592505250785de uk fr
12"C.M (CM): Sensation - Remixes (x5 Incl. Marino Stephano Mix)GERFog Area Records4014235176610New (not sealed)2,493,253205250193us de uk fr
12"C.M (CM): Sensation / Golden City / Love ToyFog Area Records4014235209103New (not sealed)2,493,253205250758us de uk fr
12"Chekow: Dreamworks (x3)Trance Chip4014235265765New (not sealed)1,992,592505250721de fr
12"Clark, Steve (Trance): Break Out (x2)Shogun Records4014235186749New (not sealed)2,493,253205250239us de uk fr
12"Clas, Michael: Vibration (x2 Incl. NBG Remix, +1)Alaska DeepAD96001New (not sealed)2,493,253205250197
12"Concentration Two: U Don't (x2)Trance Chip4014235236475New (not sealed)2,493,253205250178de fr
12"Copiloten: Der Absturz / From Now OnGERFog Area Records4014235188859New (not sealed)2,493,253205250196us de uk fr
12"Cosmo & Tom: Song Of Liberation / Waves Of InfinityFog Area Records4014235111024New (not sealed)1,992,592500275964de uk fr
12"Cydon: Crying Angel / I'm JammingGERFog Area Records4014235333914New (not sealed)2,493,253205250192us de uk fr
12"Dave 202: Living On The Edge / The Klammt / Fly My FriendsGERShogun Records4014235175200New (not sealed)1,992,592505251398us de uk fr
12"Dave 202: Timemachine (Original Mix / Zeitloch Mix, FLC)GERTrancetown8022090109465New (not sealed)1,491,941905053772us de uk fr
12"Dee Mark (Trance): Destiny / StringsFog Area Records4014235417294New (not sealed)2,493,253205250780de uk fr
12"Dee Mark (Trance): Seven Days & One Week / SuperflightGERFog Area Records4014235416501New (not sealed)2,493,253205250755us de uk fr
12"Dee-La: Wake Up / If You Can (FLC)
Tech House
GERUnderworld Recordings4032683502041New (not sealed)1,992,592505046200us de uk fr
12"Dirt Bros: 31 Seconds (x3, Original/Bros In Dirt Mix/Baow Baow Mix, FLC)GERFog Area Records4014235175255New (not sealed)2,493,253205250786us de uk fr
12"DJ Arabesque: The Vision - Remix (Mix 2 / Bass Control, Aka Mario Piu )GERMedia RecordsNew (not sealed)1,491,941905054469
12"DJ Badcho Vs.Steve Handrixx: The Storm Is Over You Fog Area Records4014235181355New (not sealed)2,493,253201232747de uk fr
12"DJ E.B.O.: Me Gusta / The GuitarShogun Records4014235265673New (not sealed)2,493,253205250230de fr
12"DJ Exelios Vs. Shivan: Deeper (x2, Incl. Lady Tom Mix, FLC)Affix Records AFFIX022New (not sealed)1,291,681605257691
12"DJ Fog: My Dream (x2, DJ Snowman RMX 6:11 + DJ Jo RMX 6:29)GERFog Area Records4014235264393New (not sealed)2,493,253205250773de uk fr
12"DJ Fog: Sweet Sugar (x2, Original Mix + Pitman Remix)GERFog Area Records4014235188842New (not sealed)2,493,253205250791us de uk fr
12"Dj Foxx: Goliath Revenge (x3 Incl. Original Version)Fog Area Records4014235265956New (not sealed)2,493,253205250770de uk fr
12"DJ Jo: Progressive (x2)Fog Area RecordsFOG050New (not sealed)1,992,592505250714
12" x 2DJ Jo: Sweat Dreams (x5, Incl. Hard Club Mix)GERFog Area Records4014235003329New (not sealed)3,995,25101144215de uk fr
12"DJ Jo Vs Tibby: Wave Bells (Original Mix/ Pulsedriver Mix)GERFog Area Records4014235083925New (not sealed)3,494,554505250240de fr
12"DJ Jo Vs Tom-X: Eternal Spirit (DJ Tom-X Club Mix / DJ JO Clubmix)GERFog Area Records4014235417904New (not sealed)4,996,516405250774de uk fr
12"DJ Jo Vs Tom-X: Happiness (Club Mix / Trance Mix)4014235134351New (not sealed)2,493,253205250745us de uk fr
12"DJ Jo Vs Tom-X: This Is Your Fantasy (Club Mix / Electro Mix)NOTHING RECORDS4014235416518New (not sealed)2,493,253205250933us de uk fr
12"DJ Jo Vs Tom-X: U Got It (x2, Clubmix, Shortmix)NOTHING RECORDS4014235180587New (not sealed)2,493,253205250924de
12"Dj Julio: La Musica (x2; FLC)Fog Area Records4014235236420New (not sealed)2,493,253205251379
12"Dj Julio: Resident Of This World GERFog Area Records4014235265109New (not sealed)3,494,554501362627us de uk fr
12"Dj Julio: The Concept Fog Area Records4014235209615New (not sealed)4,495,855805250725de fr
12"DJ Loop: Energie (Original Mix / Mass In Orbit RMX)GERShogun Records4014235368992New (not sealed)9,9913,0212905250172us de uk fr
12"DJ Loop: Subliminal Tango (x2)FRAUniversal0602498097694New (sealed)1,992,592505257200de uk fr
12"DJ Oliver De Soto: Confusion / Summer Of 1992Trance Chip4014235265734New (not sealed)2,493,253205250728de fr
12"DJ Oliver De Soto: Fellow Americans (x2)Trance Chip4014235236932New (not sealed)1,992,592505251376de fr
12"DJ Passion: Cabal (Club Mix / Extended)GERShogun Records4014235416563New (not sealed)1,992,592505250931us de uk fr
12"DJ Passion: Tha-P-Anthem / Guardian AngelGERShogun Records4014235186756New (not sealed)2,993,93801240237de uk fr
12"DJ Philip: All Night Long (x3)Fog Area Records4014235175262New (not sealed)2,493,253205250238us de uk fr
12"DJ Philip: Eternally (x3, Ext. Instrumental/M.I.K.E. RMX/Moon Project RMX, FLC)GERFog Area Records4014235209165New (not sealed)2,493,253205250231de uk fr
12"DJ Philip: Heaven (x3)Fog Area Records4014235261385New (not sealed)2,493,253205250227de fr
12"DJ Philip: Reach Out Ep2 (x3)Fog Area Records4014235236239New (not sealed)2,493,253205250713de uk fr
CDSDJ Philip: Too Deep (x1+2)Fog Area Records4014235261033New (not sealed)0,991,291205254577de uk fr
12"DJ Snowman: Evolution (Trance Mix/Raymix)GERFog Area Records4014235188194New (not sealed)2,493,253201364305de uk fr
12" PictureDj Sputnik: Africa (x3, Picture Disc)GERTerapia0090204835652New (not sealed)2,493,253205327177us de uk fr
12"DJ Yanny & The Paragod: Initialize Remixes (x3,DJ Framic Remix, Gary D./ Doctor Z RMX, Cocooma RMX)GERFog Area Records4014235187531New (not sealed)5,997,817700153287us de uk fr
12"D-Lution: Galaxy Of Time / SelbsterkennungFog Area Records4014235111055New (not sealed)2,493,253205250776us de uk fr
12"Doggystyle: The Fly NOTHING RECORDS4014235265659New (not sealed)2,493,253205250720de uk fr
12"Dominators: Jump (Extended / Club)NOTHING RECORDS4014235417256New (not sealed)9,9913,0212905250169us de uk fr
12"Don Esteban: Turn Me On / X-StaticGERNOTHING RECORDS4014235188590New (not sealed)6,999,119005250171de uk fr
12"DRIFTDREAMER: The First Flight (x2)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840175New (not sealed)4,495,855805249247de uk fr
CDSDRIFTDREAMER: The First Flight (x3)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840182New (not sealed)0,991,291205249688us de uk fr
12"DT8 feat. Roxanne Wilde: Destination (BK Remix & BK Vocal Mix)UK0809274945105New1,491,941900290113us de uk fr
12"D-WAVE: Why Can't We (DJ Session One Vocal Mix / Non Vocal Club Mix)
Top Act From Sweden !
GERTrianon Records4025858014098New (not sealed)1,992,592505046194us de uk fr
12"EARTHBOUND (Trance): No Longer / SubstanceGERTrance Chip4014235265758New (not sealed)4,996,516405250214de fr
12"El Sueno: Dear Jessie 2002 ( Clubversion / Technomachine Clubmix)4014235416570New (not sealed)2,493,253205250737de
12"Elastica (Dance): La Santa (x3, FLC)GERNOTHING RECORDS4014235181348New (not sealed)2,493,253201224649us de uk fr
12"Emperor (Trance): Vol.6 (You My Desire, x2 Original Mix/Club Mix)GERTrance Chip4014235236949New (not sealed)2,493,253201366499de uk fr
12"Encore!: Le Solei Noir (Tandu Mcloud Remix / Original 7 & 12Inch Version + Yanou Remix )GERX-It4029758139707New (not sealed)1,792,332305053768de uk fr
12"Energy Zone: Times Of Your Life (Incl. Gary D. & DJ High-Ko Remix)Fog Area Records4014235236277New (not sealed)2,993,93800103912de fr
12"Estelle (Jeyenne & Marcel Kante): Estelle E.P.EstelleNew (not sealed)2,493,253205203092
12" PictureETHNIC COLOURS: Mystic Around The World 1 (2 Tracks, Picture Disc, Lim.Ed. 500 Copies)GERTECTRAX0090204841844New (not sealed)2,493,253205326028us de uk fr
12"F.A.Y.: Magic Sirene (DJ Fog Mix / Original Mix)Fog Area Records4014235118320New (not sealed)1,992,592505250198us de uk fr
12"F.A.Y.: Seawolf (x2, Original / Blue Ocean Remix, FLC)GERFog Area Records4014235265604New (not sealed)2,493,253205250775de
12" PictureFERRARI, PEDRO: Way Of Love (x4 Incl. Original Mix) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204681105New (not sealed)4,996,516405248343us de uk fr
12"Fingers Burnt: Squat Thrust (One-Sided, Blue Vinyl)UKFingers BurntSQUAT0001New (not sealed)2,493,253205204259
CDSFIRESTORM / ALLEN, STEVE: Titicaca / Rapture / ExposureGERDARK NOIZE0090204842148New (not sealed)1,992,592505249695us de uk fr
12"FIRESTORM / ALLEN, STEVE: Titicaca / Rapture / ExposureGERDARK NOIZE0090204842131New (not sealed)2,993,93805248315us de uk fr
12" PictureFirst Trance Opera Of The World: Your Only Motions (x4, Picture Disc)GERDARK NOIZE0090204922178New (not sealed)2,493,253205327193de uk fr
12"Fly, Peter: Oriental Dream - Remixes (x4)Fog Area Records4014235237281New (not sealed)1,992,592501142534us de uk fr
12"Fly, Peter: Oriental Dream (x3)GERFog Area Records4014235236864New (not sealed)2,493,253205250759de uk fr
CDSFragma: Say That You're Here (CD1)UK5099767209523New0,991,291200322126us de uk fr
CDSFragma: Say That You're Here (CD2)UKGanggo5099767209554New0,991,291200322131us de uk fr
CDSFRAME (Trance): Democracy (Original Mix / Domenique Remix / Radio Edit)GERDARK NOIZE0090204828401New (not sealed)-1-1,3-1305292972us de uk fr
12"Framic: Passion Of Harmony (x2) (Meets Dopey Clay)Trance Chip4014235083956New (not sealed)1,992,592500320754de uk fr
12"Frank M.: EP (Control / Ein Und 40 Fieber / PetBox)GERNOTHING RECORDSNOTHING004New (not sealed)1,992,592505250208
12"G.D.: Destiny (x2, GD's Vocal Mix 9:31 + GD's Instrumental 9:31)UKIDJ Records5060003481669New (not sealed)1,992,592505048991us de uk fr
12"Gargano, Pablo: Absolution - Part 2 (x2, Incl. David Forbes Mix)5033541050130New (not sealed)2,993,93805267437us de uk fr
12"Gouryella: Tenshi (ATB Remix & Ratty Remix)
Produced By Dj Tiesto
FRATsunami3259119280514New (not sealed)1,792,332305109875de uk fr
12"Gouryella: Tenshi (Extended Version / Transa Remix, Picture Cover)FRAHAPPY MUSIC3259119280316New (not sealed)1,992,592505104846de uk fr
12"Grey C. Frost Feat. Davey D.: Bring Me Back Light - Remixes (Longy / Marc La Cruz & Grey C. Frost Remix, FLC)GERTech Records4014235182239New (not sealed)1,692,22205049107de uk fr
12"Handrixx, Steve: Immortality (Club & Pit Bailay Remix, FLC)GERShogun Records4014235368220New (not sealed)2,493,253205251371us de uk fr
12"Hardliner (Techno): Obsession (Club Mix / X900 Remix)GERFog Area Records4014235416549New (not sealed)2,493,253205250750us de uk fr
12"Hardliner (Techno): Voices (Club Mix / Devil Force RMX)Shogun Records4014235368930New (not sealed)2,493,253205250170de uk fr
12"Hardliner (Techno): White Light / Clouds (DJ Transport Remix)Shogun Records4014235369623New (not sealed)2,493,253205250173de fr
12"Hardliner (Techno): X-BaseFog Area Records4014235417249New (not sealed)2,493,253205250234de
12" PictureHIBEATZ: Time Will Tell (x2, Lim. Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204843060New (not sealed)4,495,855805248356de uk fr
12"House Pimps: Get The Hook (x3)Doma4014235083949New (not sealed)1,992,592505250164de fr
12"I-Maxx Vs Fuse: Dimension 4000 (x2)Shogun Records4014235237786New (not sealed)1,992,592505250926de fr
12"Jet Set / Jet-Set: Into The Blue (x2)Fog Area Records4014235417911New (not sealed)2,993,93801226321us de uk fr
12"Jet Set / Jet-Set: Island Of Dreams / Final Dream (FLC)GERFog Area Records4014235300220New (not sealed)2,993,93801222784de uk fr
12"Jet-Stream: Solaris (x2+ Daydream)Fog Area Records4014235237458New (not sealed)2,493,253205250235de uk fr
12"Konovox: Blitz (x2 Incl. Original Mix)Roca Records4014235300268New (not sealed)1,992,592505250732de fr
12"Kovax (Goa): Turn On (Deep / xtd / Cut - Amb Mix)FRANew Om3307517810267New (not sealed)3,995,25105070103de uk fr
12"Lasgo: Pray - Part 1 (Ext. / Peter Luts & Driftwood Remix)GEREMI0724355139764New (not sealed)1,692,22205045917us de uk fr
12"Letticia: Colour Of My Dreams (x4)QuickeyQUICKEY009New (not sealed)2,493,253205204536
12"Lex'N' Frank: A World Of Love (x2)Fog Area Records4014235209622New (not sealed)2,493,253205250237us de uk fr
12"Little Wonder: Eclipse - Disc One (x2 Leama & Moor Remix + Fictivision & C-Quence Remix)UKLost Language5037454280288New (not sealed)2,493,253205050645us de uk fr
12"Lorenzo, Meo: Dream's Road / To Be ContinuedFog Area Records4014235236871New (not sealed)2,493,253205250788de uk fr
12"Los Pablos: Let Us Fly Fog Area Records4014235300213New (not sealed)2,493,253205250232us de uk fr
12"Los Pablos: MysteryFog Area Records4014235333921New (not sealed)1,992,592500321311us de uk fr
12"Los Pablos: Skyraiser / House ElectricFog Area Records4014235237274New (not sealed)7,9910,4210301291373de uk fr
12"Lunatic: Beyond The Sky / RealityGERFog Area Records4014235222522New (not sealed)2,493,253205250212de fr
12"Lunatic Spinball: Orange Galaxy (x2 Incl. Original Mix)Fog Area Records4014235188835New (not sealed)2,493,253205250734de fr
CDSMAGNETE: Quiescenza x3 Incl Original Mix)GERDARK NOIZE0090204828395New (not sealed)2,493,253205249690us de uk fr
12"MAGNOLIA: It's All Vain (x2, Innervisions Club Mix + Ian Knowles Remix)
UKData Records5026535016977New (not sealed)2,493,253205054467us de uk fr
12"Man Machine, The: Human Rights (x3 Incl. Defunct Remix)GERMedia Records0090204940387New (not sealed)1,992,592505248300us de uk fr
12"Matisse (Trance): Humanity / WaterTrance Chip4014235265741New (not sealed)9,9913,0212905109681de uk fr
12"Mental Miracle: Future (Original Mix / Alternate Mix)Shogun Records4014235134344New (not sealed)2,493,253205250929us de uk fr
12"Mental Miracle: Think Back (Thinking Mix / Double M Style Mix)GERShogun Records4014235175248New (not sealed)2,493,253205250930de fr
