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CD ALTERNATIVE / NEW METAL / GRUNGE Compilation: Discovery Sampler Alternative Vol.1
2X Hum, 2X Sleeper, 2X Wanderlust, ...
CD ALTERNATIVE / NEW METAL / GRUNGE Compilation: Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock CompilationGER5036369504922New (sealed)1,692,22200318377us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Alien Ant Farm: Attitude (x2+1)UK0600445082823New0,991,291200322208us de uk fr
CDAshtrayhead: AshtrayheadGER4006030602425New (cut out)1,491,941900217119us de uk fr
CDAutomatic, The: Home 78
Recorded And Mixed By Andi Velte (Mundstuhl)
GER4031851996927New1,491,941900232347us de uk fr
CDBugzy: Bugzy
Recorded By Steve Gallagher
USA0643276400121New1,792,332300292875us de uk fr
7"Bush: Inflatable (String Lush Mix) / Headful Of Ghosts (Live)USA0075678534171New0,991,291200290137us de uk fr
CDSCalling, The: Adrienne (x2+1 Incl. Acoustic Version)EURRCA - BMG0743219683526New0,991,291201210560
7"CATHETERS: I Fall EasyUSASub PopSP604New (not sealed)1,291,681606698053
CDS (Album Case)Chemical People: Let It GoUSA0031895002527New (cut out)0,991,291200297894us de uk fr
CDSCrazy Town: Drowning (x1+2)
incl. Butterfly
UK5099767332658New0,991,291200322057us de uk fr
CDSCrazy Town: Drowning (x2+1+Enhanced Video)Columbia5099767332627New0,991,291201211380us de uk fr
CDDas Damen: Jupiter EyeUSASST0018861009520New (cut out)1,491,941900298160us de uk fr
CDDeadeye Dick: A Different StoryCA0771356102723New (sealed)0,991,291201234635de uk fr
CDDeadeye Dick: WhirlCAIchiban0771356104123New (sealed)1,491,941901234631de uk fr
LPDirt Merchants: ScarifiedUSA0723853107015New (sealed)1,992,592501134710de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Elviss: D - ChangeUK5050383501026New0,991,291201211952us de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Foo Fighters: All My Life / Sister EuropeEURRoswell0743219626721New0,991,291201211956us de uk fr
CDGod's Favorite Band: ShacknastyUSATwintone0035058921724New1,992,592500297061us de uk fr
CDS x11Guano Apes: 11+2 - The Complete Singles Collection (Box Set)EUR0828765716024New (sealed)3,995,25105049491de uk fr
CDGunjah: Politically Correct?FRANoise0701301025524New (cut out)1,491,941900298046us de uk fr
CDSHiss (Alternative): Triumph (x1+2)EURPolydor0044006577821New0,991,291201211697us de uk fr
7"Jale: All Ready / Hey Hey (Brown Vinyl)USASub Pop5024545022674New (not sealed)0,991,291206705884de uk fr
CDJuster: What I See Want I ThinkUSATVT0165810421028New (cut out)1,491,941900298914
CDLiberty 37: The Greatest Gift (12 Tracks)UKBEGGARS BANQUET UK607618021023New (not sealed)2,493,253206689267us de uk fr
CDSLimp Bizkit: MY GENERATION (x1+2+Video)EURUNIVERSAL INT'L0606949744427New0,991,291201136608us de uk fr
CDSLorien: Shivering Sun (x1+2)UK5099767194522New0,991,291200294499us de uk fr
CDSMillion Dead: I Am The PartyUKXtra Mile5033025003324New1,792,332300323401us de uk fr
7"Millionaire: We Don't Live There Anymore / For A MaidBEPlay It Again Sam5413356224139New (not sealed)1,291,681606781428de uk fr
CDNicklebag: 12 Hits And A BumpUSAIguana Records0704518057425New (cut out)1,491,941900281344us uk fr
CDS 5" dbl. SleevePapa Roach: Between Angels And Insects (Limited Ed. ; Pullout Sleeve)UKDreamworks0600445090828New0,991,291200285222us de uk fr
CDSPapa Roach: Between Angels And Insects (x1+2 Live Tracks+ Video)UK0600445090927New0,991,291200322107us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Papa Roach: Time And Time Again UKDreamworks0600445080423New0,991,291200292375us de uk fr
CDSPapa Roach: Time And Time Again (CD1)UK0600445080522New0,991,291200293817us de uk fr
CDS (2 Track)Papa Roach: Time And Time Again / Singular Indestructible Droid (Live)EURDreamworks0600445080829New0,991,291200292448de uk fr
7"Parisman: A Place That Glows / Radio MountainsUK48 CRASH UK5050954116277New (not sealed)1,291,681606697634de uk fr
7"PERKINS, ELVIS: All The Night Without Love / The DumpsUKXL634904125875New (not sealed)0,991,291206715981us de uk fr
7"PERKINS, ELVIS: While You Were Sleeping / CounterclockwiseUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904028275New (not sealed)0,991,291206712829us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Puddle Of Mudd: She Hates Me (CD2, FOC) (+2 Acoustic Bonus Tracks)UKGeffen0606949780524New1,291,681601211124
