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Acid Jazz
CD ACID JAZZ Compilation: Nights In French Satin Vol.25028557803825New (sealed)1,992,592505302625us de uk fr
CD ACID JAZZ Compilation: The Best Of Funky FamilyGERSoulciety4025478005520New2,493,253201175047
CDCHOP SHOP: Recovered Pieces4015434003622New1,491,941901173010us de uk fr
CDFrancis, Dean: Black Is All ThatGERSoulciety4025478006824New1,491,941901173002us de uk fr
CDFrancis, Dean: Black Is All That4025478006824New1,491,941901173003us de uk fr
CDSoul, Truth & Power: ShakeGERSoulciety4015434002120New1,491,941900064627us de uk fr
Breakdance / Electrofunk / Oldschool
CDTreacherous Three: Old School FlavaUSA0019011812823New (cut out)1,491,941900297946us de uk fr
Freestyle / Bass
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle 80's (incl. Great The Model Vocoder Cover Version !)
17 Freestyle Cover Versions: Enjoy The Silence, The Model, Pack Jam...
ZYX0090204932832New1,692,22200231256us de uk fr
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle Classic Hits0090204985999New1,491,941900241457us de uk fr
CD FREESTYLE/ ELECTRO Compitation: Freestyle Cover Hits (incl. Great Vocoder The Model Cover Version)
16 Tracks: DJ Double D, Bruda Sven Feat. B.H.T., Jorge Der Katastrophilosoph, Funky Fresh Show, E.V.L., Blabbwona,...
0090204931903New1,491,941900243069us de uk fr
CDPhase IV (Phase 4): VS The Rubber-Intruders From Planet BaohEURForce Inc.0718750443229New2,993,93800212996us de uk fr
Hip Hop / Rap
CD HIP-HOP / R&B Mixes: Obscene Underground Vol 2 Ass - MastermindCA0627982700225New (sealed)5,497,167101231426us de uk fr
CD HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Back To New Jack (Presented By DJ Lam.C)EURWarner5050466386526New (sealed)1,992,592505051396de uk fr
CD HIP-HOP / Rap / RNB Compilation: Hip Hop 'N Jazz (US 3 , Jazzmatazz, Joi, Solsonics...)USACEMA Special MarketsS2118016New (sealed)1,491,941905064341
CD SOUNDTRACKS (Rap / Hip-Hop): Phat Beach
14 Tracks: E-40, Rod King, Suga T, Chubb Rock,...
USA0016581802025New1,491,941900022647us de fr
CD SOUNDTRACKS (Rap / Hip-Hop): Trespas
Ice-T, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Sir Mix-A-Lot, ...
0075992697828New (cut out)1,792,332305071257us de uk fr
CD2WICE OF OFF DA HOOK: WUZ CRACKULATIN 2000USAKNOCKOUT ENT.0693607110724New (sealed)1,692,22205064384
CD3 Grand: 3 Bad BrothersUSA0019011415727New (cut out)1,491,941900298925us de uk fr
CDBADDAZIS: FUEL TO DA FIREUSA0765481528824New (sealed)1,491,941905064314
CDBLACK, QUINT: SHAKE DEM HATERSUSA0802942000328New (sealed)2,493,253201389537
CDBlackmadrid: Atlantic Crossing : The People's Journey
Feat.: Antar The Raven, Jihad & Sula Rakim
USANew Alliance0018861105628New (cut out)1,491,941900279446us de uk fr
CDCAPTAIN SAVE'M: MY CAPE IS IN THE CLEANERSUSAKNOCKOUT ENT.0693607110229New (sealed)1,491,941901389903
CDContraversy: Inner Conflicts USAFME Entertainment0656613411025New1,491,941900268233us de uk fr
CDCouncil: RELENTLESSUSAUndagroundpresha0756047100325New (sealed)1,491,941901335948
CDDa W.I.K.: Tomahawk
French Hip-Hop
Lusafrica3356572628324New1,792,332300297853de uk fr
CDDJ RO PRESENTS THE DIRTY SOUTH BOYZ: FROM THE SWAMPSUSA0690667200327New (sealed)2,993,93805065875
CDDr. Dre (Dr Dre): Back 'N Tha Day (Back In The Day)USA0605827303121New (sealed)1,491,941900022806us de uk fr
CDDr. Dre (Dr Dre): Boyz 'n The Hood (Ultimate Best Of)
16 Tracks
4184440164624New1,792,332300231268de uk fr
CDFIYA N ICE: FIYA N'ICEUSA0183437023023New (sealed)1,792,332301389868
CDFree Style Lee / Freestyle Lee: Lyrical Landscapes USA0015095957023New1,992,592500274850us de uk fr
CDFresh Kid Ice: STILL NASTYUSACHINAMAN RECORDS0679341200129New (sealed)1,692,22205064325
CDGEEKED, MOE: The Nickel Sack (5 Track Mini Album)USAWall Street Records0613505152923New (sealed)1,692,22201389915
CDGeronimo, Mic: VendettaUSA0016581493025New (cut out)1,491,941900241926us de uk fr
CDIce-T: Cold As Ever USA0605827100126New (sealed)1,491,941900242614us de uk fr