12"Mental Miracle: Trip To Fantasy (x3 Incl. Original Mix)Shogun Records4014235237465New (not sealed)2,493,253205250928us de uk fr
12" PictureMORINY, MICHEL / TP ONE: Hard Stuff (x2 Incl. Original Mix) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204841073New (not sealed)2,993,93805248328us de uk fr
12"Moshic: Panic System (Original & Remix, FLC)USAPipeline MusicPLM3002New (not sealed)2,493,253205156607
12"Nautilus: Vol. 3 - Kick Some Ass / TogetherGERFog Area Records4014235236857New (not sealed)2,993,93805250204de fr
12" PictureNITERIDERZ: Niteride (x4, Picture Disc)GERTECTRAX0090204841264New (not sealed)2,493,253205323595de uk fr
12"Noé: Color Of My Dreams (x3)GER4014235783290New (not sealed)2,993,93805204565de fr
12"Nomax: Sonar / AlaskaGERTrance Chip4014235265154New (not sealed)3,995,25105250716us de fr
12"Oceanlab: Clear Blue Water (feat. Justine Suissa, incl. Original & Ferry Corsten Mix)UK0809274461902New1,692,22200290029us de uk fr
12"Oreal (Trance): Goodbye (x4, Incl. Yoshua Blake Mix)EXcellent Records4260057420053New (not sealed)1,992,592505267438us de uk fr
12"Ovation: The Book Of Revelation (DJ Tom-X Club Mix / Luxor Mix)Fog Area Records4014235188033New (not sealed)3,995,25101239826us de uk fr
12"Overland (Techno): Daydreamer (x2)NOTHING RECORDS4014235175279New (not sealed)2,493,253201232565us de uk fr
CDSPicard, Etienne: Get Up! (x2+1, Vol.1)4014235261002New (not sealed)0,991,291205254579us de uk fr
12"Picard, Etienne: Noche Diva/Gate To Heaven (FLC)GERFog Area Records4014235264584New (not sealed)2,493,253201367110us de uk fr
12"Picard, Etienne: Vol.2 - The Guided Light / Freedom RMX 98Fog Area Records4014235208779New (not sealed)2,493,253205250739de uk fr
12"Pulsartraxx: La Cuenta (x3, FLC, Incl. DJ Ramone Mix)GERA45 Music4029758287606New (not sealed)1,291,681605257747us de uk fr
12"Redshark: Big OrgusFog Area Records4014235181331New (not sealed)3,494,554505250744us de
12"RE-WARD (Trance): Trail Of TearsGERDARK NOIZE0090204843176New (not sealed)2,993,93805249249de uk fr
12"Robot & The Sun, The: The Sun / Take You ThereNOTHING RECORDS4014235134368New (not sealed)1,992,592505250718de fr
12"Robotronic Squad: Toit Du Monde (DJ Synergee Mix / Trance Mix)Trance Chip4014235251614New (not sealed)2,493,253205250925de fr
12"Robotronic Squad: World Outside (x2 Incl. Original Mix)Trance Chip4014235209219New (not sealed)4,495,855805250722us de uk fr
12"Roodriguez, Phil: Closer Fog Area Records4014235265130New (not sealed)2,993,93805250244de fr
12"S.T.J.: Aurora / A State Of MindGERDARK NOIZE0090204836376New (not sealed)2,493,253205248362us de uk fr
CDSS.T.J.: Aurora / A State Of MindGERDARK NOIZE0090204836383New (not sealed)1,992,592505249692us de uk fr
12" PictureScotty Vs. Full Gainer: Everything I Do (x4 , Picture Disc)GERHouse Nation0090204936045New (not sealed)2,993,93805323613de uk fr
12" PictureSecret Society (Techno): Underworld EP (Lim.Ed. 500 Copies, Picture Disc)GEROh Boy0090204829354New (not sealed)2,493,253205325630us de uk fr
12"SELIM, ADAM: Stigmata (x2)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840267New (not sealed)2,993,93805249245us de uk fr
CDSSELIM, ADAM: Stigmata (x3)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840274New (not sealed)0,991,291205249696us de uk fr
12"Sensorica: Few Days Away (Original & John Askew's Red Square Remix)UKKompressed Recordings5024545278767New (not sealed)2,493,253205045950us de uk fr
12"SEQUENTIA (Trance): Higher State / SuN WorshipGERDARK NOIZE0090204685363New (not sealed)3,995,25105249243us de uk fr
12" PictureShrink,The: White World Bright World (x4, Picture Disc)GER0090204901562New (not sealed)1,992,592505327185de uk fr
12"Skydiver: Falling In Dub / Sound Of PerfectionCases Records4014235368923New (not sealed)2,493,253205251396us de uk fr
12"SOLID HAZE & MILEZ: Let Me (x2)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840373New (not sealed)3,494,554505248341us de uk fr
CDSSOLID HAZE & MILEZ: Let Me (x3)GERDARK NOIZE0090204840380New (not sealed)1,992,592505249693us de uk fr
12"Source, The (Trance): Licence To DanceDoma4014235236918New (not sealed)4,495,855800187721de fr
12"State Of Mind: Vol. 2 GERFog Area Records4014235236833New (not sealed)3,494,554505250166de fr
12"Stephano, Marino: Power Trance - A Tribute To Vol. 1Fog Area Records4014235417935New (not sealed)2,993,93805250245us de uk fr
12"Svensk: Touched By An Angel (x3 Feat. Sophie Mae)EgoisteEGO001New (not sealed)2,493,253205277504
12"Sybase: Sequence In No Order (Club Mix / Extended Mix)GERFog Area Records4014235181324New (not sealed)1,992,592505250752de uk fr
12"T.C. Control: Do You Love (x3, Incl. Dj Schwede Mix, FLC)Roca Records4014235300275New (not sealed)4,996,516401364437de uk fr
CDTaiyo: Tranzen E.P.Step 2 House5413356961225New (sealed)5,997,817705208136us de uk fr
12"Technomachine: Dream Universe 2004 (Vs. DJ Tom-X)Cases Records4014235369616New (not sealed)2,993,93805251402de fr
12"Third Bass: System / Friend's PartyFog Area Records4014235264386New (not sealed)2,493,253205250228us de uk fr
12"Thomas, Michael (Trance): Threshold / Afterglow (FLC)UKEVE RECORDS5033541047123New (not sealed)1,291,681605268188de uk fr
12"Tibet Team Frankfurt: Ocean Paradise (x3, Original, & Mixes By Nautilus & Aqualoop)GERFog Area RecordsFOG006New (not sealed)3,995,25105250738
12" PictureTitus (Trance): All Her Fears (x3 Incl. Original Mix) (Lim. Ed. 500 Copies Picture Disc)GERMedia Records0090204840687New (not sealed)4,996,516405248338de uk fr
12" PictureTitus (Trance): Endless Dreams 2006 (x3 Incl. Original Mix) Lim. Ed.500 Copies Picture DiscGERMedia Records0090204681617New (not sealed)3,995,25105248316us de uk fr
12"Toka: Without Your Love (x2)3259119277514New (not sealed)1,992,592505277498de uk fr
12"Tom & Lerby: Dancemachine / Wrong Is RightFog Area Records4014235265611New (not sealed)1,992,592505250243us de uk fr
12"Trance Generators: Connected (Original Mix / Gigi LAV Remix)Shogun Records4014235180594New (not sealed)3,995,25105250771de uk fr
12"Trance Generators: Never In Danger (Original Mix / YOMC RMX)Shogun Records4014235333907New (not sealed)2,493,253205250772de uk fr
12"Tube (Trance): Fusion (x2, Club Mix/Original Mix, FLC)GERShogun Records4014235188095New (not sealed)2,493,253205250741de uk fr
12"Two DJ's: Dissonant / X-PlodeShogun Records4014235265680New (not sealed)1,992,592505250236de fr
12"Universal Heads: The Journey / Human'sGERTrance Chip4014235265727New (not sealed)1,992,592501366958de uk fr
12"Virtual Zone: Liquid Drums (x2)Technothing4014235417287New (not sealed)2,493,253205250781
12"Voi Feat. Dzenita: Free (x2, FLC)GERTech Trance4014235182222New (not sealed)1,291,681605257731
12"Wahnstein: Tanz Der Teufel (x2, NC)4021546100364New (not sealed)1,992,592505257692us de uk fr
12"Wave, The: Lay Your Head Down (x3, WL-Promo, Incl. Mix By O. Moldan, NC)AUSony - BMGSONY005New (not sealed)1,291,681605257707
12"Wavechild Feat. DJ Ricky: Symphony Of Energy (x3)Fog Area Records4014235111031New (not sealed)2,493,253205250726de uk fr
12"Well Paid Scientists: The Gander (x2, Original Mix + Castaneda Remix)
KR 004
UKKompressed Recordings5024545279061New (not sealed)2,493,253205052150us de uk fr
Compilations/Various Artists
CD x 2 KUSCHEL / Romance Compilation: The Magic Of The Panpipes
The World's Favourite Songs Specially Arranged For Panpipes: Unchained Melody, Yesterday, El Condor Pasa...
Double Time5033606001848New1,491,941900255451de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): Abschlussklasse 2005 - Die Party Deines Lebens0602498300930New (sealed)0,991,291205194193us de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): Des Hits & Du FunEUR5050466525024New2,493,253205051415de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): G1RlsFRAWarner5050466419620New (sealed)2,493,253205027406de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): H1Ts - Tous Les #1 De L'anneeFRAWagram5050466380821New (sealed)1,792,332305057216
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): Plus De Tubes 2001EURWarner0809274220622New (sealed)1,692,22205027013de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): Sonic Fuel - New Music SamplerUSA0724354058127New (not sealed)1,792,332305064317us de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (2000s): Workout 15 - Workout Session
Music Top For Bodyworkouts & Training Sessions
4184440166123New1,491,941900241564de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (80's): House 80 - Les Meilleurs Tubes House Des Annees 80FRAWarner0809274298423New (sealed)1,792,332305057405
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (80's): Les Annees New Wave - Mode D'emploiEURWarner0809274172228New (sealed)1,992,592505027278de uk fr
LP POP / ROCK Compilation (80's): Party Animals
18 Tracks In The Mix:
TSR40050601New (sealed)1,992,592501234901
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (All Ages): Born To Choose
R.E.M.,Tom Waits,Helmet,Soundgarden, Includes Unreleased Track Photograph With Nathalie Merchant
USARyko0014431025624New (cut out)1,491,941900108214us de uk fr
12" POP / ROCK Compilation (All Ages): Club Bangers Vol. 2 (Michael Jackson Pic. On Label, Promo)
M. Jackson, Whodini, Ministry
USAMONTY2New (not sealed)1,992,592505267423
CD x 2 POP / ROCK Compilation (All Ages): Disco Mania
Rose Royce, Kool & The Gang...
5033606001046New1,692,22200294550de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (All Ages): Only Girls 6FRAVirgin0724381073520New (sealed)1,692,22205031145de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation (No Charts): Little Dog Records 1996 SamplerUSA0765949600222New (sealed)1,792,332301234637us de uk fr
CD x 2 POP / ROCK Compilation (Rock only): Rock Masters
Placebo, Weeyer, Steppenwolf, Thin Liyyz, Kiss, Cure
EUR0602498352182New (not sealed)1,491,941901433954de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation : TRIBUTES: Abba A Tribute ToGER4260053479352Sup (sealed)2,493,253205066056us de uk fr
CD POP / ROCK Compilation : TRIBUTES: Boney M. A Tribute4260053479338Sup (sealed)2,493,253205066189us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Big Beats Vol.18713637015034New1,491,941900296668de uk fr
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): DEFECTED ACCAPELLAS 6 (PART 2) UKDefected826194099312New (not sealed)2,993,93806693219us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Internal Journal Vol. 1 - A 14 Artist Spoken Wordsmith TourUSANew Alliance0018861108421New (cut out)1,491,941900297987us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Internal Journal Vol. 2 - A 14 Artist Spoken Wordsmith TourUSANew Alliance0018861111520New (cut out)0,490,64600297932us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Jazzspeak0018861105420New (cut out)1,491,941900277485us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Musical Box Favourites5014797231092New1,491,941900296494us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): RAISE DA ROOF 2: LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS USACGI RECORDS0015095536525New (sealed)2,493,253205064377
CD (Digipak) VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): SLOW DEATH IN METRONOME FACTORY USA0785351006825New (sealed)4,996,516405063096
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Sonic Obliteration Vol.24012743011621New (sealed)2,493,253201234582us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Compilation/Sampler...): Vans Warped Tour 99
Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Ärzte, Beatsteaks, Fanta 4, ...
0652450999221New (sealed)1,692,22205162315us de uk
CD x 2Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (Compilation): Gzsz-Flower Power4029758255223New (sealed)1,491,941905162316us de uk fr
CD x 2Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (Compilation): Happy Days
Oil P, Sash!, Britney Spears, Stefan Raab....
4009880595329New (sealed)1,792,332305162318us de uk fr
CD x 3 COUNTRY Compilation: Country & Western Music Vol1-3 (SEALED)MCPS4010165036512New (sealed)2,493,253205195118de fr
CD x 2 COUNTRY Compilation: Country Greats (36 Tracks)
Lynn Anderson, Frankie Laine, Billie Jo Spears, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline,...
UK5033606000445New1,491,941900242409de uk fr
CD COUNTRY Compilation: Let's Hear It For Line Dancin' (Square Dance)GERTime Music International5033606001923New1,491,941900242920us de uk fr
CD COUNTRY Compilation: NFL CountryUSA0600234013021New (sealed)1,491,941900304137us de uk fr
CDGitzi, Suzanne: Dressed In BlackCA0774907963026New (sealed)1,491,941901234624de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)GREEN, PAT: Don't Break My Heart Again (x3, Promo)USAUNIR212972New1,491,941901199800
CDHerman, Tim: Tim HermanCA0774907973025New (sealed)1,491,941901234634us de uk fr
CDHolmes, Monty: All I Ever WantedUSA0659017200028New1,491,941900246644us de uk fr
CDJoss, Scott: SouvenirsUSA0765949600123New (sealed)1,491,941901234636us de uk fr
CDMATT, JIM: ALL MY WILD OATSCA0765949400228New (sealed)1,491,941901234618us de uk fr
CDMcLAne, Rob And Against The Grain: Back To The Drawing BoardUSA0774907964023New (sealed)1,992,592501234639us de uk fr
CDSParton, Dolly: If (CD1)UKSantuary Records5050159013906New0,991,291200293595us de uk fr
CDWhitman, Slim: Slim WhitmanTime Music International5033606022225New (sealed)1,491,941900242448us de uk fr
Darkwave / Gothic
CD GOTHIC / DARKWAVE Compilation: Suck Taste Spit
Tracsk By : Cubanate, Think About Mutation, Oomph!