7"REVEREND & THE MAKERS: HE SAID HE LOVED ME (x1+2)UKWALL OF SOUND UK5413356571448New (not sealed)1,291,681606697667us de uk fr
7"REVEREND & THE MAKERS: Open Your Window / Dear LydiaUKWall Of Sound5413356572049New (not sealed)0,991,291206697648us de uk fr
CDRolling Head: Vol.3 LiveUSAGrass Records0017531504327New (cut out)1,491,941900298218us de uk fr
CDSECTORSEVEN: Along The WayCA0777521143225New (sealed)2,493,253201233483us de uk fr
CDSSerafin: Day By Day (CD1)UK0827655001639New0,991,291200321754us de uk fr
CDSSerafin: Things Fall Apart (CD1)UK5050491009131New0,991,291200321757us de uk fr
CDSister Psychic: FuelCARestless0018777271721New (cut out)1,491,941900296597us de uk fr
CDSister Psychic: Surrender, You Freak!USARestless0018777274425New (cut out)1,491,941900298382us de uk fr
CDSkatenigs: What A Mangled Web We LeaveUSARed Light0097688837127New (cut out)1,491,941900278646us de uk fr
CDSkin Yard: 1000 Smiling Knuckles
Feat. Jack Endino
USACruz Records0031895001728New (cut out)1,792,332300297780us de uk fr
CDSlave Master: Under The 6 (Prod. By Bill Laswell)CARykodisc0014431030222New1,491,941900176400us de uk fr
CDStigmata A Go Go: It's All TimeUSAGrass Records0017531503122New (cut out)1,491,941900298219us de uk fr
CDSunset Valley: The New Speed USA0615493000729New1,491,941900278882us de uk fr
7"Television Personalities: All The Young Children On Crack / Any Love Is Good LoveUKDOMINO5034202122074New (not sealed)1,692,22206715983us de uk fr
CDToe Tag: RealityUSACherrydisc0738442289522New (sealed)1,491,941900298318us de uk fr
7"Veal: Everybody Wants More… (x1+3)UKBright Star Recordings5413356483345New (not sealed)1,692,22206715965de uk fr
7"Veal: I Hate Your Lipstick / DefilerUKSIX SHOOTER RECORDS5413356483048New (not sealed)1,692,22206697623de uk fr
CDVertex: VertexUSABlue Dolphin0605827700128New1,491,941900242615us de uk fr
7"Violent Delight: Same Old Story / Parental GuidanceUK5050466221278New0,991,291200290143de uk fr
CDSViolent Delight: Transmission (x1+2+Video)UK0825646088621New1,291,681600321765us de uk fr
CDSWheatus: American In Amsterdam (incl. Teenage Dirtbag Live Version + Poster)UK5099767410752New0,991,291200292945us de uk fr
7"White, Jack & Alicia Keys: Another Way To Die (Incl. Instrumental, Gold Vinyl)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904000776New (not sealed)1,692,22206700047us de uk fr
Brit Pop/Guitar Pop
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+1)EURDOMINO5034202125471New (cover not perfect)0,991,291206803419us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+1)EURDOMINO5034202125471New (not sealed)1,992,592506705881us de uk fr
10"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Brainstorm (x1+3)EURDOMINO5034202125464New (not sealed)2,993,93806695505us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: FlUORESCENT ADOLESCENT / THE BAKERYEURDOMINO5034202126171New (not sealed)1,992,592506698051us de uk fr
7"ARCTIC MONKEYS: Teddy Picker / Bad Woman (Death Ramps)UKDOMINO5034202127970New (cover not perfect)1,491,941906792931us de uk fr
10"ARCTIC MONKEYS / DEATH RAMPS: Teddy Picker (Split Single, 4 Tracks)UKDOMINO5034202127963New (not sealed)1,992,592506695146de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Ash: Envy (CD1)UKInfectios Records5026854011929New0,991,291201211372us de uk fr
CDSAsh: Envy (CD2)(x1+2)UK5026854011905New0,991,291200293959us de uk fr
10"Athlete: You Got The Style (x2+1 Limited Edition Laser Etched Disc)UK0724355096968New1,491,941900290129us de uk fr
CDBent: Nothing Growes Here Anymore0017531502620New (cut out)1,491,941900298258us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveBent: Programmed To Love (3 Track Promo)
Always On My Heart, A Ribbon For My Hair, Welly Top Mary
CDS (Album Case)BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit (x1+2)
+ Whho The Cap Fit & I Believe In The West Coast
PIAS5413356220926New0,991,291201295454us de uk fr
7"BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit / Oh My CorazonUKPlay It Again SamPIASB109New (not sealed)1,291,681606715974