CDK-Nock: Escape From Quad CityUK0019011813226New (sealed)1,491,941900298909us de uk fr
CDMC Breed: TO DA BEAT CH'ALLCA0771356104727New (sealed)2,493,253201234587uk fr
CDMENACE TO SOCIETY: Situation Critical EPUSAInk Town0748656123123New (sealed)1,491,941905064331us de uk fr
CDMost Wanted Boys: Down Bad USAMost Wanted Empire0802755000928New1,491,941900275271us uk fr
CDMr. Marcelo: STREETZ GOT LUV 4 MEUSATuff Guys0806877109927New (sealed)1,491,941901389602
CD-Box (LP Size)Oaktown's 3.5.7 / Oaktowns 357: Fully Loaded (US Long Boxset)USACapitol0077779299621New (cut out)1,792,332305071359us de uk fr
CDRODNEY O & COOLEY, JOE: VETERAN'S DAYUSAKRITICAN ENT.0679191000122New (sealed)1,491,941901389812
CDSTOCKS MAGUIRE: ENTREPENI**AUSA0613505152824New (sealed)1,491,941901335894
CDTUPAC & DR DRE: LEGENDSUSA0649183880223New (sealed)2,993,93801234584us de uk fr
CDUsual Suspects, The: REALITY WORLDUSABall Or Fall0802587225520New (sealed)1,491,941901389916
Hip Hop / Rap (French
CD357. MP: Danse Dans L'Ombre (EP)FRAEMI0724353387624New (sealed)4,495,855805057215
CDRieurs: Rieurs (Ca Y Est Enfin!)GERWEA0685738661329New (sealed)2,993,93805027172de uk fr
Hip-Hop/Rap (German)
CD HIP-HOP / R&B (Deutsch) Compilation: One Love - Volume 1 (Produced By DJ Mike La Rock)
16 Tracks: DJ Double D, Bruda Sven Feat. B.H.T., Jorge Der Katastrophilosoph, Funky Fresh Show, E.V.L., Blabbwona,...
GERLions Den0661956019227New (sealed)1,491,941901299096us de uk fr
CDDeadly T: Die Hyänen Lachen Solange, ...4006759840658New (not sealed)1,491,941900036710us de uk fr
CDMason, Vanessa: MusikGERFreshline5099751956426New (sealed)1,491,941901437536us de uk fr
CDNachtwandler: Zurück In Den Wald (Incl. Albtraum)GERMusik Für Massen0807297061628New (sealed)1,992,592501393975de uk fr
CDTristan: Der Erste Schritt0743217452421New1,491,941900240746us de uk fr
CD R&B COMPILATION: R'n'b Starz (Mixed By DJ Hill)FRAWarner0809274019820New (sealed)1,792,332305027419de uk fr
CDColor Me Badd: Time And ChanceUSAGiant 0075992452427New (cut out)1,491,941900275427us de uk fr
CDColor Me Badd: Young, Gifted, And Badd - The RemixesUSAGiant 0075992448024New (cut out)1,491,941900034157us de uk fr
CDJamaica: Sisters In PainUSA0643276400626New1,491,941900277029us de uk fr
CDProfyle: Nothin' But DramaUSAD136608New1,491,941900275258
CDStrong: StrongUSA0015095957825New1,491,941900268964us uk fr
CD RAGGA / DUB / DANCEHALL Compilation: Jump Up Ragga Vol.13567252625421New1,491,941900296724de uk fr
CD (Digipak) REGGAE Compilation: Reggae Tributes (FOC)FRA3596971958022New (sealed)1,992,592501433958us de uk fr
CDDjungle: Terre PromiseFRA3597491564526New2,493,253200250875de uk fr
CDHindu (Reggae): Ready Fe Dem
Rockers / Run ! / Nu Moves / Another One / Pa-Ler-Mo / On A Twelve
USA0019011416120New (cut out)1,491,941900298916us de uk fr
CDRanking-T: Raggamuffinement VotreEURLusafrica3567252623120New (cut out)1,491,941900277179de uk fr
Soul / Funk
CD SOUL / FUNK Compilation: Love x 3 Times
10 Tracks:4X O.C. Smith, 3X Cuba Gooding, 3X Chuck Jackson
USATriune0019011414423New1,491,941900282618us de uk fr
CD5th Dimension, The: The 5th Dimension (17 Tracks)Sonora8004883661251New (sealed)1,692,22200296095de uk fr
CD x 2Clinton, George: Funk Um Agin… For The First Time - Live In L.A. (& The P-Funk Allstars)
Target / Rush Hour / Another Day / Ruthless
USA0758661732920New (sealed)3,494,554500274636us de uk fr
CDForce One Network: Soul Network Programm 2USA0649183880124New (sealed)2,493,253201234626us de uk fr
CDKrunchjam: KrunchjamUSAIchiban0019011414829New (cut out)1,792,332300299734us de uk fr
CDML: I'll Be There For YouUSA0019011417622New (cut out)1,491,941900317802us de uk fr
CDPlunky & The Oneness Of Juju: X Mark The SpotGERSoulciety4025478004325New1,491,941901173022de uk fr
CDState Of Grace: JamboreebopUSA0078636674421New1,491,941900297652us uk fr
CDSwop: PolyversumGERSoulciety4025478004226New (not sealed)2,493,253201173020us de uk fr
CDTacuma, Jamaaladeen: Boss Of The BassUSA0081227943424New (cut out)2,493,253200275484us de uk fr