FRAMpo0701301002020New (cut out)1,792,332300297001us de uk fr
Dixie, Zydeco, Ragtime
CDOldsmobile Dixieland Jazz Band: Oldsmobile Dixieland Jazzband (Jazz Pure Vol. 14)GERAurophon4010165316133New (sealed)1,491,941905301054de
CDZimmerman, Richard: It's Ragtime (The Music Of Scott Joplin)UK5014797230590New1,491,941900259300us de uk fr
DVD Video (French): Le Profiler (French Only)FRA3780227909900New (sealed)1,992,592505026937fr
DVD Video (French): Planete Futuroscope (French+English)FRA3512391705350New (sealed)2,493,253205026929de fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): 2 Fast 2 Furious (RC2 , NTSC)474560128829083New (sealed)2,493,253205189249de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): 8 Mile [8Mile]47Uni4571130844742New (sealed)2,493,253205164471de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): 8 Mile [8Mile] (2003)474560128827270New (sealed)2,493,253205201214de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): 8 Mile [8Mile] (2006)474580120517061New (sealed)2,493,253205189276de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): A Castrol Grand Prix Classic 4 - Racing Green (RC2 , NTSC)474988102246037New (sealed)2,493,253205189187de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): A Countess From Hong Kong (2005)474580120510659New (sealed)2,493,253206134998de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): A Life Less Ordinary474988142340320New (sealed)2,493,253205189428de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Airport474580120516408New (sealed)-1-1,3-1306593695
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Airport - 大空港 大空港47Universal4571130843790New (sealed)2,493,253205165073de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Airport 79/80 - The Concorde474580120512578New (sealed)2,493,253205189263de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): All Quiet On The Western Front474560128829526New (sealed)2,493,253205189448de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Along Came Polly (RC2 , NTSC)47Uni4571130845312New (sealed)2,493,253205164456de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Always (John Goodman)474571130841215New (sealed)4,495,855805189273de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): American Pie - The Wedding474571130843233New (sealed)2,493,253205164441de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): American Star474988142280329New (sealed)2,493,253205189434de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): An Affair474988102751814New (sealed)2,493,253205281764uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): An American Werewolf In London - 21St Ann. Special Edition (2002)474988107207279New (sealed)3,494,554505189423de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): An American Werewolf In London - 21St Ann. Special Edition (2006)474580120519454New (sealed)3,494,554505201211de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): AntZ (Animated)474571130843592New (sealed)2,493,253205189409de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): AntZ (Animated) - アンツ (2005) アンツ47Universal4571130848900New (sealed)2,493,253205201216de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): AntZ (Animated) - アンツ (2006) アンツ47Universal4580120518259New (sealed)2,493,253205189457de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Babe - A Little Pig Goes A Long Way47Uni4580120510055New (sealed)6,498,468405164429de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Back To The Future 147New (sealed)3,494,554505190152us de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Back To The Future 3474571130843622New (sealed)2,993,93805189395de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Batteries Not Included474571130844780New (sealed)3,494,554505165066de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beautiful Creatures (RC2 , NTSC)47Universal4571130847835New (sealed)2,493,253205165022de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beautiful Creatures (RC2, NTSC)47Uni4560128825122New (sealed)2,493,253205281339de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beethoven - ベートーベン ベートーベン47Uni4580120510086New (sealed)2,493,253205164432de
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beethoven's 2 Nd47Universal4580120518204New (sealed)2,493,253206135323de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beethoven's 2nd47Uni4580120510093New (sealed)2,493,253205164443de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beethoven's 3rd ベートーベン3474560128824712New (sealed)2,993,93805201220de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Beethoven's 5Th (RC2 , NTSC)474580120518235New (sealed)4,996,516405189212de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Biloxi Blues47Uni4560128825504New (sealed)2,493,253205164440de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Bridget Jones - The Edge Of Reason47Universal4580120516125New (sealed)2,493,253205165061de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Brotherhood - Standard Edition (RC2 , NTSC)474988102221034New (sealed)2,493,253205189210
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Bulletproof474560128824361New (sealed)2,493,253205324114
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Bulletproof (2006)474582131182863New (sealed)2,493,253205189285de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Car Wash47Universal4580120514480New (sealed)2,493,253205189293
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Casper - キャスパー スペシャル・エディション47Universal4580120510048New (sealed)2,493,253205189456de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Casper (RC2 , NTSC)474571130844841New (sealed)5,497,167105189252de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) - シャレード (1963) (2005)474580120512288New (sealed)2,493,253205201213de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) [16:9] - シャレード (1963) (2004)474571130845022New (sealed)2,493,253205189411de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) [16:9] 200647Universal4582131182740New (sealed)2,993,93806136498de
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) [3:4]474560128821711New (sealed)2,493,253205189250de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) [3:4] - シャレード (1963) (2002)474560128821117New (sealed)3,494,554505201217de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charade (Cary Grant) [4:3] - シャレード (1963) (2003)474560128829540New (sealed)2,493,253205201215de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charlotte Gray47Universal4560128824323New (sealed)2,493,253205189403de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Charlotte Gray - シャーロット・グレイ474571130841680New (sealed)2,493,253205164942de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Chasing Papi474988142316424New (sealed)2,493,253205164430de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Cry Freedom474560128829557New (sealed)3,494,554505189386de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Darkman47Uni4560128829601New (sealed)2,993,93805164469fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Darkman (RC2 , NTSC)474580120519546New (sealed)2,493,253205189240de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Dazed And Confused (RC2 , NTSC)47Universal4580120514497New (sealed)4,996,516405165006de
DVD x 3 Video (Japanese / English): Death Note - Complete Set (3DVD+CD)47Uni4988021126885New (sealed)4,996,516405189382us de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Dragnet (RC2 , NTSC)474560128824385New (sealed)2,993,93805188312
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Dragonheart474580120516316New (sealed)2,493,253205189245de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Dragonheart - ドラゴンハート474571130840409New (sealed)2,493,253205189431de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): D-Tox (RC2 , NTSC)474560128820479New (sealed)2,493,253205189232de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Dudley Do Right474560128824408New (sealed)2,493,253205189271de uk
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Special Edition)47Universal4560128821193New (sealed)2,993,93805164983de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Ed - Minor League, Major Friendship (Matt Leblanc)47Uni4580120518426New (sealed)2,493,253205164427de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Family Plot (Alfred Hitchcock)474560128820615New (sealed)2,493,253205189417de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Far And Away474571130840416New (sealed)4,495,855805189255de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Fear (RC2 , NTSC)47Universal4571130847040New (sealed)2,493,253205189234de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Fierce Creatures474571130846913New (sealed)2,493,253205189265de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Fierce Creatures (John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis)474560128824422New (sealed)2,493,253205281604de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Fletch (RC2 , NTSC)474582131180081New (sealed)2,493,253205189244de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Flipper - フリッパー474571130842502New (sealed)2,493,253205189427de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Frenzy (Hitchcock)47Uni4571130843349New (sealed)2,493,253205164449de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Galaxy Quest - ギャラクシー★クエスト47Universal4571130848931New (sealed)2,993,93805189459de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Galaxy Quest (RC2 , NTSC)474571130843561New (sealed)3,995,25105189213de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Gladiator47Universal4571130845855New (sealed)2,493,253205164947de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Happy Gilmore (RC2 , NTSC)47Universal4560128827409New (sealed)2,993,93805189206de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Harvey (James Stewart)474571130847958New (sealed)2,993,93805189259de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Havana474560128825320New (sealed)2,493,253205164447de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): How To Steal A Million47Universal4988142378224New (sealed)5,497,167105165001de uk fr
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): Hulk - 2 Disc Special Edition47Uni4560128828765New (sealed)2,493,253205189384de uk
DVD x 3 (Box Set Thick) Video (Japanese / English): Hulk Box Set - ハルク コレクターズBOX474560128828758New (sealed)2,993,93805189373de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Ice Age474988142218223New (sealed)2,493,253205189387de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): In The BEdroom (RC2 , NTSC)474571130841635New (sealed)2,493,253205189168de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Intolerable Cruelty47Uni4571130844230New (sealed)2,493,253205164428de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): JAWS474560128827522New (sealed)2,493,253206135325
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Johnny English474580120516286New (sealed)2,493,253205189290de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Johnson Family Vacation ジョンソン一家のババババケーション47Universal4988142292223New (sealed)2,493,253205189458de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Legal Eagles 夜霧のマンハッタン 夜霧のマンハッタン(RC2 , NTSC)474571130841383New (sealed)2,493,253205164981de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Legal Eagles (RC2 , NTSC)474571130847705New (sealed)2,493,253205189167de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Long Time Dead474560128825559New (sealed)2,493,253205189454de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Master And Commander - Other Side Of The World474580120514329New (sealed)2,493,253205189287de uk
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): Master And Commander - The Far Side Of The World マスター・アンド・コマンダー474571130843943New (sealed)2,493,253205189393de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Miami Vice - The Collection Vol. 2 (RC2 , NTSC)474582131182627New (sealed)2,493,253205204122de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Miami Vice (2006)474582131183068New (sealed)2,493,253205189433de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Missing (RC2 , NTSC)474571130849273New (sealed)2,493,253205189236de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): My Little Eye - 処刑・ドット・コム (初回限定生産)474580120519683New (sealed)2,493,253205189418de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): My Little Eye (RC2 , NTSC)474580120512448New (sealed)4,495,855805189162de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): My Little Eye 処刑・ドット・コム47Universal4571130844995New (sealed)2,493,253205164990de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): My Little Eye -処刑・ドット・コム (RC2 , NTSC)474560128822022New (sealed)2,493,253205189199de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Ned Kelly (Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Naomi Watts)47Uni4571130842274New (sealed)2,493,253205164451de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Nighthawks474560128821063New (sealed)2,493,253205189399de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): No Sex For 40 Days And 40 Nights474571130843783New (sealed)2,493,253205189394de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Nurse Betty ベティ・サイズモア474560128826839New (sealed)2,993,93805201221de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Nutty Professor474571130841307New (sealed)2,493,253206135013
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Nutty Professor (2002)474560128822077New (sealed)2,493,253205201210de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Nutty Professor 2 - The Klumps47Uni4580120516545New (sealed)2,493,253205164461de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Parenthood474571130846920New (sealed)4,996,516405189438de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Parenthood (2003)474560128825405New (sealed)2,493,253205282707de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Play Misty For Me474560128829793New (sealed)3,494,554505189272de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Pride & Prejudice474580120518938New (sealed)2,493,253205189414de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Psycho (Hitchcock)474571130843387New (sealed)3,494,554505189260de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Quadrophenia474580120515463New (sealed)3,995,25105189396de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Raid On Rommel (Richard Burton)474571130849631New (sealed)2,493,253205189184
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Ray (2005)47Universal4580120515333New (sealed)2,493,253205201212de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Ray (2006)47Universal4582131182672New (sealed)2,993,93805164877de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock)474571130843394New (sealed)3,995,25105189405de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Red Dragon474560128826037New (sealed)2,493,253205189375de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Scene In The Film 四月の雪スーパーライブコンサート ペ・ヨンジュン 四月の雪スーパーライブコンサート ペ・ヨンジュン474580120516873New (sealed)2,493,253205189404de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Screwed474560128824484New (sealed)4,996,516405189289de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Screwed (Danny DeVito)474571130846982New (sealed)2,493,253205281628de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Shadow Of A Doubt (Hitchcock)474571130843431New (sealed)2,493,253205189422de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Shakespeare In Love474580120510185New (sealed)2,493,253205189277de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Shallow Hal47Universal4988142351524New (sealed)2,493,253205165002de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Slap Shot474571130845879New (sealed)2,493,253205189410de uk
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): The Benny Goodman Story / The Glenn Miller Story (RC2 , NTSC)474560128822824New (sealed)6,498,468405189229
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Birds (Hitchcock)47Universal4571130843264New (sealed)2,493,253205164994de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Bourne Supremacy474582131182634New (sealed)3,995,25105189406de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Boxer - ボクサー ボクサー (RC2 , NTSC)474580120514374New (sealed)3,995,25105189209de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Day After Tomorrow (Ultimate Edition)47Universal4988142278920New (sealed)2,493,253205164982de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Electric Horseman (RC2 , NTSC)474560128822107New (sealed)2,993,93805189207de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Flintstones (RC2 , NTSC)474571130847750New (sealed)2,493,253205189165de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas474571130847767New (sealed)2,493,253205189419de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Great Outdoors47Uni4560128827836New (sealed)3,995,25105164457de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Haunting474580120519645New (sealed)2,493,253205189297de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Haunting - ホーンティング47Universal4560128822152New (sealed)2,493,253205164995de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Interpreter
Language: English + Japanese
474580120514145New (sealed)2,493,253205189408de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Jerk - 天国から落ちた男474560128829830New (sealed)2,493,253205189415de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Land Before Time - The Great Valley Adventure474580120510079New (sealed)2,493,253205189407de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Land Before Time - Time Of The Great Giving474580120510208New (sealed)2,493,253205189275de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Life Of David Gale47Uni4560128828802New (sealed)2,493,253205164455de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Life Of David Gale (Kevin Spacey)47Universal4571130844964New (sealed)2,993,93805281375
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Man Who Knew Too Much (Hitchcock)47Universal4988107205770New (sealed)3,995,25105164997de uk
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): The Meaning Of Life (Monty Python) - Special Edition (RC2 , NTSC)474560128828079New (sealed)9,9913,0212905189228de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Money Pit (RC2 , NTSC)474560128827898New (sealed)3,995,25105189201de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Mummy - Deluxe Edition474571130841604New (sealed)2,493,253205189412de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The People Under The Stairs (Wes Craven)474560128829748New (sealed)2,493,253205189451de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Serpent And The Rainbow474571130847019New (sealed)2,493,253205204106de
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Serpent And The Rainbow (Wes Craven)474580120519478New (sealed)2,493,253205189253de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): The Skeleton Key47Universal4580120519423New (sealed)2,493,253205165071de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines 素晴らしきヒコーキ野郎47Universal4988142377920New (sealed)2,993,93805189268de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): ThunderBirds47Uni4580120514305New (sealed)2,493,253205164452de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Thunderbirds - サンダーバード (2004年劇場公開版)474571130845664New (sealed)2,493,253205189392de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Thunderbirds (RC2 , NTSC)474580120517726New (sealed)2,493,253205189208de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Topaz (Hitchcock)47Universal4571130843509New (sealed)2,993,93805165067de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Tremors 3 - Back To Perfection474560128820790New (sealed)2,493,253205189283de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Twister - Deluxe Edition474571264912676New (sealed)2,493,253205190151
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Undercover Brother474571130843486New (sealed)2,493,253205189430de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Van Helsing474571130846128New (sealed)2,493,253205189397de uk
DVD x 2 Video (Japanese / English): Van Helsing - 2 Disc Collector's Edition474571130846135New (sealed)2,993,93805189377de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Vertigo (Hitchcock)474560128823500New (sealed)3,494,554505189444de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Village Of The Damned (RC2 , NTSC)47Uni4580120519652New (sealed)2,493,253205164426de uk
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Wild At Heart47Uni4571130841505New (sealed)2,493,253205164460de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Wild At Heart (2003)47Uni4560128825030New (sealed)2,493,253205282197de uk fr
DVD Video (Japanese / English): Xanadu - ザナドゥ474571130845176New (sealed)6,498,468405189413de uk
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Agent Cody Banks 2 - Mission LondonGER4045167267435New (sealed)2,493,253205065267de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Bananas (Woody Allen)GER4045167264854New (sealed)2,493,253205064770de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Barbershop (German, Ice Cube)GER4045167018341New (sealed)2,493,253205064807de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Die Nacht Vor Weihnachten - A Christmas CarolGER4010884526455New (sealed)3,995,25105065269de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Drugstore Cowboy (Matt Dillon)GER4045167011786New (sealed)2,493,253205065326de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Gelegenheit Macht Liebe (Jason Lee, Selma Blair, Julia Stiles)GER4045167238053New (sealed)2,493,253205065305de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Killer-Brigade (Gene Hackman)GER4045167004580New (sealed)2,493,253205064767de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Lost Junction (Neve Campbell)GER4045167269446New (sealed)2,493,253205065334de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Stayin' AliveGER4010884600131New (not sealed)2,493,253205065319de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: The Atlanta Killing - Paramount CollectionGER4010884526509New (sealed)2,493,253205064805de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: Todesmelodie (James Coburn)GER4045167018198New (sealed)2,493,253205064763de uk fr
DVD Videos - DVD/VHS: UHF - Sender Mit Beschränkter Hoffnung (W.A. Yankovic)GER4045167022850New (sealed)3,995,25105065329de uk fr
DVD/Video: Anime/Japanimation/Manga
DVD Video (Anime/Japanimation/Manga): TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 1 - ATTACK OF MOUSERSFUNIMATION PROD0704400071034New (sealed)2,493,253205049508
DVD/Video: Horror
DVD Video (Horror): Piranha (Kevin McCarthy)GER4010232012067New (sealed)2,493,253201349403de uk fr
DVD/Video: Music Videos
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): A Reggae SessionEUR4013659200017New (sealed)1,491,941905145768uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Americas Music Soul Volume 2EUR4013659200079New (sealed)1,491,941905145767de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Classic Hits From The 50's & 60's Vol. 1GERIMPH4013659006015New (sealed)1,491,941905145754de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Classic Hits From The 50's & 60's Vol. 2GERIMPH4013659006022New (sealed)1,491,941905145750de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Heart Of Rock - Classic Love SongsGERFNM4013659200024New (sealed)1,491,941905145749de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): LEGENDS OF ROCK N ROLLGERIMPH4013659002062New (sealed)1,491,941905145760de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Rhythm Love And Soul Live In Concert Volume 1 (RC 0 , NTSC)474988102273453New (sealed)2,493,253205189211de
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Rock Fever
Simply Red, The Outfield, Billy Ocean, Chicago, Wham And Others
EUR7619943184086Sup (sealed)1,491,941905080528de fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): Superstars Of Rock & Roll - Rocks Rebel YellGERFNM4013659200062New (sealed)1,491,941905145753de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): The Hit CollectionGERFNM4013659200031New (sealed)1,491,941905145780de uk fr
DVD Video (Music Video / Live): The Many Faces Of The BluesGER4015910122014New (sealed)1,491,941905145756de uk fr
DVD/Video: Science Fiction
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Krieg Der Welten (Tom Cruise)GER4010884529906New (not sealed)2,493,253205066316
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Species III (Fsk 16)GER4045167270695New (sealed)2,493,253205064768de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate ATLANTIS - Season 1 Volume 1.3GER4045167269927New (sealed)2,493,253205064804
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 07GER4045167004191New (sealed)2,493,253205055439de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 164045167009462New (sealed)2,493,253205055501de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 17GER4045167009493New (sealed)2,493,253205031504de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 174010232009494New (sealed)2,493,253205050037de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 19GER4045167009554New (sealed)2,493,253205050025de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 20GER4045167010871New (sealed)2,493,253205050029de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 204010232010872New (sealed)2,493,253205055502de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 214045167011021New (sealed)2,493,253205053720de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 24GER4045167011175New (sealed)2,493,253205050031de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 25GER4010232011183New (sealed)2,493,253205050042de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - 27GER4045167014756New (sealed)2,493,253205050028de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG 1 - Season 1 1.5GER4045167267916New (sealed)2,493,253205050024de uk fr
DVD Video (Science Fiction): Stargate Kommando SG1 -DVD03GER4045167004153New (sealed)2,493,253205052301de uk fr
DVD/Video: Westerns
DVD Video (Westerns): Latigo (James Garner)GER4045167266377New (sealed)2,493,253201349261de uk fr
Easy Listening
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Easy Listening): Sax EssentialsGERTime Music International5033606004429New1,491,941900296495us de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Easy Listening): Tijuana TrumpetGERTime Music International5033606016422New1,491,941900242000us de uk fr
CDBertone, Bruno: Santa Lucia (Dieter Schnerring, Tenor)GERAurophon4010165320093New (sealed)1,491,941905303327de uk fr
Electronic (general)
CD (Digipak) DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Amandla! (FOC)GEREdition Amandla4040598020123New (sealed)1,291,681606135375us de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Beats By Dope Demand No.5 (2LP, Cover VG)EUR0642620108010New (cover not perfect)3,494,554505031336de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Breakscape (2LP)EUR0642620450317New (sealed)6,498,468405031367de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Breakscape (2LP)EUR0642620450317New (cover not perfect)4,495,855805032490de uk fr
CD (Digipak) DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter (Switchstance Recordings Compilation)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990143Sup (sealed)5,997,817705185374us de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter (Switchstance Recordings Compilation)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990150Sup (sealed)7,9910,4210305185375us de uk fr
12" DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter (Switchstance Recordings Compilation) EPGERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990136Sup (sealed)4,996,516405185380us de uk fr
CD DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding (Switchstance Recordings Compilation)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990020Sup (sealed)4,996,516405185371us de uk fr
CD (Digipak) DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding 2 (Switchstance Recordings Compilation)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990068New (sealed)4,996,516405185373de uk fr
12" DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Fantastic Freeriding 2 EP 2 (Switchstance Recordings Compilation)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990082Sup (sealed)4,996,516405185378de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Future Sound Of Budapest (FOC)
Ambulance, Anodyne, Booger, John Braine, Decal, Droid N Slug, Mcut,...