7"BURGESS, TIM: I Believe In The Spirit / Who The Cap FitUK5413356220940New (not sealed)1,992,592506782750us de uk fr
7"BURGESS, TIM: Only A Boy / Rough TimeUK5413356221947New (not sealed)1,692,22206782710us de uk fr
CDSCharlatans: Impossible (CD2)UK0601215699722New0,991,291200294069us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Coral, The: Secret Kiss (FOC, x1+2+Video)UKDELTASONIC5099767437223New0,991,291201211971us de uk fr
CDSCoral, The: Skeleton Key E.P.UK5099767252222New0,991,291200293030us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Crescent, The: Spinnin' Wheels (CD1)UKHut0724354675706New0,991,291200292323us de uk fr
LPCrescent, The: The CrescentEUR0724381326312New3,494,554500290117us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Embrace: Make It Last (CD1)UKHut0724354606007New0,991,291200292979us de uk fr
7"Franz Ferdinand: Ulysses Pt. 1 / Anyone In LoveEURDOMINO5034202131472New (not sealed)0,991,291206697657us de uk fr
CDS 5" dbl. SleeveHaven: Til The End (x1+2+Video)UKRadiate0724354644702New0,991,291200292348us de uk fr
CDS 5" SleeveHaven: Till The End (x2+1)UKRadiate0724354644726New0,991,291200292353us de uk fr
CDSHell Is For Heroes: You Drove Me To It - CD2 (3 Track CD With Live Tracks)EUREMI0724355186225New1,291,681601211682us de uk fr
CDSHoggboy: Shouldn't Let The Side Down / Urgh !!!UK5033281625049New0,991,291200322136us de uk fr
7"Lemon Jelly: Make Things Right (Beatles Version) / Ambient LoopsUK634904921170New (sealed)1,692,22206787183us de uk fr
7"Lemon Jelly: NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS / SOFT (Coverversion)
Soft = Coverversion Of Chicago Track If You Leave Me Now
UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904115678New (not sealed)1,291,681606697637us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Books From Boxes (Demo Version) / Don McPhee (Pt. 2, Blue Vinyl))UKWarp Records801061822378New2,493,253206679859us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Books From Boxes / Obstinate Ideas (Pt.1, White Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061922375New (not sealed)1,692,22206679857de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Girls Who Plays Guitars (Part 2, Yellow Vinyl)UKWarp801061822774New (not sealed)0,991,291206697495us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: I Want You To Stay (Limited Edt, Part One On Turquoise Vinyl)UKWarp801061920173New1,992,592506679722us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Karaoke Plays (Part 2 Of 3, White Vinyl, Limited Edt., Incl. Lyrics Poster)UKWarp801061823672New (not sealed)0,991,291206697652us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Karaoke Plays / Jean Baudrillard (Part 1 Of 3, Silver Vinyl, Limited Edt.)UKWarp801061923679New (not sealed)0,991,291206698044us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Our Velocity / Pride Before A Fall (White Vinyl)UK801061922078New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506789111us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: Our Velocity / Robert Altman (Red Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061822071New (not sealed)0,991,291206803423us de uk fr
7"MAXIMO PARK: The Kids Are Sick Again (Part 3 Of 3, Orange Vinyl)UKWarp Records801061827779New1,291,681606679727us de uk fr
7"Oasis (U.K.): I'm Outta Time - RemixesUKBIG BROTHER5055019605543New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506697619us de uk fr
CDSOcean Colour Scene: Up On The Down Side (x1+2)EURIsland0731457283028New1,291,681601210875us de uk fr
CDSPulp: Bad Cover Version (Part 1)EURIsland0731458290025New1,291,681600285254us de uk fr
CDSPulp: Sunrise / The TreesUK0731458882121New0,991,291200322037us de uk fr
CDSPulp: The Trees / Sunrise (x2+1)0731458882220New0,991,291200293297us de uk fr
7"Radiohead: Nude / 4 Minute WarningUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904035075New (not sealed)1,291,681606697697us de uk fr
CDSThrills, The: Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far, x1+1)UK0724354746727New0,991,291200293818us de uk fr
Darkwave / Gothic
CD GOTHIC / DARKWAVE Compilation: Suck Taste Spit
Tracsk By : Cubanate, Think About Mutation, Oomph!
FRAMpo0701301002020New (cut out)1,792,332300297001us de uk fr
Electronic Rock / Electronic Music
LP x 213 & GOD: 13 & GODGERANTICON655035505015New (not sealed)6,498,468406693276us de uk fr
LP13 & GOD: MEN OF STATIONANTICON655035504919New (not sealed)1,992,592506781034us de uk fr
7"BLOOD ON THE WALL: Reunite On Ice / Dead Edge Of TownUKFat Cat600116072573New (not sealed)0,991,291206697692us de uk fr
12"HUSKY RESCUE: Caravan (x2+1)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063895864New (not sealed)1,491,941906755217us de uk fr
12"HUSKY RESCUE: Diamonds In The Sky (x4)UKCATSKILLS UK5060063895062New (not sealed)1,491,941906755218us de uk fr
7"HUSKY RESCUE: My Home Ghost / Poison (Alice Cooper Cover)UK5060063894270New (not sealed)1,692,22206782840us de uk fr
10"HUSKY RESCUE: Sleep Tight Tiger EPUKCATSKILLS UK5060063890074New (not sealed)1,692,22206695523us de uk fr
7"HUSKY RESCUE: WE SHALL BURN BRIGHT/ FIRST CALLUK5060063896878New (not sealed)1,992,592506782853us de uk fr
7"Mogwai: FRIEND OF THE NIGHT / FRESH CROWNUKPlay It Again Sam5020667343321New (not sealed)1,992,592506696121us de uk fr
LPODD NOSDAM: BURNERANTICON655035505312New (sealed)6,498,468406689152
LPODD NOSDAM: LEVEL LIVE WIRESANTICON655035507415New (sealed)4,996,516406781063us de uk fr
LP x 2ODD NOSDAM: NO MORE WIG FOR OHIOUKANTICON655035502816New (not sealed)5,497,167106692811us de uk fr
CDScorn: WhineUSAInvisibleNew (cut out)6,999,119000298402
German Punk/Deutschpunk/Oi
CDA.O.K.: Gibt Es Ein Leben Nach Dem FrühstückGERMetal Enterprises4031851998624New1,491,941900242024de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Der Gerechtigkeit Zuliebe (incl. 2 Bonus Tracks)GER4020779000717New1,491,941900295591us de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Schicksal - 89-98 Zum AbschiedGERTug Records4020779000908New1,491,941900295586de uk fr
CDAtemnot: Sie Oder Wir - 89 bis 94GERTug Records4020779000823New1,491,941900295590de uk fr
CDKalte Krieger: Mein Letzter SchreiGERTug Records4020779000892New1,491,941900295596de uk fr
Heavy Metal
CD454 Big Block: Your JesusCentury Media0727701778426New (sealed)1,491,941900297953us de uk fr
CDAversion: Fit To Be TiedCARestless0018777258326New (sealed)1,692,22200282902us de uk fr
CDBarnyard Slut: Force FieldUSAGrass Records0017531505225New1,491,941900281351us uk fr
CDDebase: The World Is ListeningGERBEV Music AG4031851993124New1,491,941900231930de uk fr
CDDisgust: Brutality Of WarUSAEarache0745316010427New (sealed)1,992,592501326990us de uk fr
CDFearless Leaders: ! # $ ; !USAHell Yeah0053477000028New (sealed)1,992,592500297919us de uk fr
CDGobblehoof: Freezerburn USANew Alliance0018861108025New (cut out)1,491,941900268404us de uk fr
CDHeat, The: Goldfinger (Prod. By Mat Sinner)UK4025235850080New1,491,941900295601us de uk fr
CDInsult II Injury: Point Of ThisCACentury Media0727701778624New1,491,941900277856us de uk fr
CDKaizen: Clear The PathFRA3700226403209New1,992,592500278873us de uk fr
LPKiller: Young BloodFRAPower Records9802New (not sealed)3,494,554505085255
LP x 2Mekong Delta: Lurking Fear (2LP, 180Gr. FOC)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070613New (sealed)9,9913,0212905165388us de uk fr
CDMekong Delta: Lurking Fear (Jewel Case Edition)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070422New (sealed)8,9911,7211605165392us de uk fr
CD + DVDMekong Delta: Lurking FEar (Lim.Digipack Edition+DVD)GERAFM RECORDS GERMANY4046661070521New (sealed)4,996,516405165395us de uk fr
CDMekong Delta: Pictures At An ExhibitionZardozZARDOZ200212Sup (sealed)6,498,468405066324
CDSNaked Apes: Wasted (x1+1+Video)UKSound Foundation5050294148822New0,991,291201211577us de uk fr