CD DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Inside 01
S'Apex, Slop Shop, The Skin, Bop Report, Aura, Two Room Plants
GERPoets Club Rec.4040598000422New (sealed)3,494,554505254633de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Inside 03 Poets Club Rec.4040598002112New (not sealed)3,995,25105048943de uk fr
12" DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Moving Forward EP (Switchstance Records)GERSWITCHSTANCE4260002990044Sup (not sealed)4,996,516405185377de uk fr
CD + DVD DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Risiko 100 (CD+DVD, Bungalow Records Compilation)GER0718756510024New (sealed)1,992,592505108558de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: Straight Out The Cat Litter - Scoop Three
New & Unreleased Tracks By : Pepe Deluxe, Eminem, Runaways, Hardcandy, Vibra,...
UK5037454307060New (not sealed)6,498,468400251544us de uk fr
CD DANCE (PROGRESSIVE) Compilation: The Ground Floor - Front End SyntheticsUKFront End Synthetics0689232021528New2,993,93801297241de uk fr
7"60 HZ: Cecile "Bad Girl" / A.Montana RiddimUKNinja Tune0625978318713New (not sealed)1,291,681606795242us de uk fr
LP x 2ALIAS & EHREN: LILLIANANTICON655035505411New (sealed)6,999,119006693312us de uk fr
LP x 2ALIAS & TARSIER: BROOKLAND / OAKLYNANTICON655035505916New (sealed)2,993,93806689157
12"ALIAS & TARSIER: DR. C / FIVE YEAR EVEANTICON655035505817New (sealed)2,993,93806692817us de uk fr
LPALIAS & TARSIER: PLANE THAT DRAWS A WHITE LINEANTICON655035506616New (sealed)3,995,25106689151
LP x 2Alias (Electronic): COLLECTED REMIXESANTICON655035507118New (sealed)6,498,468406689154
12"Alias (Electronic): EYES CLOSED EP (Green Vinyl)UKANTICON655035503318New (not sealed)1,992,592506693313us de uk fr
LP x 2Alias (Electronic): MUTEDUKANTICON655035503615New (sealed)4,996,516406689146
LP x 2Alias (Electronic): MUTEDANTICON655035503615New (not sealed)3,995,25106691971
12"AMP (Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack): Staircase / Chica / Strahl / KuchGERPK08118New1,491,941901304907
12"Audio Bullys: I'm In Love (Version 2 & Version 3) / Shot You Down (Audio Bullys Remix)EURSource0094633857612New (not sealed)1,992,592505045969us de uk fr
CDSAudio Bullys: Turned Away (x3)UK0724355240927New0,991,291200322180us de uk fr
12"Badmarsh & Shri: Signs (x1+3, 4 Track Album Sampler, STC, PROMO)UKOUTCASTE RECORDSOUT31XNew2,993,93806692808
7"BONDE DO ROLE: MARINA GASOLINA (x2 Incl. Peaches Remix, Blue Vinyl)UK5034202126379New (cover not perfect)1,692,22206795235us de uk fr
12"BONDE DO ROLE: MARINA GASOLINA (x4, Yellow Vinyl, PC)UKDOMINO5034202126362New (not sealed)2,993,93806691963us de uk fr
7"BONDE DO ROLE: Office Boy / Contaminada (Baby Blue Vinyl)UKDOMINO5034202125570New (not sealed)0,991,291206697642us de uk fr
7"BONDE DO ROLE: Office Boy / Miami Beach (Pink Vinyl)UKXL RECORDINGS UK5034202125587New (not sealed)0,991,291206697638us de uk fr
7"BONDE DO ROLE: Solta O Frango (x2)UKDOMINO5034202126676New (not sealed)0,991,291206715941us de uk fr
12"BRACKEN: HEATHENSANTICON655035506814New (sealed)2,993,93806689156
LPBRACKEN: WE KNOW ABOUT THE NEEDANTICON655035506913New (sealed)3,995,25106689144
LPBRACKEN: WE KNOW ABOUT THE NEEDUKANTICON655035506913New (sealed)3,995,25106695539us de uk fr
7"Chantilly & The Tards: Cocaine Talk / High Fire Hell / Yum Yum (Limited Numbered Edt.)UKTummy TouchTUCH081New (not sealed)1,291,681606697678
CDSChemical Brothers: It Began In Afrika (x2+1)EURVirgin Records0724389786521New0,991,291200285291us de uk fr
12"Chemical Brothers: The Boxer / Swiper / The Boxer (DFA Version)EURVirgin0724386888211New (not sealed)1,992,592505046213us de uk fr
12"Chemical Reaction Food: Is No Way / Pull The String / Work The Fuck (FLC)GERELECTRIC KINGDOM0743216404018New (not sealed)1,491,941905070762de uk fr
12"Chemical Reaction Food: Is No Way / Pull The String / Work The Fuck (FLC)GERELECTRIC KINGDOM0743216404018New (cover not perfect)0,991,291205256929de fr
12"Cut La Roc: Makin' It Hot - Feat. TC Islam (+Hip Hop Bibberdy Mix/NY Pimp/Scratch The Break)UKSkint5025425504464New (not sealed)1,491,941905070755us de uk fr
12"Cut La Roc: Makin' It Hot - Feat. TC Islam (+Hip Hop Bibberdy Mix/NY Pimp/Scratch The Break)UKSkint5025425504464New (cover not perfect)1,692,22205105359us de uk fr
CDSD*Note (D-Note): Shed My Skin UK0686744001826New0,991,291200292810us de uk fr
7"Daedelus: For Withered Friends (Feat. Michael Johnson, Limited Edition)UKNinja Records5021392529172New (cover not perfect)1,692,22206761019us de uk fr
12"Death In Vegas: Hands Around My Throat (x2 + Scorpio)USABMG - Ariola0743219298317New (sealed)2,993,93805055639us de uk fr
12"Death In Vegas: Head / Blood Yawning (Live) (Limited Edt. Promo, NC)UKDroneDRONE12FOURNew (not sealed)2,493,253206691979
12"Death In Vegas: Leather Girls / Natja L.A.M.F (Gimmic Cover)UKBMG0743219550415New (sealed)2,493,253205073526de uk fr
LP x 2Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising (2LP)FRABMG0743219545916New (sealed)5,497,167105042213us de uk fr
12"Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising (With Liam Gallagher, Album / Polyphonic Spree & Scientist Mix)UKBMG0743219847614New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805157657us de uk fr
7"DEMURE, GEORGE: The Main Attraction / Take Time To Make TimeUKOutput689492057077New (not sealed)0,991,291206715968us de uk fr
12"De-Phazz: Rare Tracks (5 Tracks; Vinyl Collector Limited Edition)FRAMOLE LISTENING PEARLML3766New (not sealed)5,997,817705055595
12"De-Phazz: Remixes (4 Tracks; Vinyl Collector Limited Edition)
Hero Dead & Gone / Something Special / No Jive / Good Boy
FRAMOLE LISTENING PEARLML3756New (not sealed)5,997,817705055599
CDDijislov: SicketatingUSAAlley Sweeper4040598002419New (cut out)1,792,332300296949de uk fr
12" PictureDisorder / Futureboi: When Disorder Strikes (Underground Drum 'n Bass Picture Disc !)GERPosition Chrome4014235261699Sup (not sealed)6,999,119000268067de uk fr
LPDOSH: DOSHANTICON655035503219New (not sealed)2,993,93806689160
LPDOSH: LOST TAKEANTICON655035506715New (sealed)6,498,468406781066us de uk fr
LPDOSH: PURE TRASHUSAANTICON655035504315New (sealed)4,996,516406692810us de uk fr
LP x 2Eastenders: Along The Path (Balkan & Oriental Beats, PC)GERPoets Club Rec.4040598003119New (sealed)-1-1,3-1306135378de uk fr
12"Eastenders: Original Style (4 Tracks Incl. Remixes By The Underwolves & Badmarsh)EURPoets Club Rec.4040598002204New (not sealed)3,494,554505048900de uk fr
12"Empire, Alec: Hetzjagd Auf Nazis - Remix (1 Sided Limited Edition 1500 Copies Only)
Chrome 13
GERPosition Chrome4014235208656New4,996,516400268053us de uk fr
12"Fatboy Slim (Fat Boy Slim): Demons (x1+2, Feat. Macy Gray)UKSkint5025425516023New (not sealed)1,692,22206694170us de uk fr
12"Fatboy Slim (Fat Boy Slim): Don't Let The Man Get You DownUKSkint5025425519123New (not sealed)2,993,93806691976us de uk fr
7"Fatboy Slim (Fat Boy Slim): Radioactivity (Coverversion) / Everything Is Everything (Read By Bootsy Collins)UKSkint8801571171906New (not sealed)1,992,592506697681de uk fr
LP x 2Four E: Four E, Four Me, Four You
Jazz For Fun, Aurum / Noppi / Olivia
Force Inc.0718750805010New8,9911,7211600275168us de uk fr
12"Four Tet: Smile Around The Face / Sun Drums And Soil (Orange Vinyl)UKDOMINO5034202120063New (not sealed)1,992,592506803430us de uk fr
12"Freq. Nasty: Punkadelic (x2, FLC)UKSkint5025425519826New (not sealed)1,992,592506693230us de uk fr
10" x 2Fretless Azm: Finger / Breeze / Bumbuphone / From Horus Hawk To Uri GellerUKHolistic RecordingsAB017New2,493,253201320202
CDGirl Eats Boy: Thrilled By Velocity And Distortion USAInvisible0637642015224New (cut out)1,491,941900297905us de uk fr
12"Goldfrapp: Fly Me Away (3 Mixes Incl. DFA Remix)EURMute0094636396118New (not sealed)2,493,253205055955us de uk fr
LP x 2Grand Tourism: La Surboomer (2LP)FRAAtmospheriques3296630239119New (sealed)5,497,167105031366de uk fr
7"Helders, Matt: Dreamer (Feat. Nesreen Shah)UKAzuli8801571172101New (not sealed)1,291,681606698049us de uk fr
12"Hill, Klaus Heavyweight: Deep Space / Bassline And TempoUKTitle FightFIGHT02New (not sealed)1,992,592505051631
12"Hooverphonic: Mad About You (x4, Incl. FK Dub, STC)EURSony5099766918082New (not sealed)1,792,332305290558de uk fr
12"Infinite Potential: Open Up Your Mind (FLC)CATSKILLS UK5060063892368New (not sealed)1,992,592506781049de uk fr
LPJEL: SOFT MONEYANTICON655035505619New (sealed)3,995,25106689145
12"JEL: WMD / ALL AROUNDANTICON655035505718New (sealed)3,494,554506689155
CDKareem: Full Spectrum DominanceGERK2O0718756562825New (sealed)1,491,941901253034de uk fr
12"Khan: CANDYGIRLGERI'M SINGLE880319457111New (not sealed)1,992,592506761009
12"Kinobe: Party Animals (x2+3)FRA0828765603416New (sealed)2,993,93805044386us de uk fr
7"La Rue: Luv (x2, Limited Edt.)UKTummy TouchTUCH097New (not sealed)1,291,681606697704us de uk fr
7" x 2Lee, Shawn: I Can't Save You (x1+3)EURWE LOVE YOUAMOUR1DNew (not sealed)1,692,22206803422
12"Lo Fidelity Allstars: Vision Incision (x2+1, PC)UKSkint5025425503368New (not sealed)2,993,93806693228us de uk fr
7"Lucky Jim: You Stole My Heart Away / LilithUKSKINT RECORDS5025425519574New (not sealed)0,991,291206712854us de uk fr
7"Mammal: The Phone Song (Limited Numbered Edt.)UKTummy TouchTUCH078New (not sealed)1,291,681606697685
7"Medicine (Wall Of Sound): I Smile To My Eyes / The Day My Baby Gave Me A SurpriseUK5028589018273New (not sealed)1,992,592506782702us de uk fr
10" x 2Medicine (Wall Of Sound): Wet On Wet EP (FOC)UKWALL OF SOUND UK5028589017504New (not sealed)1,491,941906695520us de uk fr
7"Mekon: Boy Bitten / Blood On The MoonUKWALL OF SOUND UK5413356456745New (not sealed)1,692,22206781426us de uk fr
7"Mekon: Yes Yes Y'all (Feat. Roxanne Shante) / Red TapeUK5413356457148New (not sealed)1,992,592506782751de uk fr
7"Mescalito (Electronic): Botnik / RamblaUKTummy TouchTUCH058New (not sealed)1,291,681606697684
LP x 2Midfield General: Generalisation (PC, OIS)UKSkint5025425551826New (not sealed)6,999,119006693311de uk fr
12" PictureMint Royale (Dance Prog.): Wait For You (x3+1, Picture Disc)GERNET FX0090204839551New (not sealed)2,993,93805301567us de uk fr
CDMonophace: Random FactorGERK2O0718756562528New (sealed)1,692,22201252997us de uk fr
LP x 2Monophace: Random Factor EURK2O0718756562511New4,495,855801254031de uk fr
12"Monophace: The Need (Ext. 12Inch Version & Instr.) / Certified / RecallEURK2O0718756562368New1,792,332301254032de uk fr
12" x 2Orbital: Times Fly (Slow) / Sad But New / Times Fly (Fast) / The TranquilizerUKInternal0042285028119New (not sealed)5,497,167105055876us de uk fr
CDSOxide & Neutrino: Dem Girlz (I Don't Know Why, CD2)UKEast West 5050466076823New0,991,291201211694us de uk fr
12"Pandrama: Fatale Stunt / Hunt (FLC)EURPoets Club Rec.PCR001New (not sealed)2,493,253205255766
7"Peaches: Downtown / DamageUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904123574New (not sealed)1,491,941906698050us de uk fr
12"Peaches: Lose You - Remixes (x2, FLC)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904043414New2,993,93806679860us de uk fr
LP x 2PEDESTRIAN: UNINDIAN SONGS 1USAANTICON655035504414New (sealed)5,497,167106693307us de uk fr
12"Pepe Deluxe: Ask For A Kiss5060063890364New (not sealed)1,992,592506781044us de uk fr
12"Pepe Deluxe: Girl! (x4, Incl. Black Grass Electro Mix)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063890036New (not sealed)2,993,93806595544us de uk fr
12"Pepe Deluxe: Lying Peacefully (x4, Incl. Radio Slave Mix, PC)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063891064New (not sealed)1,992,592506760726us de uk fr
7"Pepe Deluxe: Pussy Cat Rock / Ms. Wilhelmina And Her HatUKCATSKILLS UK5060063895772New (not sealed)0,991,291206712827de uk fr
12"Pilch & Play: Don't Believe The Hype (1 Sided DJ Copy - Breaks 'N Flava Mix)
UKWHITE LABELPIP100New (not sealed)1,992,592505050657
12"Pink Elephant: Better L8 Than Never (Vs. Backdraft, x2)
A) Backdraft's Mix / B) Pink Elephants Original Stomp
UKDrum & BreaksDB006New (not sealed)2,493,253205052155
12"Playgroup: X / Mad Love (Lacquer & Playgroup)FRAKITSUNE0724354726361New (not sealed)2,493,253205202793us de uk fr
7"Propellerheads: Crash! / I Want It Back (Feat. Jungle Brothers)UKWALLS045New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506792928
CDSRascal, Dizzee: Fix Up, Look Sharp (x1+1+Video)UKXL-Recordings0634904116729New0,991,291200322082us de uk fr
7"Rascal, Dizzee: Flex / PussyholeUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904031275New (not sealed)2,493,253206697661us de uk fr
7"Rascal, Dizzee: Sirens / Like MeUKXL634904027278New (not sealed)0,991,291206715966de uk fr
12"RED ROOM: My Time Is Short / 6:30 AM / My Time Is Short - Remix / 303 ReturnsFRATWIN FIZZ3296638107939New (sealed)2,493,253205073523de uk fr
7"Röyksopp: Only This Moment / What Else Is ThereUKWall Of Sound5028589022676New (not sealed)1,992,592506781429us de uk fr
7"Rythmes Digitales (Wall Of Sound), Les: Hey You What's That Sound (x2, Red Vinyl)UKWall Of Sound5028589006171New (not sealed)3,995,25106792926us de uk fr
7"Rythmes Digitales (Wall Of Sound), Les: Sometimes (x2)UKWall Of Sound5028589008175New (not sealed)1,992,592506792925us de uk fr
12"Scapegoat Wax: Aisle 10 (x4, incl. Dub Pistols Mix)UK0809274805003New1,491,941900290054us de uk fr
12"Senor Coconut: Besame & More (Besame Mucho / Sodade / Bondade E Malade)
Mixes By: DJ Rork & Demon Ritchie, Osunlade, Chateau Flight
BMG0828765231312New (sealed)3,494,554505070763de uk fr
7"SHORTWAVE SET: No Social / White LieUK5413356572841New (cover not perfect)1,692,22206795215us de uk fr
10"SHORTWAVE SET: NO SOCIAL OPTIMO REMIXESUKWall Of Sound5413356572834New (not sealed)3,995,25106695247us de uk fr
CDSSize, Roni: Dirty BeatsEURTalkin' Loud0731457284827New0,991,291200293100us de uk fr
CDSSize, Roni: Dirty Beats (x3)UK0731457284728New0,991,291200293317us de uk fr
12" x 2Size, Roni: Sing (x6, Incl. Kenny Dope Mix, WL-Promo, NC)UKV RecordingsVRECSUK007ZNew (not sealed)2,993,93805268212
12"Slop Shop: Gone (x3, Incl. Pandrama Mix, FLC)GERPoets Club Rec.PCR003New (not sealed)2,493,253205255768
LPSlop Shop: Interpretations GERPoets Club Rec.4040598002310New (sealed)4,996,516406135379de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Slop Shop: Interpretations (FOC)GERPoets Club Rec.4040598002327New (sealed)2,993,93805254506us de uk fr
CDSlop Shop: MakrodeliaGERPoets Club Rec.4040598000620New (sealed)3,995,25105082572de uk fr
LPSlop Shop: Makrodelia 2GERPoets Club Rec.4040598001610New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805254631de fr
CDSlop Shop: Makrodelia Vol. 2GERPoets Club4040598001634New (sealed)2,993,93806666287de uk fr
12"Slop Shop: Transzendenz Express / Jimi Tenor Remake / Diamada / Version (Blue Vinyl)Poets Club Rec.4040598001900New (not sealed)2,493,253205048929de uk fr
12"Slop Shop: Transzendenz Express / Jimi Tenor Remake / Diamada / Version (Blue Vinyl)Poets Club Rec.4040598001900New (sealed)3,995,25105048941de uk fr
12"Solar Moon System: Outer Canal Street Mixes (x4, Incl. Klaus Schulze Remix)GERRainhorseRHMKRV20001New (not sealed)2,493,253205254628
LP x 2Solé: LIVE FROM ROMEANTICON655035504810New (sealed)4,996,516406689161
LP x 2Solé: LIVE FROM ROMEANTICON655035504810New (not sealed)3,995,25106691962
12"Solé: NEW SINGLEANTICON655035504711New (sealed)3,494,554506689147
12"Solé: SALT ON EVERYTHINGANTICON655035502410New (not sealed)3,494,554506693283us de uk fr
LP x 2Solé: SELLING LIVE WATER (PC)FRAANTICON655035502618New (not sealed)5,497,167106692791us de uk fr
12"Sole (Hip-Hop): Plutonium / Selling Live WaterUKANTICONABR0030VNew (not sealed)2,993,93806689159us de uk fr
10"Sonovac: I Don't Nobody Else But You / Dancing In The Dark (Dj Copy, NC)UKOutputSONOP1New (not sealed)1,692,22206695259
7"Sonovac: It Happens Every Day (x1+2, NC)UKOutputOPR17New (not sealed)0,991,291206712848
CDSteel: Auto-CynicismEURMille Plateaux0718750805225New2,493,253200274558us de uk fr
CDSStudio B.: I See Girls - Crazy (feat. Romeo & Harry Brooks)UKMultiply5033222500824New0,991,291200322174de uk fr
LP x 2THEMSELVES: NO MUSICUKANTICON655035502519New (not sealed)6,498,468406693281us de uk fr
7"Tim 'Love', Lee: Shuffle Shove / Drunk Love (Limited Numbered Edt.)UKTummy TouchTUCH070New (not sealed)0,991,291206697689us de uk fr
7"Tim 'Love', Lee: Spoonfuls Of Physic / Obscure Melancholia (Limited To 500 Copys)UKTummy TouchTUCH121New (not sealed)1,291,681606698052
12"Turner: Been Out (x2, Freaks Doobie Remixes)UKMusic For FreaksFRK12010LTDNew (cover not perfect)2,493,253206689158
12"Unkle: BURN MY SHADOW (x2, Red Vinyl)UKSURRENDER ALL5060100662824New (not sealed)2,493,253206693315us de uk fr
7" PictureUnkle: BURN MY SHADOW / MISTRESS (Picture Disc, OIS)UKSURRENDER ALL5060100662817New (not sealed)1,491,941906687838us de uk fr
12"Unkle: HOLD MY HAND / Burn My Shadow (Radio Sleeve Remix)UKSURRENDER ALL5060100663623New (not sealed)2,493,253206694172us de uk fr
7"Unkle: HOLD MY HAND / CAN'T STOPUKSURRENDER ALL5060100663616New (not sealed)1,692,22206697501us de uk fr
7"Yila : Astronaut (x2, Feat. Scroobius Pip, Incl. Clark Mix)UKA Sunday Best Seven5050954175373New (not sealed)1,291,681606697665us de uk fr
10"YOU LOVE HER COZ SHE'S DEAD: INNER CITY ANGST EPFRAKITSUNE3661311005978New (not sealed)3,494,554506695250us de uk fr
Electronic Rock / Electronic Music
LP x 213 & GOD: 13 & GODGERANTICON655035505015New (not sealed)6,498,468406693276us de uk fr
LP13 & GOD: MEN OF STATIONANTICON655035504919New (not sealed)1,992,592506781034us de uk fr
7"BLOOD ON THE WALL: Reunite On Ice / Dead Edge Of TownUKFat Cat600116072573New (not sealed)0,991,291206697692us de uk fr
12"HUSKY RESCUE: Caravan (x2+1)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063895864New (not sealed)1,491,941906755217us de uk fr
12"HUSKY RESCUE: Diamonds In The Sky (x4)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063895062New (not sealed)1,491,941906755218us de uk fr
7"HUSKY RESCUE: My Home Ghost / Poison (Alice Cooper Cover)UK5060063894270New (not sealed)1,692,22206782840us de uk fr
10"HUSKY RESCUE: Sleep Tight Tiger EPUKCATSKILLS UK5060063890074New (not sealed)1,692,22206695523us de uk fr
7"HUSKY RESCUE: WE SHALL BURN BRIGHT/ FIRST CALLUK5060063896878New (not sealed)1,992,592506782853us de uk fr
7"Mogwai: FRIEND OF THE NIGHT / FRESH CROWNUKPlay It Again Sam5020667343321New (not sealed)1,992,592506696121us de uk fr
LPODD NOSDAM: BURNERANTICON655035505312New (sealed)6,498,468406689152
LPODD NOSDAM: LEVEL LIVE WIRESANTICON655035507415New (sealed)4,996,516406781063us de uk fr
LP x 2ODD NOSDAM: NO MORE WIG FOR OHIOUKANTICON655035502816New (not sealed)5,497,167106692811us de uk fr
CDScorn: WhineUSAInvisibleNew (cut out)6,999,119000298402
Electronic: Drum&Bass/Jungle
CD DRUM & BASS Compilation: Position Chrome
Panacea, Problem Child, Vip. Chrome, Disorder, Current Value
Position Chrome0718758136826New6,999,119000274597us de uk fr
CD DRUM & BASS Compilation: Position Chrome Retrospective (Mixed By Panacea)
Tracks By Goner, Problem Child, Panacea & Heinrich At Hart
EURPosition Chrome0718750608628Sup (sealed)3,995,25100274484us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Blazin' Squad: Flip Reverse - CD 2 (x1+1+Video x2 Incl. Poster)UK5050466974525New0,991,291201210761us de uk fr
12"Blazin' Squad: Standart Flow - Original Unknown & DND Remixes (Weighty Plates Volume 3)UK0809274873309New4,996,516400294493us de uk fr
CDCativo: Three Seconds Is NowPosition Chrome0718750609922New6,999,119000274423us de uk fr
12"Cativo: Unreal / Don't BreathPosition Chrome0718750609069New4,996,516400275152us de uk fr
12"Current Value: Creative Robot / SolutionGERPosition Chrome0718758137267New4,996,516400268047de uk fr
CDCurrent Value: Seeds Of MutationsPosition Chrome0718750608727New6,999,119000262989us de uk fr
12"Current Value: Skybreaker / T.S. OverdoseGERPosition Chrome0718758137366New4,996,516400268064us de uk fr
LP x 2Disorder (Panacea): Second Gen Vol.1Position Chrome0718750610218New (not sealed)9,9913,0212900271987us de uk fr
12" x 2Disorder (Panacea): Second Gen Vol.2Position Chrome0718750610263New8,9911,7211600274909us de uk fr
CDDJ Scud & Panacea: The Redeemer - Hardcore Owes Us MoneyEURForce Inc.0718750610928New6,999,119000274453us de uk fr
CDDuke Mushroom: The WarriorsUSAPlatinum0015095953827New (sealed)1,692,22201390042
LP x 2Mechanical Man: M3chan1cal ManGERSoulciety4025478004912New5,497,167101175051us de uk fr
CDMechanical Man: Mechanical ManGERSoulciety4025478004929New1,992,592501172987us de uk fr
CDPanacea (& Cativo): The Hardest Tour On Planet EarthPosition Chrome0718750610522New6,999,119000238162us de uk fr
CDPanacea (Drum N Bass): German EngineeringEURForce Inc.0718750610324New6,999,119000274416us de uk fr
LP x 2Panacea (Drum N Bass): German Engineering (Remixes) Position Chrome0718750610461New8,9911,7211600271980us de uk fr
12"Panacea (Drum N Bass): Stormbringer / Jacob's LadderPosition Chrome4014235208502New4,996,516400274925us de uk fr
12"Panacea (Drum N Bass): The Day After / RealityPosition Chrome4014235208540New4,996,516400275176us de uk fr
CDPanacea (Drum N Bass): Underground SuperstardomEURPosition Chrome0718750610829New6,999,119000274535us de uk fr
12"Problem Child: Untitled / Nuclear DeviceGERPosition Chrome4014235208649New4,996,516400268049de uk fr
12"Psychic Parasite: 100% Piano Free E.P.Riot BeatsRIOTBEATS3New4,996,516400275077de uk fr
CDQuoit: Lounge
XS Of Rhythm / Overboasting / Input 3 / Model A
USAInvisible0637642800424New (cut out)1,992,592500297922us de uk fr
12"RODRIGO & GABRIELLA / COSMIC ROCKER: Diem (XRS Remix) / Papo (John B Remix) (WLP, NC)UKOUTCASTE UKOUT53New (not sealed)2,493,253206694169
12"Shruti: Stuckin Beatz EP (Yellow Vinyl)
Breakbeat Tracks: Stuckin Beatz, Genius 13, Up & Down, Wales On Acid (Stuckin Beatz Acidmix)
KlangreglerKLANGREGLER1New (not sealed)2,493,253205053787
CDSShy FX & T-Power: Don't Wanna Know (x2+Video)UK5050466170224New (not sealed)0,991,291200293955us de uk fr
12"Si Begg: John Peel Session 003UKNoodles RecordsNOODRAD1New (not sealed)2,493,253205257706
LP x 2Twintone: Parallel Universe Position Chrome0718750610010New8,9911,7211600271988us de uk fr
CDTwintone: Parallel Universe0718750610027New6,999,119000294559us de uk fr
12"Twintone: The Ambush / Fearless CalypsoGERPosition Chrome0718750609663New4,996,516400268046de uk fr
LP x 2Twintone: World Domination Position Chrome0718750610614New4,495,855800276214us de uk fr
CDTwintone: World Domination EnterprisesPosition Chrome0718750610621New5,997,817700274549us de uk fr
12"VIP (Breakbeat): Axel F (2 Track White Label DJ Copy)
Breakbeat Coverversion In 2 Versions
WHITE LABEL59385M2New (cover not perfect)1,792,332305050607
Electronic: Electro/Electrohouse (Club)
CD x 2 DANCE (ELECTRO) Compilation: E Zone Vol.1 (From East To West)GERAlphabet CityNew (not sealed)1,992,592505257345us de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (ELECTRO) Compilation: EIVISSA 2007 - DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE 2007 LP3UKDefected0826194075781New (not sealed)4,495,855806693296us de uk fr
CD DANCE (ELECTRO) Compilation: Electro - Non Stop !
14 Tracks: A1 People, Biochip C. (Kraftwerk Sample !), Steve Stoll, Computer Rockers, Kerosene, Dmx Krew,...
EURForce Inc.0718750895127New6,999,119000274533us de uk fr
LP x 2 DANCE (ELECTRO) Compilation: Electroclash (2 LP)
Avenue D., Waldorf, W.I.T., Hungry Wives, Chicks On Speed, Siccor Sisters, 2KHz, Moorplay, Memory Boy, Badd Inc., My Robot Friend, Khan, Soviet, Hanayo.