CDSNaked Apes: Wasted (x1+2)UKSound Foundation5050294148921New0,991,291200322447de uk fr
CDNew Eden: Obscure Master PlanNuclear Blast0727361634124New (sealed)1,992,592500298362us de uk fr
CDNonoyesno: Deepshit, ArkansasUSANuclear Blast0727361609320New1,491,941900013403us uk fr
CDOptimum Wound Profile: Silver Or LeadCARoadrunner0016861904029New (cut out)1,491,941900055516us de uk fr
12"Oriental Spas: Street Lines / ConcubineUSAOV1214New (sealed)3,494,554505246616
CDPost Mortem: Destined For FailureUSARed Light0097688836328New (sealed)1,491,941900163785us de uk fr
CDPost Mortem: Festival Of FunUSARed Light0097688835925New (cut out)1,491,941900298393us de uk fr
CDSoulquake System: ANGRY BY NATURE UGLY BY CHOICEUSABLACK MARK RECORDS0602276009925New (sealed)1,992,592501234592
CDStalynn: Der Beginn
Prod. By Gary Wheeler & Ingo Nowotny
GERMetal Enterprises4031851997528New1,491,941900242415us de fr
CDSymon-Asher: Three Color SunUSAMiramar Recordings0090062800120New1,491,941900275104us uk fr
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD1 (x3)EURGut Records5018766997477New0,991,291201210882
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD2 (x1+1+Video)EURGut Records5018766997484New0,991,291201211959us de uk fr
CDSWildhearts, The: Top Of The World - CD3 (x1+2)UKGut Records5018766997491New0,991,291201210901
CDXtra Large: Now I Eat ThemUSAGiant 0075992446921New (cut out)1,491,941900275223us de uk fr
10" INDEPENDENT Compilation: All The Rage (Domino Label Sampler)
The Kills, Arctic Monkeys, Cass McCombs, Wild Beasts
EURDOMINO5034202128564New (sealed)1,792,332306695145us de uk fr
CD INDEPENDENT Compilation: Iron Daze
Clove, Moe Berg, Super Garage, Claudia's Cage, Kat Rocket, ...
CA0778765100722New (sealed)1,491,941901234601us de uk fr
CD INDEPENDENT Compilation: Live From Brain Cookies (Taste Test 1)USANew Alliance0018861104522New (cut out)0,250,33300297907us de uk fr
CDA.T.S. (Indie): Blood Drive USAShimmy Disc0738641900723New (cut out)1,491,941900278333us de uk fr
7"Agent Provocateur: Red Tape / Rubba JallubaUK5028589002777New (not sealed)0,991,291205243793us de fr
7"All Traps Set: Council Of Desperation / ElysiumUKPOPTONES5055042871274New (not sealed)1,291,681606715993us de uk fr
CDAlter Natives: Group Therapy UK0018861018522New1,491,941900296709us de uk fr
CDAngst: Cry For HappyUSASST0018861020624New (cut out)2,493,253200297035us de uk fr
CDAnimals That Swim: Happiness From A Distant StarUKSNOWSTORM5028589015227New1,792,332301211530us de uk fr
CDSARLO: Runaround (x1+3)UK0098787060126New0,991,291201211112
7"BLOOD ARM: Angela / PendragonUKCity Rockers5060107720794New (not sealed)1,291,681606697656de uk fr
CDBrewer, Jack Band: Harsh WorldUSANew Alliance0018861106328New (cut out)1,792,332300284439us de uk fr
CDBridget: Light This CandleUSAGrass Records0017531700927New (cut out)1,491,941900297209us de uk fr
7"Clinic (Independent): The Witch / Earl MallardEURDOMINO5034202128670New (not sealed)1,692,22206697633us de uk fr
CDCreamers, The: Hurry Up & WaitUSATriple X0021075114720New (cut out)1,491,941900298394de uk fr
CDCruel Frederick: The Birth Of The CruelCASST0018861012728New (cut out)1,491,941900296718us de uk fr
CDCruel Frederick: We Are The Music We PlayUSASST0018861029023New (cut out)0,490,64600296590us de uk fr
CDDEAD FLY BUCHOWSKI: Land Of The Rough0607618024024New (sealed)1,491,941906687833
CDDeath Folk, The: DeathfolkCANew Alliance0018861104720New (cut out)1,491,941900296707us de uk fr
7"DIEFENBACH: Glorious / Travel The WorldUKWALL OF SOUND UK5028589022874New (not sealed)1,992,592506781424us de uk fr
10"DIEFENBACH: Make Your Mind E.P. (3 Tracks)EURWall Of Sound5028589021068New (not sealed)1,992,592506694259us de uk fr
CDDifferents, The: ScratchUSAMpo0038641901721New1,491,941900297087us de uk fr
LPDionysos: HaikuFRATREMA3296633107750New (sealed)3,995,25105044810de uk fr
LP x 2Dionysos: Whatever The Weather - Concert Acoustique (2LP)FRATREMA3296633108689New (sealed)5,997,817705055890de uk fr
LP x 2Dionysos: Whatever The Weather - Concert Electrique (2LP)EURTREMA3296633108511New (sealed)5,497,167105045083de uk fr
CDEdsel Auctioneer, The: SimmerUSADecoy0738641200229New (cut out)1,491,941900298183us de uk fr
CDEndino, Jack: Endino's EarthwormUSACruz Records0031895002121New (cut out)1,491,941900297903us de uk fr
CDFarmers, Llama: El Toppo0607618021726New (not sealed)1,491,941906687831
CDSFeeder: Come Back Around (x1+2, White PS)UK5027529712820New0,991,291200293371us de uk fr
7"FIELD MUSIC: SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS / Sit TighterUK5050954156976New (not sealed)0,991,291206783230us de uk fr
7"FIELD MUSIC: YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO (Single Sided, Etched)UKMemphis Industries5050954126177New (not sealed)1,291,681606697676de uk fr
CDFlesh Eaters, The: Sex Diary Of Mr. Vampire0018861029221New (cut out)1,692,22200194961us uk fr
CDFucking Champs, The: Greatest HitsMatador744861058427Sup (sealed)1,491,941906687835us de uk fr
7"FUTUREHEADS: Radio Heart (x2, Golden Vinyl)UKNul Records5060172000234New (not sealed)0,991,291206705891us de uk fr
7"FUTUREHEADS: Radio Heart (x2, Incl. Live Version)UKNul Records5060172000234New0,991,291206679858us de uk fr
7"FUTUREHEADS: The Beginning Of The Twist / Broke Up The Time (Field Music Remix)UKNul Recordings5060172000135New (not sealed)1,291,681606715970us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)GLITTERATI: Do You Love Yourself ? / HeartbreakerUK5055042870871New1,291,681601210766us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Grand Drive: Ladder To The Stars (x1+2)EURBMG0743218963629New0,991,291201210838
CDSGrandaddy: Hewlett's Daughter
1. Hewlett's Daughter / 2. XD-Data-II / 3. Street Bunny
UKV25033197143330New0,991,291200321844us de uk fr
7"Grandaddy: Nature Anthem (Green Vinyl)UK000011104308New (not sealed)3,995,25106782726
CDHalo: Jag / Eye VelocityUSARestless0018777280228New (cut out)1,291,681600296579us de uk fr
7"Hey & Mum: Louis - Dreams Never Die (Blue Vinyl With 44 Page Comic Book)UKFat Cat600116920171New (sealed)1,792,332306705870us de uk fr
7"HOLD STEADY: Chips Ahoy (x1+2)UKVagrant5060100662985New (not sealed)1,692,22206697639de uk fr
7" PictureHOLD STEADY: Sequestered In Memphis (Clear Sticker Sleeve, Single Sided Etched)UKRough Trade883870046176New (not sealed)0,991,291206705859us de uk fr
CDHouse Of Dreams: House Of DreamsCAIchiban0019011612423New (cut out)1,491,941900298383us de uk fr
7"Ikara Colt: Modern Feeling (Colored Vinyl)UKFantastic Plastic5039261504298New (not sealed)0,991,291206697659us de uk fr
CDS 5" dbl. SleeveIkara Colt: Rudd (x1+2)UKFantastic Plastic5039261502904New0,991,291201211693us de uk fr
7"JAGUAR LOVE: Jaguar Love EPUKMatador744861082477New (not sealed)0,991,291206705892us de uk fr
CDKaktuxxe: ChicalagazelleLalabuhNew (not sealed)1,792,332301172193
CDS (Digipack)Kid Galahad: Wheres My Gold? E.P. (FOC)UK5055060201824New0,991,291200322140us de uk fr
7"KING BISCUIT TIME: C I Am 15 (Part 2, x2 incl C. Swing RMX)UKNo Style5055042811034New (not sealed)0,991,291206697256us de uk fr
7"KING BISCUIT TIME: Kwangchow / Tears DryUKNo Style5055042811065New (not sealed)0,991,291206712840us de uk fr
CDLawndale: Sasquatch RockUSASST0018861012520New (cut out)2,993,93800297013us de uk fr