EURUniversal0044006780412New (sealed)4,996,516405031460de uk fr
CD DANCE (ELECTRO) Compilation: Sportler Of The Year - Dekathlon Records Compilation #1
Contains Remixes By Richard Bartz, Zombie Nation, Northern Lite, Sven Väth
GERDekathlon4042564007947New (sealed)1,692,22205152708us de uk fr
12"Aker, Rob Feat. Dino: Everybody I Love You Less And Less / Can't Believe Did SexAzuli0880157132324New (not sealed)2,993,93805157094us de uk fr
12"Bomfunk MC's: Hypnotic (x4)0602498702031New (not sealed)2,993,93805204593us de uk fr
CDCODEC & FLEXOR: Tubed (Produced By Christian Morgenstern)GERFORTE RECORDS0807297025729New2,493,253201297439us de uk fr
12"Danyell: Mind Control /Trip Into The Music / Lash My Pony
A1) Mind Control (3:38) / B1) Trip Into The Music (5:01) / B2) Lash My Pony (6:24)
GERRoad Rage Records0743219800817New (not sealed)1,692,22205051352de uk fr
12"Dejonka: Drink Me (x3 Incl. Original Mix)Hammerskjöld0807297225013New (not sealed)1,992,592505249244us de uk fr
12"Dejonka: Get The Snack (x3 Incl. Original + Kj)Hammerskjöld0807297245318New (not sealed)1,992,592505249246de uk fr
12"ElMar: Suck That (Land Shark & Colt 45S Remix)GERComa Records0644319200319New (not sealed)2,493,253205081775de fr
12"ElMar & The Dead Seal: Suck That / Raw WallGERComa Records0644319200111New (not sealed)1,992,592505081778us de uk fr
12"Garbo (Electro): Hit Me (x2)GERMinimal Sound Noise0090204683673New (not sealed)2,993,93805249235us de uk fr
12"Garbo (Electro): She's A Maniac / Decomiso (WL-Promo)BEAT007New (not sealed)4,996,516405248357
12"HARD & CHEAP: TOO LATE (F**K Off, x4 Incl. Tai Jason & Gee & Lighter Remix, StCover)USAULTRA RECORDS0617465125867New (not sealed)4,495,855805154156us de uk fr
12"King Roc: Feed On Me (Feat. Little Minx, x2, Original Mix + Punx Soundcheck Remix)UKBack Yard5050678221110New (not sealed)1,792,332305051568us de uk fr
12"KOMA & BONES: Speedfreak / Now's The TimeUKThursday Club Records0800505221111New (not sealed)2,493,253205053760de uk fr
CDSKosheen: Harder (x3)UK0743219544520New0,991,291200293904us de uk fr
CDSKosheen: Hungry (x2+1, Full Bear PS)UK0743219343925New0,991,291200293365us de uk fr
CDLIEBE IST COOL: 2GERELECTRIC AVENUE0827170090828New (sealed)3,494,554505158460us de uk fr
12"Linus Loves (Electro): The Victoria Principle EPUKBreastfed Records0823220301869New (not sealed)1,692,22205041708us de uk fr
12"Maral Salmassi: Banana Man (x3 , Feat. Ascii Disko)GERTelevision RecordsTELE014New (not sealed)1,992,592505195810
12"Maral Salmassi: Get On Top (Sex Sells Mix / DJ Naughty Keine Gande Mix)GERTelevision Records0880319156816New (not sealed)1,992,592505194546de uk fr
12"Maral Salmassi: Love (Forever / Does It Really Matter)GERArt Of Perception0880319185618New (not sealed)2,993,93805195807de fr
12"Maral Salmassi: Robot Queen (x3)GERTelevision Records0880319173318New (not sealed)1,992,592505196784de uk fr
12"METOPE: Love (Agapi / Serenity)GERArt Of Perception0880319188817New (not sealed)2,993,93805195809de fr
12"MoPot: Damaged Day - Remixes (Yellow Vinyl)GERTiming RecordsTIM027New (not sealed)1,291,681605204243
12"Mutron (Electro): Hologramized Memories / Get Lost / Stray Sheep (FLC)GERDekathlon0661956008764New (not sealed)2,493,253205152715de uk fr
LP x 2MY ROBOT FRIEND: Dial 0 (Dial Zero) (Orange Vinyl)UKSOMA796122104817New (not sealed)3,494,554506803429us de uk fr
12"Pet (Dance): No Yes No (x2, Incl. M. Lange Mix, NC)UKGRONLAND12GRO007New (not sealed)1,491,941905257738
12"Pet (Dance): Superpet (Orig. Super Version / Evil Nie Remix / Toob Remix / Superdemo 01USAGrönland5037300470443New (not sealed)1,992,592505056070us de uk fr
12"Quesh: Candy Girl (Vocal Mix / Dub Mix)GERTelevision Records88031914401New (not sealed)2,493,253205194551de uk fr
CDQuesh: EgonomicTelevision Records0880319144226New (sealed)3,995,25105195845de uk fr
LP x 2Quesh: EgonomicGERTelevision Records0880319144110New (not sealed)4,495,855805195812
12"Quesh: Love (Katharsis / Kakisahehi)GERArt Of Perception0880319212017New (not sealed)1,992,592505195800de fr
12"Savant DJ: Moviestar (Limited Edition, WL-Promo, 1 Sided !)
Cover Version
12"Slade Brothers: Incognereo (Riot 66, Episode 76, Riot 66 - Instrumental)USATwilight 76 RecordsTHO1007New (not sealed)1,491,941901299558
12"Slag Brothers: Vamp (1 Sided DJ Copy)UKSlag BrothersSLAG003New (not sealed)2,493,253205061007
12"Soffy O: Everybody's Darling (x5)EMI0094635411218New (cover not perfect)1,792,332305154163de uk fr
CDSolar (Electronica): SoullessGERFORTE RECORDS0661956472824New (sealed)3,995,25105195838us de uk fr
12"Soulrack: Analog Girl E.P (3 Tracks)Cray 1 LabworksCRAYONE02New (not sealed)1,291,681605267420
12"Style In: Rock'n'Roll Star / Consumer Overdose / Mother Earth Is CryingTelevision Records0807297049619New (not sealed)1,992,592505195803de uk fr
12"Style Rockets: We Generate Another Hero (NC)GERStyle RocketsSTYR002New (not sealed)1,291,681605271908
12"Tonyboy: Give Me The Fire (Original Mix / Ice Cream Remix)BEB & GHYPE006New (not sealed)1,692,22205053765
12"Trash Mo Pet: We Love All Pussies (x3) / Trick SchhtGERGhetto Charge Music0828766599312New (not sealed)1,792,332305046198de uk fr
12"Tristeza (Electro): Eklettriko (x2, Incl. House Arrest Mix, FLC)EUREntrada MusicNL002New (not sealed)1,992,592505290826
Electronic: Electro/Indietronic
7"Client: Zerox Machine (x2, White Vinyl)UKLoser Friendly Records5055147810055New (not sealed)0,991,291206712831de uk fr
Electronica / Minimal (old! general)
CD x 2 ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Electric Ladyland - The Clickhop Version 1.0EURMille Plateaux0718752310529New8,9911,7211600274422us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Electric Ladyland 4
28 Tracks: Mri, Andreas Tilliander, Akufen, Jetone, Frank Bretschneider,...
Mille Plateaux0718750068927New6,999,119000274596us de uk fr
CD x 2 ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Electric Ladyland 6
23 Tracks: Biochip C., Panacea, Techno Animal, Kerosene,...
EURMille Plateaux718750805522New8,9911,7211600274568us de uk fr
12" ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Friends With Benefits Vol. 1
The Architect Ft. Big Bully - High On Speed / Le K - This Is K / Papa Lang Bass - Just Messin / Daniel Chavez - Glitch That Bitch
GERMineralMNL04New (not sealed)2,993,93805081752
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Hypercity (Mixed By Andrew Weatherall)
5x Multicast, 3x Crix Madine, 2x Ted Sturgeon,...
GERForce Tracks0718756313021New6,999,119000274412us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Klangmaschine_Soundmachine
Air Liquide, Biochip C., J.Burger, Ultrahigh,....
EURMille Plateaux0718751487628New6,999,119000274474us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Met @ Music
EURForce Inc.0718750444622Sup (sealed)2,993,93800274415us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Montreal Smoked Meat
23 Tracks: Biochip C., Panacea, Techno Animal, Kerosene,...
EURForce Inc.0718755995624New (not sealed)6,999,119000274455us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Multicast Presents Further Obliq Perspectives
18 Tracks: 2x Lazyfish, 2x PSI Performer, 2x TenEcke, 2x Monophase, Jake Mandell, Clubsessel, Dennis DeSantis,...
EURK2O0718756561422New (sealed)1,491,941901254027us de uk fr
LP ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Multicast Presents Further Obliq Perspectives
4x Multicast, 2x Crix Madine, Ted Sturgeon, ,...
EURK2O0718756561415New3,995,25101254044de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Müsteerium - Plaadimängijas
17 Freestyle Cover Versions: Enjoy The Silence, The Model, Pack Jam...
ESTUlmeplaadidULM01New (sealed)2,993,93801321438de uk fr
CD (Digipak) ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: No Space For Dogma (K2O Compilation)
18 Tracks: 2x Lazyfish, 2x PSI Performer, 2x TenEcke, 2x Monophase, Jake Mandell, Clubsessel, Dennis DeSantis,...
GERK2O0718756562023New1,491,941901253003us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Polychrom
15 Tracks: 3x Benjamin Wild, Frankie Patella, Margarete Neumann, 2x Floria Boys, 3x Inferior,...
Neuton0661956140624New (not sealed)2,993,93805158457de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Rauschen 11
11 Tracks: Twerk, Tim Hecker, Frank Bretschneider,...
Force Inc.4014235208120New6,999,119000079511us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Rauschen 13
12 Tracks: Akufen, Steve Beaupre, Crackhouse, Jeff Milligan,...
EURForce Inc.0718750442727New2,993,93800274588us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: Rauschen 15 (Mixed By Jasper Von Cytrax)
Snd, Frank Bretschneider, Andreas Tilliander, Claudia Bonarelli, Rob Acid, Luomo, Rechenzentrum,...
EURForce Inc.0718750444226New6,999,119000274599us de uk fr
CD ELEKTRONICA / MINIMAL Compilation: The Force Lab Edition (Mixed By Algorithm)
14 Tracks: Dj Rush, 2X Ian Pooley, Bizz O.D., Mike Inc., Alec Empire,...
EURForce Inc.0718750456021New2,993,93800274480us de uk fr
CDAbrams, Dan: StreamEURMille Plateaux0718750809926New6,999,119000274544us de uk fr
12"Acid Burns: Chicago Vol.1 EP
Ex Force Inc / Mille Plateaux Crew. Track 2 In Memory Of Rai Streubel
GERMolecular Funk Guerilla0661956525469New (not sealed)1,491,941905121488de uk fr
12"Acid Burns: Mainz Vol.1 EP
Ex Force Inc / Mille Plateaux Crew.
GERMolecular Funk Guerilla0661956525360Sup (not sealed)1,491,941905145646de uk fr
CD (Digipak)AGENT BLUE: BlueprintsUKLife 0613878040032New (sealed)2,993,93801297310de uk fr
CDAlka Rex: Shapes To PhasesGERSupralinear4016217056040New (sealed)4,996,516401204331de uk fr
CDAuch: Remix Tomorrow GoodbyeFRAForce Inc.0718750444721New6,999,119000274367us de uk fr
CDBerkovi, Justin: After The NightForce Inc.0718750443328New6,999,119000274843us de uk fr
12"Berkovi, Justin: Goodlife (4 Tracks, NC)
Tracks: Summer, Now We Do, Temptation, Just Right
GERNightraxNTX006New (not sealed)2,493,253205268215
CD (Digipak)Björgulfsson, Heimir [ Heimir Bjorgulfsson]: Discreet Journey DigitalisEURMille Plateaux0718751486829New6,999,119000274576us de uk fr
CDCascone, Kim: ResidualismMille Plateaux0718751486928New6,999,119000295709us de uk fr
CDClubsessel: ClubsesselEURK2O0718756561729New (sealed)1,491,941901254026us de uk fr
LPClubsessel: Clubsessel EURK2O0718756561712New1,992,592501254029de uk
CDCodebase: Style EncodingEURForce Inc.0718755996423New6,999,119000274579us de uk fr
LP x 2Codebase: Style EncodingEURForce Inc.0718755996416New3,995,25100274957us de uk fr
LP x 2Codebase: Style EncodingEURForce Inc.718755996416Sup (not sealed)17,9923,4523300789888
CDCodebase: Style Encoding
Minakatella / I D E / Tengai / Khan
EURForce Inc.0718755996423New (sealed)6,999,119001297252us de uk fr
CDCostello, Donnacha: Growing Up In PublicEURForce Inc.0718750444325New6,999,119000274536us de uk fr
LP x 2Costello, Donnacha: Growing Up In Public
One Of The Best Minimal (Art) Album
EURForce Inc.0718750444318New8,9911,7211600274955us de uk fr
LPCostello, Donnacha: GROWING UP IN PUBLICEFA IMPORTS718750444318Sup (cut out)6,999,119000345366us de uk fr
12"Crane A.K.: 1 2 6 (EP, FLC)GERForce Inc.4018333028383Sup (not sealed)2,993,93801320553de uk fr
LP x 2Crane A.K.: Pink Eyed Pony EURForce Inc.0718756312819New8,9911,7211600275123us de uk fr
CDCrane A.K.: Pink Eyed PonyEURForce Inc.0718756312826New6,999,119000266282us de uk fr
CDCrank (Elektronica): Heftibag
Supermarket Feat. Mia Tuffer / Morgenrot / Fatter
EURMille Plateaux0718750807526New6,999,119000274537us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Crank (Elektronica): Wanton PhenomenaEURMille Plateaux0718750806420New6,999,119000274571us de uk fr
CDCurd Duca: Elevator 3FRAMille Plateaux0718750808424New (not sealed)6,999,119000275995us de uk fr
CDDeSantis, Dennis: Clock WiseEURK2O0718756562221New1,692,22201254028de uk fr
LP x 2DeSantis, Dennis: Clock Wise EURK2O0718756562214New3,995,25101254033de uk fr
12"DeSantis, Dennis: Deviant / Tendrill / SuspendEURK2O0718756561361New2,493,253201254034de uk fr
12"DeSantis, Dennis: Promotion Of Vice (x2 Incl. Alexander Kowalski Remix) / PriorityEURK2O0718756561866New2,493,253201254040us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)DIGITAL JOCKEY: Codeine Dub (FOC, Feat. Terry Armstrong)GERPoets Club Rec.4040598003225New (sealed)2,993,93806135376
LPDIGITAL JOCKEY: Paradies Und Fragment (7 Tracks, STC)GERPoets Club4040598002419New (not sealed)1,992,592505022921de uk fr
CD (Digipak)DIGITAL JOCKEY: Paradies Und Fragment (FOC)GERPoets Club4040598002426New (sealed)1,792,332306135895de uk fr
CDDub Taylor: DETECTForce Tracks0718756313625New6,999,119000274577us de uk fr
12"Dub Taylor: Your Soul (x3 Incl. Luomo Mix, Casino Royale & Original Mix)GERForce Tracks0661956205514New (not sealed)2,493,253205290871us de uk fr
LPDuca, Curd: Elevator Vol. 2 EURMille Plateaux0718750806611New4,996,516400275169de uk fr
CDDuca, Curd: Elevator Vol. 2 - Electro-Acoustic Mood MusicEURMille Plateaux0718750806628New6,999,119000274471us de uk fr
12"Echelon Network: Directions / A New Day / True Commitment / Smooth LandingEURK2O0718756562160New1,491,941901254043de uk fr
12"Edelmatte, Tondacht: I'm Yours / Untitled SummerPersonal records4018939101947New4,996,516400275120us de uk fr
CDEhrhorn, Tilman: TaskEURMille Plateaux0718752312226New6,999,119000274853us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)EIGHT FROZEN MODULES: Clinically Yours (FOC)
EX Force Inc / Mille Plateux Crew
GERPlateaux Resistance0661956525513Sup (sealed)8,9911,7211605121479us de uk fr
12"Electromen: Chatroom Romance (Remix & Original) / Air Raid (x2)EUR0728182900634New2,493,253201318197de uk fr
12"EMC / Electronic Music Center: Zentrum Für Elektronische Musik (Prod. By Pete Namlook)
The Great Hall Of Synthi 100, Instruktion, Digital And Subharmonic Workgroup, Subharmonic Passage, How To Ruin A Song With A Special Sound, Inspection Comitee
CD (Digipak)Geeez'N'Gosh [ Geez N Gosh]: My Life With Jesus (FOC)EURMille Plateaux0718750809025New6,999,119000274846us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Geeez'N'Gosh [ Geez N Gosh]: My Life With Jesus (FOC)EURMille Plateaux0718750809025New (sealed)6,999,119001297182us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Geeez'N'Gosh [ Geez N Gosh]: Nobody KnowsEURMille Plateaux0718752311120New6,999,119000272753us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Geeez'N'Gosh [ Geez N Gosh]: Nobody KnowsEURMille Plateaux0718752311120New (sealed)6,999,119001297251us de uk fr
CDG-Man (Electronica): Avanti
Tracks: Touched, Guiro Check, True Believers
EURForce Inc.0718755995921New (sealed)6,999,119001368002
CDG-Man (Electronica): Avanti
Tracks: Touched, Guiro Check, True Believers
EURForce Inc.0718755995921New6,999,119000274413us de uk fr
12"Heinrich At Hart: Attackship GERPosition Chrome0718750607461New4,996,516400268062de uk fr
CDHeinrich At Hart: Heinrich At HartEURForce Inc.0718750608321New6,999,119000141371us de uk fr
12"Heinrich At Hart: Vocal / John / What Once Was WestGERPosition Chrome4014235208663New4,996,516400275060us de uk fr
CDJetone: UltramarinEURForce Inc.0718755995327New6,999,119000274532us de uk fr
CDJirku,Tomas: SequinsEURForce Inc.0718750444523New6,999,119000274830us de uk fr
LP x 2Jirku,Tomas: Sequins
Analogue Ice / Harmonika / Lynch-Session
EURForce Inc.0718750444516New8,9911,7211600274954us de uk fr
12"Keni Mok: Biocenter 1 / Biocenter 2 / Biocenter 2 - S'ApexedEURPoets Club Rec.PCR002New (not sealed)2,993,93805255762
CDK-Led: Tomorrow In The MorningEURForce Inc.0718755996522New6,999,119000274417us de uk fr
CDK-Led: Tomorrow In The MorningEURForce Inc.0718755996522New (sealed)6,999,119001297415us de uk fr
CD + DVDKöner, Thomas: Nuuk (Audio CD+ DVD)EURMille Plateaux Media4016217055104Sup (sealed)12,9916,9416805022822us de uk fr
CDKouhei Matsunaga: Upside DownGERMille Plateaux0718750805423New6,999,119000294495us de uk fr
CDLazyfish & Alexandroid: OSGERK2O0718756563129New (sealed)1,792,332301253010de uk fr
LPLazyfish & Alexandroid: OS (Limited Edition 500 Copies Only !)GERK2O0718756561620New1,992,592501254030us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Lazyfish (& Mewark) / Mewark: Lazyfish / MewarkGERK2O0718756561620New (sealed)1,491,941901253029us de uk fr
12"Lowfour (Andreas Tilliander): Repeatle (4 Track E.P.)