7"Leya: In Our Hands / Stop, Look AroundUKRUBYWORKS689232092825New (not sealed)0,991,291206697499us de uk fr
7"LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: Galaxy Of The Lost / Molly's Song (White Vinyl)UKDOMINO5034202129288New (not sealed)0,991,291206712836us de uk fr
7"LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: Galaxy Of The Lost / Your Heart / Dry Lips (White Vinyl)UKDOMINO5034202129271New (not sealed)0,991,291206705850us de uk fr
10"LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: MIDNIGHT SURPRISE (x1+2)EURDOMINO5034202126065New (not sealed)2,993,93806695515us de uk fr
7"LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: TELL ME WHAT IT'S WORTH / Tristan (Neon Orange Vinyl)UK5034202127376New (cover not perfect)1,992,592506787739us de uk fr
7"LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION: TELL ME WHAT IT'S WORTH / Xanadu (Neon Yellow Vinyl)UK5034202127383New (not sealed)1,692,22206795218us de uk fr
CDLotion: Agnew Funeral USASpinart Records0750078004522New1,491,941900296586us de uk fr
CDLouche And The Aliens, Jared: CovergirlUSA0637642015125New (cut out)1,491,941900298737us de uk fr
CDM-3: M-3USANew Alliance0018861105727New (cut out)1,491,941900278328us de uk fr
CDMarvin: Bone (CO)USA0018777271226New (cut out)1,491,941900317865us de uk fr
7"Middleton, Malcolm: Blue Plastic Bags / Choir By King CreosoteUK5060100664415New (not sealed)1,692,22206696132us de uk fr
7"Middleton, Malcolm: We're All Going To Die (x2, Incl. LK Remix)UKFULL TIME HOBBY5060100663951New (not sealed)0,991,291206705871de uk fr
7"Middleton, Malcolm: ZERO / Bad Stuff's Free (White Vinyl, Ltd Ed)UK5060100666945New (not sealed)1,992,592506782729us de uk fr
CDMiss Red Flowers: Miss Red FlowersUSATim Kerr Records0764483014328New (cut out)1,491,941900298335us de uk fr
CDMistaken, The: Santa FeUSATriple X0021075112627New (cut out)1,491,941900297305us de uk fr
CDMofungo: BuggedUSASST0018861019123New (cut out)1,491,941900297180us de uk fr
7"MONO TAXI: Kind Of Better / Hardy SmileUKPlay It Again Sam5413356491548New (not sealed)1,692,22206781425us de uk fr
CDMousetrap: Cerebral RevolverUSAGrass Records0017531500329New (cut out)1,491,941900297143us de uk fr
CDMousetrap: LoverUSAGrass Records0017531502323New (cut out)1,491,941900282412us de uk fr
CDMousetrap: The Dead Air Sound SystemUSAGrass Records0017531505423New (cut out)1,491,941900298167us de uk fr
CDMouth Music: ShorelifeUSARyko0014431030925New (cut out)0,991,291200298890us de uk fr
7"MUGISON: Murr Murr / Id Ask (Mugimama Is This Monkey Music?)UKACCIDENTAL827884001974New (not sealed)1,291,681606712846de uk fr
7"MUGISON: Sad As A Truck / 2 BirdsUKACCIDENTAL827884002070New (not sealed)0,991,291206712842us de uk fr
CDMutiny (Indie): Aftershock 2005CARyko0014431033421New (cut out)1,491,941900297213us de uk fr
CDMutton Gun: Muttongun III (With Wood)CA0738641200526New (cut out)1,491,941900298028us de uk fr
CDNo Man: How The West Was WonUSASST0018861028125New (cut out)1,491,941900277368us de uk fr
CDNo Man: Whamon ExpressUSASST0018861026725New (cut out)1,491,941900284459us de uk fr
7"OCTOPUS PROJECT: Wet Gold / Moon BoilUKTOO PUREPURE216SNew (not sealed)0,991,291206705894us de uk fr
7"ONE MORE GRAIN: Having A Ball / Jon HassellhoffUKWhite Heat5060125190210New (not sealed)1,291,681606697491us de uk fr
CDPaper Bag: Music To Trash - LiveUSASST0018861020020New (cut out)1,491,941900299721us de uk fr
7"PENATE, JACK: Have I Been A Fool (Gimick Cover, Part 1 Of 2)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904031978New (not sealed)0,991,291206723955us de uk fr