Tracks: Köttärmord / Jagärvegan / Pälsärmord / Ätintekorv
GERForce Inc.6619560260171New (not sealed)2,993,93800275128de uk fr
12"Lucioperca: Crush On Someone EPGERNeedful GrooveNG03New (not sealed)1,291,681605055958
12"Luomo: Diskonize Me / Body SpeakingGERForce Tracks0661956204616New4,996,516400275143de uk fr
CDM2 (M²): Sinecore (Written & Produced By Panacea)GERForce Inc.0718750808820New3,494,554500274467us de uk fr
12"Mandell, Jake: Crusty Effluvia (2 Channel Downmix, Teenage Piercing & Monolake Remix)EURK2O0718756562467New1,491,941901254041de uk fr
CDMarvin Ayres: CellosphereFRAMille Plateaux0718751485129New6,999,119000294492us de uk fr
LPMathieu, Stephan: Frequencylib EURMille Plateaux0718751487314New4,996,516400275184de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Mathieu, Stephan: Wurmloch VariationenEURRitornell / Mille Plateaux / Vertical.fm0718751486621New6,999,119000274551us de uk fr
CDMewark: Little OneGERK2O0718756562627New (sealed)1,792,332301253038us de uk fr
12"Mr. G / Mr.G: Rude But Not Nasty E.P. (3 Tracks)
A) Rude But Not Nasty / B1) Workout / B2) Push Beatz II
UKPhoenix G.PG020New (not sealed)1,992,592505063082
12"ND : Verstehen Sie Bass (x1+2, NC)GERMicro.Fon0661956561269New (not sealed)1,291,681605271935de fr
12"Nerve Agent: It Don't Mean Nuthin / Frisky Fixed It (x2 Incl. Atome Remix)Clan AnalogueNew (not sealed)0,991,291201452939
CDOzy: TokeiEURForce Inc.0718755995822New6,999,119000274563us de uk fr
CDPARADROID: Romanticism In Robotic Systems
Ex Force Inc / Mille Plateux Crew
GERPlateaux Resistance0661956624216Sup (sealed)8,9911,7211605121481us de uk fr
LP x 2Pluramon: Bit Sand Riders Mille Plateaux0718750809117New8,9911,7211600274940us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Pluramon: Bit Sand Riders (FOC)GERMille Plateaux0718750809124New6,999,119000210210us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Random Industries: Selected Random Works (Extracted By Sebastian Meissner)
Feat. Dub Taylor, Andreas Tilliander,...
EURMille Plateaux0718751486522New6,999,119000274821us de uk fr
12"Remute: Bugbear EP (FLC)GERDekathlon0661956556609New (not sealed)2,493,253205152728de uk fr
CDRiou: Exhibition Of The SamplesUSA4018058155036New (cut out)6,999,119000298178de uk fr
CDRip-Off Artist, The: PumpEURMille Plateaux0718752310628New6,999,119000274460us de uk fr
LP x 2Rip-Off Artist, The: Pump EURMille Plateaux0718752310611New (not sealed)8,9911,7211600274942us de uk fr
CDS Apex: Audiodesign (8 Tracks)GERPoets Club4040598001429New (not sealed)4,495,855805254632us de uk fr
12"S Apex: Henryk / Funkstörung Remix (Sticker Cover)EURPoets Club Rec.4040598001702New (not sealed)2,493,253205048847de uk fr
12"S Apex: Out There Back On (S Apex Plays Pandrama) / Procedure 1 (FLC)EURPoets Club Rec.PCR008New (not sealed)2,993,93805255767
CDSchaffhäuser, Mathias: Hotel LidoEURForce Tracks0718756310624New6,999,119000274419us de uk fr
CDShannon, Mike: Slight Of HandEURForce Inc.0718755996225New6,999,119000274528us de uk fr
CDShapes & Forms: Shapes & FormsEURK2O0718756561224New (sealed)1,491,941901254025us de uk fr
12"Station Rose: Live @Home 1GERGunafaGUNAFA05New (not sealed)2,493,253205203125
12"Station Rose: Live @Home 2GERGunafaGUNAFA007New (not sealed)2,493,253205202691
12"Station Rose: Live @Home 4 / So Far /Wysiwyg / Nature Is CoolGERGunafa0661956163319New1,792,332301299894de uk fr
CDStation Rose: Playing NowGERGunafa0661956007422New (sealed)1,692,22201297478us de uk fr
LP x 2Stavöstrand, Mikael: Reduce Force Inc.0718750444912New8,9911,7211600272006us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Stilluppsteypa: Stories Part Five (FOC)EURMille Plateaux0718751487420New4,495,855800274494us de uk fr
CDSturm (Reinhard Voigt): SturmgestenMille Plateaux0718750807427New6,999,119000274562us de uk fr
LP x 2Sturm (Reinhard Voigt): Sturmgesten Mille Plateaux0718750807410New8,9911,7211600274924us de uk fr
CDSzczesny, Dawid: Unheard TreatsGERSupralinear4016217056026New (sealed)6,999,119001204327de uk fr
12"Tenecke: Adi-Pre Puddled (x2) / BodegaNchlor / G.D.O.I. / CrateEkistics)EURK2O0718756561569New1,291,681601254042de uk fr
CDTenecke: Block TerrainGERK2O0718756561927New (sealed)1,491,941901253027us de uk fr
CDThaemlitz, Terre: IntersticesEURMille Plateaux0718750809421New6,999,119000274457us de uk fr
LPThaemlitz, Terre: Oh, No: It'S Rubato Mille Plateaux0718752310314New4,996,516400274870us de uk fr
LPThaemlitz, Terre: Replicas Rubato - Piano Interpretations Of Gary Numan Titles (incl. Poster)Mille Plateaux0718750807113New4,996,516400272065us de uk fr
12"Thomason, James: Quilted Jacket EP
Midnight In The House Of Stars / Plokpa / Unicorn Magnificent
CARevolver Recordings0691634142763New (not sealed)2,493,253205083629de fr
12"Three Piranhas: God Wears Flares / Scarlet PumpernickelGERHolistic RecordingsAB016New (not sealed)2,993,93805204232
CD (Digipak)Tietchens, Asmus: Alpha-MengeEURMille Plateaux0718751486225New6,999,119000274833us de uk fr
LP x 2Tilliander, Andreas (Mille Plateaux): Elit EURMille Plateaux0718752311410New8,9911,7211600271974us de uk fr
CDTilliander, Andreas (Mille Plateaux): ElitEURMille Plateaux0718752311427New6,999,119000274357us de uk fr
CDTilliander, Andreas (Mille Plateaux): ElitEURMille Plateaux0718752311427New (sealed)6,999,119001297247us de uk fr
CDTwerk: Now I'm Rendered UselessEURForce Inc.0718755995228New5,497,167100274520us de uk fr
CDTwerk: Now I'm Rendered UselessEURForce Inc.0718755995228New (sealed)4,996,516405279868
12"Unger, Tobias: Point Of Fainting / Press Your BodyGERExun0827170078260New (not sealed)1,992,592505271275us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Varley, Gez: Bayou Paradis (FOC)EURForce Inc.0718755995129New6,999,119000274570us de uk fr
LP x 2Vita (Elektronica): Ena EURForce Inc.0718755995518New8,9911,7211600272005us de uk fr
CDVita (Elektronica): EnaEURForce Inc.0718755995525New6,999,119000274525us de uk fr
12"Vita (Elektronica): Vita E.P.Force Inc.6619560260140New4,996,516400275127de uk fr
LP x 2White, Geoff: Questions And Comments EURForce Inc.0718755995419New (not sealed)8,9911,7211600272024us de uk fr
CDWhite, Geoff: Questions And CommentsEURForce Inc.0718755995426New6,999,119000274557us de uk fr
CDWollscheid, Achim: 60 X XEURMille Plateaux0718752457828New6,999,119000274572us de uk fr
CDWollscheid, Achim: Shifts
Nature's Child / Looking 4 Adventure / Playoff / System File
Ritornell / Mille Plateaux / Vertical.fm0718751486720New (not sealed)6,999,119000274981us de uk fr
CD (Digipak)Wollscheid, Achim: Shifts (FOC)GERRitornell / Mille Plateaux / Vertical.fm0718751486720New (sealed)-1-1,3-1306727418us de uk fr
LP x 2Yagya: Rhythm Of Snow EURForce Inc.0718755995716New (not sealed)8,9911,7211600271971us de uk fr
CDZorn: Cruel SummerGERK2O0718756562726New (sealed)2,493,253201253043de uk fr
Entertainer / Vocalists
CD x 2Sinatra, Frank: Ol' Blue Eyes (36 Tracks)5033606000940New1,491,941900242419de uk fr
CDSinatra, Frank: The Early Years5014797230811New (sealed)1,491,941900242064de uk fr
Ethno Pop/Bhangra/Gregorian Pop
DVD Ethno Pop / Bhangra / Gregorian Compilation: Gregorian Chants - The Secret Of Gregorian ChantsGER4260053475385New (sealed)1,491,941905145770de uk fr
12"Deep Forest: Endangered Species - Galleon Remixes (x3) Ch. Hornbeutel Mixes (x2)FRASony5099767291467New (not sealed)1,692,22205045081de uk fr
12"Deep Forest: Endangered Species (Christian Hornbostel Remix & Tribedub - 1 Sided Promo)
Prod. & Remixed By Christian Hornborstel & Peter Kent
FRASonySAMPCS11719New (not sealed)2,493,253205070079
Folk (American / British)
CDAlways August: Largeness With (W)holesUSASST0018861013527New (cut out)1,491,941900297432us de uk fr
7"DONKIN, DYLAN: Make A Choice / Depression YesterdaysUKWall Of Sound5413356480641New (not sealed)0,991,291206803421de uk fr
7"FROBERG, TOBIAS: God's Highway / God's Highway: The Gospel SessionUKPOPTONES5055042871243New (not sealed)0,991,291206715989us de uk fr
7"FROBERG, TOBIAS: SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY (x2 Incl. Live Version)UK5055042871229New (not sealed)1,692,22206782854us de uk fr
7"FROBERG, TOBIAS: When The Night Turns Cold / SomeoneUKFire Egg Recordings5055042811164New (not sealed)0,991,291206712838de uk fr
7"HOWLE, DANIELLE: High School Dance / Word From Our SponsorUKSub PopSP386New (not sealed)0,991,291206697690
7"YORKSTON, JAMES & ATHLETES: Surf Dong / Song To The SirenUK5034202120179New (not sealed)1,992,592506787119de uk fr
Folk (Celtic / Irish)
CD x 2 FOLK / CELTIC / IRISH FOLK Compilation: Drag Lines - New Irish TraditionsGERBlue Sun4024348022018New (sealed)1,491,941900242012de uk fr
CD FOLK / CELTIC / IRISH FOLK Compilation: Irish Accordion Favourites
15 Tracks: Turkey In The Straw, The Oslo Waltz, Irish Washerwoman, The Silver Spear,...
Time Music InternationalNew1,491,941900257701de uk fr
CD FOLK / CELTIC / IRISH FOLK Compilation: Irish Songs You Have Loved
18 Tracks: Ann Brean, Susan Mccann, Margo...
GERTime Music International5033606011427New1,491,941900255428us de uk fr
CD FOLK / CELTIC / IRISH FOLK Compilation: The Cream Of Irish MusicGERBlue Sun4024348020014New1,491,941900255436us de uk fr
CD FOLK / CELTIC / IRISH FOLK Compilation: The Cream Of New Irish Music Vol. 2GERBlue Sun4024348020366New1,491,941900242013de uk fr
CD VARIOUS ARTISTS (Folk): Celtic Classics - All-Time Favourite Irish BalladsTime Music International5033606014022New1,491,941900257696us de uk fr
CDMiddleton, Steve: Cathedrals & CastlesGERMariposa4024348030297New1,491,941900257706de uk fr
Freestyle / Bass
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle 80's (incl. Great The Model Vocoder Cover Version !)
17 Freestyle Cover Versions: Enjoy The Silence, The Model, Pack Jam...
ZYX0090204932832New1,692,22200231256us de uk fr
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle Classic Hits0090204985999New1,491,941900241457us de uk fr
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle Cover Hits (incl. Great Vocoder The Model Cover Version)
16 Tracks: DJ Double D, Bruda Sven Feat. B.H.T., Jorge Der Katastrophilosoph, Funky Fresh Show, E.V.L., Blabbwona,...
0090204931903New1,491,941900243069us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Baha Men: You All Dat (x2+1 + Who Let The Dogs Out Video, FOC)USAS-CURVE RECORDS0807315100223New (sealed)1,291,681601389545
12"DJ Magic Mike: IT'S AUTOMATIC (x2) / Bonus / Back To Haunt You (Ext. Vers.+ 1 Non LP Track !)USACheetah Records0021257950610New (sealed)1,992,592501287587
CDPhase IV (Phase 4): VS The Rubber-Intruders From Planet BaohEURForce Inc.0718750443229New2,993,93800212996us de uk fr
12"Silent Earth: Slide Into Yellow Dimensions (3 Great Electro Tracks)GER4031851999768New1,491,941900294534de uk fr
French Artists
CD (Digipak) FRENCH ARTISTS Compilation: Le Village Vert Presente Panorama
Superflu, Czerkinsky, Pierre Bondu, Télépopmusik, Autour De Lucie,...
FRA3383001337922New (sealed)2,493,253205027202
CD FRENCH ARTISTS Compilation: V.F. - Versions FollesFRAWarner5050466674821New (sealed)1,692,22205051398de uk fr
LP x 2ALIF TREE: Spaced (2LP)EUR0044001830716New (cover not perfect)2,493,253205032489de uk fr
LP x 2ALIF TREE: Spaced (2LP)EUR0044001830716New (sealed)3,494,554505031370de uk fr
12"Alizee: J'en Ai Marre - Remixes (Soft Skin Club/Bubbly Club RX/Goldfish Is Under... RX)
Red Vinyl !
EURPolydor0044006575315New (sealed)2,993,93805051426
CDBackstab: Aiki-TaisoFRA3597491449427New2,493,253200278493de uk fr
12"Benoit: Tourne Toi Benoit (Maxi Mix / Maxi Version & Instrumental)FRAScorpio3283451010102New (not sealed)2,493,253205070458de uk fr
CDBerger, Michel: Talents Essentiels - Michel Berger 1 (1973-1981)FRAWarner0809274562227New (sealed)1,992,592505031133us de uk fr
CDBerger, Michel: Talents Essentiels - Michel Berger 2FRAWarner0809274562326New (sealed)1,692,22205027320us de uk fr
10"Blue Stars, Les: Les Blue Stars (Accompagnes Par Les Orchestres Jean Mercadier & J. Brienne, RI)FRABarclay0044007606902New (sealed)4,996,516405184101de uk fr
LPBrel, Jacques: J'arrive - Reedition En VinyleFRABarclay0602498141571New (sealed)4,495,855805031363de uk fr
LP x 2Bruel, Patrick: Entre-DeuxFRA0743219268112New (sealed)4,996,516405031354de uk fr
LP x 2Bruel, Patrick: Entre-DeuxFRA0743219268112New (cover not perfect)3,995,25105032487de uk fr
LP x 3Christophe: Olympia 2002 (Limited Numbered Edition, 3 Discs)
Incl. Les Paradis Perdus, Le Mots Bleus, Aline, La Dolce Vita, Petite Fille Du Soleil...
EURAZ0044006482811New (sealed)9,9913,0212905093926de uk fr
CDC'Kans: En Nou KontinieFRALusafrica3307510878325New1,491,941900296728de uk fr
DVDCORNEILLE: Live AcoustiqueFRA3596971026875New (sealed)2,493,253205050637de uk fr
LP x 2Cossett, Sandy: Au Bonheur (2LP FOC)EUR5050466061010New (sealed)3,995,25105031424de uk fr
10"Dalida: Garde Moi LA Derniere Danse (Limited Edition, FOC)
Original Release From 1960
FRABarclay0044006552101New (sealed)4,996,516405053389de uk fr
10"Dalida: Le Petit Gonzales (Lim. No. Edition)
Reprint From 1962 !
FRABarclay0044006552002New (sealed)3,995,25105080240de uk fr
LPDORIAND: Le Grand Bain (Limited Edition LP+CD)EUR0602498221785New5,497,167105031398de uk fr
LPDouchka: Douchka: Fantasie-Fantasia, Basil, A Singapour, C'Est GrandEURIbach / Carrere / Walt Disney Productions3218030663943New (sealed)3,494,554505031345de uk fr
12"Douchka: Sur Mon Ile Du Disney Channel (x4, Enregistrement & Mix New York - USA, Pic.Co.)FRAIbach / Carrere / Walt Disney Productions3218030087930New (not sealed)2,993,93805085257de uk fr
LP x 2Dutronc, Jacques: Madame L'existence (FOC, Incl. Poster)FRAColumbia5099751204510New (sealed)4,996,516405051472de uk fr
CDFelicien: Ole! Ole!EURUp Music3283451102326New (sealed)2,493,253205051416us de uk fr
CD x 2Francois, Claude: Souvenir / Vol.1 Et Vol.2 EUR0745099774721New (sealed)3,995,25105042399de uk fr
CDFrancois, Claude: Talents Essentiels - Claude Francois 2FRAWarner0809274567925New (sealed)1,792,332305027288us de uk fr
LPGréco, Juliette: Aimez-Vous Les Autres Ou Bien DisparaissezFRAPolydor0602498137925New (sealed)3,995,25105045089de uk fr
10"Hallyday, Johnny: L'Idole Des Jeunes No. 4 (Limited Numbered Edition)
Reprint From 1963 !
FRAMercury - Philips0044006366609New (sealed)3,995,25105053386de uk fr
10"Hallyday, Johnny: No 3 (Limited Numbered Edition)FRAMercury0044006366401New (sealed)3,995,25105149254de uk fr
CDHallyday, Johnny: Sang Pour SangEUR0731454662529New (not sealed)1,992,592501434002us de uk fr
12"Jalane: L'Ecole De La Vie / Infidele - Feat. Diam's (Promo With Sticker Cover)FRAEpicSAMPMS13364New (not sealed)2,493,253205070747
CDJenifer: LE PASSAGEEURUNIVERSAL INT'L0602498196038New (not sealed)1,792,332301434712
CDJonasz, Michel: POLE QUESTEUREMI INT'L0724352630523New (sealed)1,491,941905042991us de uk fr
CDLAAM: Une Vie Ne Suffit PasFRAEMI0724353275426New (not sealed)1,692,22205031373us de uk fr
CDLAAM: Une Vie Ne Suffit PasFRAEMI0724353275426New (sealed)2,493,253205043002us de uk fr
CDLabelle, Jean-Guy / Robert Paquette: Un Cadeau De NoelCA0774668205427New (sealed)2,493,253201234583us de uk fr
CDLALANNE, FRANCIS: D'une Vie A L'autre (Incl. Bonus Tracks)FRAWarner0809274997821New (sealed)1,792,332305031154us de uk fr
CD x 2Lama, Serge: UN JOUR UNE VIEWEA INTERNATIONAL5050466527424New (sealed)2,493,253205057532
CD x 2LEMAY, LYNDA: 1Er - 2Eme Albums (2 Albums In Original Artwork In Box Set)FRAWarner0809274151322New (sealed)3,995,25105042398de uk fr
CD + Bonus PackLEMAY, LYNDA: Du Coq A L Ame (Limited Collectors Edition)FRA0809274093127New (sealed)3,995,25105027041de uk fr
12"Leslie (French): On N'Sait Jamais (Radio Edit / Laurent F. / Antoine Clamaran / A Capella Mix)FRAEMC Records0828765024211New (sealed)1,992,592505070071de uk fr
CDMabea, Julie: Synthese (Best Of)EURLusafrica3252413621724New (cut out)1,491,941900297969de uk fr
CDMathey: Iyo FRALusafrica3252413622424New (cut out)1,491,941900297038de uk fr
LPMatmatah: Rebelote (FOC)EURLa Ouache3296633108078New (sealed)3,995,25105044825de uk fr
CDMichael, Frank: Entre NousFRA3283451101725New (sealed)1,992,592505057533us de uk fr
CDMichael, Frank: Selection Talents - Frank MichaelFRAWarner3283451102227New (sealed)1,992,592505031131us de uk fr
LPOlivier, Franck: Le Joueur D'Arc-En-Ciel62CBS25263New (cover not perfect)1,992,592500118538
LPOrly (French): MateriauFRA3383001443166New (sealed)4,996,516405031426de uk fr
LP x 2Paravel, Renaud: La Surface De Reparation (From OST: My Bizarre Life)FRAImpala0743219210012New (sealed)8,9911,7211605105363de uk fr
CDPerret, Pierre: Cui-LaEURWEA0809274930828New (sealed)1,491,941905027140us de uk fr
12"PIERPOLJAK: Allez Les Filles (4 Track EP, Feat. K. Queens)FRA0602498151716New (sealed)1,992,592505046268de uk fr
LP x 2PIERPOLJAK: Stim Turban (FOC)EURBarclay0602498123478New (sealed)5,497,167105031321de uk fr
12"Renaud / Papillon / Paravel: J Aime Tonku - RemixesBig Impala0743219550910New (sealed)2,993,93805093972de uk fr
CDSaint-Amand, Claudia: Pour Moi C'est VousFRAWorld Creol3307510875126New (cut out)1,491,941900296942de uk fr
12"Samet, Kayna: Blazee D'La Life (+ Instrumental)EURVoix Publik0731457086919New (cover not perfect)2,993,93805149272de uk fr
LP x 2Sapho: Live Au Bataclan (FOC)FRACelluloid3307516680014New (not sealed)3,494,554505257201
LPSapho: Passions,Passons FRAAntigel3307516676611New (not sealed)3,995,25105061928de uk fr
LP x 2SISSOKO, J-MI: Eklektik (FOC)FRA5099750963111New (sealed)3,494,554505031358de uk fr
LP x 2SISSOKO, J-MI: Eklektik (FOC)FRA5099750963111New (cover not perfect)2,493,253205032493de uk fr
LPStandards, Les: Jack & Jerry / Le Sermon De Jack Le Precheur / Le Jerry Lee Du JackpotFRACelluloid6714New (not sealed)3,995,25105070924
LP x 2TRYO: Grain De Sable (15 Track 2 LP Set, FOC)FRASalut O5099751126713New (not sealed)6,498,468405051359us de uk fr
LP x 2WALLEN (French): A Force De Vivre (2LP)FRA3296630240214New (sealed)5,497,167105031447de uk fr
German Folk / Songwriter
CDHandstreych: Da Will Ich Doch Grad Hin (Reno Rebscher & Ulrich Kind)GERTrendTCD0970051New (sealed)-1-1,3-1305300407
German Language Artists (Pop/Rock)
CDSBank, Die: Blaue Augen
4031851998556New0,991,291200254644us de uk fr
CDBank, Die: Gigakroll4031851997320New1,491,941900254382us de fr
CDSHella (Big Brother): Liebst Du Mich...5099767392621New (sealed)0,991,291201202748us de uk fr
LPKrumbiegel, Sebastian: Geradeaus Abgebogen (OIS)EUR0828765897013New (not sealed)3,494,554505045082de uk fr
CDSWendehals, Gottlieb: Sum, Sum, Sum (x1+2 incl. Holsteinlied)GER4033193000225New0,991,291200272210us de uk fr
CDSZucker: Die Sonne Gesehen (x2+2)4041486000074New0,991,291200278527us de uk fr
CDZucker: Generation P4041486000067New1,491,941900231290de uk fr
German Punk/Deutschpunk/Oi
CDA.O.K.: Gibt Es Ein Leben Nach Dem FrühstückGERMetal Enterprises4031851998624New1,491,941900242024de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Der Gerechtigkeit Zuliebe (incl. 2 Bonus Tracks)GER4020779000717New1,491,941900295591us de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Schicksal - 89-98 Zum AbschiedGERTug Records4020779000908New1,491,941900295586de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Sie Oder Wir - 89 bis 94GERTug Records4020779000823New1,491,941900295590de uk fr
CDKalte Krieger: Mein Letzter SchreiGERTug Records4020779000892New1,491,941900295596de uk fr
German Schlager
CD x 2 SCHLAGER Mixes: Der Goldene HitmixMCP9002986504177New1,491,941900242860us de uk fr
CD x 2 SCHLAGER Mixes: Der Goldene Hitmix Vol 2MCP9002986504238New1,491,941900242829us de uk fr
CDSAnders, Christian: Kapitän (x2+1)BEV Music AG4031851997351New0,991,291200198057us de uk fr
CDDarco: O SignorinaGERBEV Music AG4031851997429New1,491,941900217477us de uk fr
CDSIbo: Paella Mega Mix4002587021726New0,991,291200145106us de uk fr
LPJürgens, Udo: Udo '70 (Neuauflage)EUR0828766478112New (not sealed)2,993,93805031356de uk fr
DVDWhittaker, Roger: All Of My LifeGER4260053475668Sup (sealed)1,491,941905165931de uk
German Volksmusik
LP VOLKSMUSIK Compilation: Shanties Live - Originalaufnahme Vom Wettstreit Der Shanty-Chöre Im DMBGERDeutscher MarinebundDK92New (not sealed)1,992,592505269203
Heavy Metal
CD454 Big Block: Your JesusCentury Media0727701778426New (sealed)1,491,941900297953us de uk fr
CDAversion: Fit To Be TiedCARestless0018777258326New (sealed)1,692,22200282902us de uk fr
CDBarnyard Slut: Force FieldUSAGrass Records0017531505225New1,491,941900281351us uk fr
CDDebase: The World Is ListeningGERBEV Music AG4031851993124New1,491,941900231930de uk fr
CDDisgust: Brutality Of WarUSAEarache0745316010427New (sealed)1,992,592501326990us de uk fr
CDFearless Leaders: ! # $ ; !USAHell Yeah0053477000028New (sealed)1,992,592500297919us de uk fr
CDGobblehoof: Freezerburn USANew Alliance0018861108025New (cut out)1,491,941900268404us de uk fr
CDHeat, The: Goldfinger (Prod. By Mat Sinner)UK4025235850080New1,491,941900295601us de uk fr
CDInsult II Injury: Point Of ThisCACentury Media0727701778624New1,491,941900277856us de uk fr
CDKaizen: Clear The PathFRA3700226403209New1,992,592500278873us de uk fr
LPKiller: Young BloodFRAPower Records9802New (not sealed)3,494,554505085255
LP x 2Mekong Delta: Lurking Fear (2LP, 180Gr. FOC)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070613New (sealed)9,9913,0212905165388us de uk fr
CDMekong Delta: Lurking Fear (Jewel Case Edition)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070422New (sealed)8,9911,7211605165392us de uk fr
CD + DVDMekong Delta: Lurking FEar (Lim.Digipack Edition+DVD)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070521New (sealed)4,996,516405165395us de uk fr
CDMekong Delta: Pictures At An ExhibitionZardozZARDOZ200212Sup (sealed)6,498,468405066324
CDSNaked Apes: Wasted (x1+1+Video)UKSound Foundation5050294148822New0,991,291201211577us de uk fr
CDSNaked Apes: Wasted (x1+2)UKSound Foundation5050294148921New0,991,291200322447de uk fr
CDNew Eden: Obscure Master PlanNuclear Blast0727361634124New (sealed)1,992,592500298362us de uk fr
CDNonoyesno: Deepshit, ArkansasUSANuclear Blast0727361609320New1,491,941900013403us uk fr
CDOptimum Wound Profile: Silver Or LeadCARoadrunner0016861904029New (cut out)1,491,941900055516us de uk fr
12"Oriental Spas: Street Lines / ConcubineUSAOV1214New (sealed)3,494,554505246616
CDPost Mortem: Destined For FailureUSARed Light0097688836328New (sealed)1,491,941900163785us de uk fr
CDPost Mortem: Festival Of FunUSARed Light0097688835925New (cut out)1,491,941900298393us de uk fr
CDSoulquake System: ANGRY BY NATURE UGLY BY CHOICEUSABLACK MARK RECORDS0602276009925New (sealed)1,992,592501234592
CDStalynn: Der Beginn
Prod. By Gary Wheeler & Ingo Nowotny
GERMetal Enterprises4031851997528New1,491,941900242415us de fr
CDSymon-Asher: Three Color SunUSAMiramar Recordings0090062800120New1,491,941900275104us uk fr
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD1 (x3)EURGut Records5018766997477New0,991,291201210882
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD2 (x1+1+Video)EURGut Records5018766997484New0,991,291201211959us de uk fr
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD3 (x1+2)UKGut Records5018766997491New0,991,291201210901
CDXtra Large: Now I Eat ThemUSAGiant 0075992446921New (cut out)1,491,941900275223us de uk fr
Hip Hop / Rap
CD HIP-HOP / R&B Mixes: Obscene Underground Vol 2 Ass - MastermindCA0627982700225New (sealed)5,497,167101231426us de uk fr
CD HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Back To New Jack (Presented By DJ Lam.C)EURWarner5050466386526New (sealed)1,992,592505051396de uk fr
LP x 2 HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Double Face 5 ( DJ Kost & DJ Goldfingers)
Mario, K-Ci & Jojo, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliott, Kool Shen, Fat Joe, Cam'Ron...
FRABarclay0044006872919New (sealed)3,995,25105054517de uk fr
CD HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Hip Hop 'N Jazz (US 3 , Jazzmatazz, Joi, Solsonics...)USACEMA Special MarketsS2118016New (sealed)1,491,941905064341
LP x 3 HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Urban Club Set 1 (J Records, 18 Tracks, 3 LPs)
Eric Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Alicia Keys...
EURJ Records0743219253019New (not sealed)3,995,25105051358de uk fr
CD SOUNDTRACKS (Rap / Hip-Hop): Phat Beach
14 Tracks: E-40, Rod King, Suga T, Chubb Rock,...
USA0016581802025New1,491,941900022647us de fr
CD SOUNDTRACKS (Rap / Hip-Hop): Trespas
Ice-T, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Sir Mix-A-Lot, ...
0075992697828New (cut out)1,792,332305071257us de uk fr
CD2WICE OF OFF DA HOOK: WUZ CRACKULATIN 2000USAKNOCKOUT ENT.0693607110724New (sealed)1,692,22205064384
CD3 Grand: 3 Bad BrothersUSA0019011415727New (cut out)1,491,941900298925us de uk fr
CDBADDAZIS: FUEL TO DA FIREUSA0765481528824New (sealed)1,491,941905064314
CDSBeenieman: Feel It Boy (feat. Janet Jackson, x4)EURVirgin0724354676925New0,991,291200293419us de uk fr
CDSBeenieman: Streetlife (x4+ Video)UK0724354697807New0,991,291200322093us