7" PicturePENATE, JACK: Have I Been A Fool / You Send Me (Part 2 Of 2)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904131975New (not sealed)0,991,291206712828us de uk fr
7" x 2PENATE, JACK: Spit At Stars E.P. (FOC)UKXL RECORDINGS634904126476New (not sealed)1,291,681606712834us de uk fr
12"PENATE, JACK: Tonight's Today (x3, Cover VG+)UKXL RECORDINGS634904042011New (cover not perfect)3,995,25106693300de uk fr
7" PicturePENATE, JACK: Torn On The Plattform / Roll Your Own Dice (Picture Disc, Part 2 Of 2)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904227678New (not sealed)1,291,681606697663de uk fr
CDPencil: El ToroUSAGrass Records0017531504426New (cut out)1,491,941900297140us de uk fr
CDPet Engine: Feeling Like A Hundred BucksUSADON'T RECORDS0794917002225New2,493,253201138708
CDPurple Outside, The: Mystery LaneUSANew Alliance0018861105222New (cut out)1,491,941900296528us de uk fr
LPSeverin (Indi): Severin (Incl. Insert)DischordDIS72VNew (not sealed)2,493,253201288987
7"SINGLEMAN AFFAIR: Oh To Say / Leaving A MarkUKPOPTONES5055042871212New (not sealed)0,991,291206705873us de uk fr
CDS (Digipack)Six By Seven: I.O.U Love (FOC, x1+2)UKMantra0609008006825New0,991,291201211880us de uk fr
CDSlovenly: Riposte (A Little Resolve)USASST0018861008929New (cut out)1,792,332300298408us de uk fr
CDSproton Layer: With Magnetic Fields DisruptedUSANew Alliance0018861105529New (cut out)1,491,941900277176us de uk fr
CDSWA: VolumeUSASST0018861028224New (cut out)1,491,941900298878us de uk fr
CDSwoon 23: The Legendary Ether PonyUSA0764483015325New1,792,332300281310us de uk fr
CDSymposium: SYMPOSIUMUSA0632911000826New (sealed)1,491,941901234629us de uk fr
7"Thousand Natural Shocks: Under The Sun / AttackUKPlay It Again5413356491845New (not sealed)1,992,592506761226de uk fr
10"Travis: J.SMITH (x1+2)UKRed Telephone Box5024545521665New (not sealed)5,497,167106695251us de uk fr
CDSTravis: Re-Offender (CD1) (Blue Cover)UKWarner5099767432327New0,991,291200321796us de uk fr
CDTrotsky Icepick: Danny & The DoorknobsUSASST0018861025421New (cut out)1,491,941900298376us de uk fr
CDTrotsky Icepick: Poison SummerUSASST0018861023922New (cut out)1,491,941900298411us de uk fr
CDTrotsky Icepick: The Ultraviolet CatastropheCASST0018861027920New (cut out)1,491,941900284444us de uk fr
7"V Formation: Little Heart / Open The Oceans (Black/White Cover)UKDouble DragonDD2027New (not sealed)0,991,291206697474us de uk fr
7"WEEK THAT WAS: AIRPORT LINE / Learn To Learn (Razmataz Lorry Excitement Remix)UK5060146091039New (not sealed)0,991,291206705890us de uk fr
7"White Stripes, The: Conquest / Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap (Part 2 Of A 3 7" Set)UKXL634904132071New (not sealed)1,692,22206712832de uk fr
7"White Stripes, The: Conquest Pt.3 / Cash Grab Complications On The MatterUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904232078New (not sealed)1,692,22206697609de uk fr
7"White Stripes, The: ICKY THUMP (Etched Vinyl, For NME Sleeve)UK634904227777New (sealed)1,692,22206687841de uk fr
7"White Stripes, The: Icky Thump / Baby BrotherUKXL RECORDINGS634904127770New (not sealed)2,993,93806697616us de uk fr
7"White Stripes, The: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS / A Martyr For My LoveUK0634904029371New (not sealed)3,494,554506797485us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Wild Strawberries: Mirror Mirror (1 Track Promo)CA08700398162New0,991,291200278556de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)Wild Strawberries: Trampoline (1 Track Promo)USA0067003971522New0,991,291200278670de uk fr
LP x 2Yo La Tengo: POPULAR SONGS (180 Gram Press)USAMATADOR RECORDS744861085614New (not sealed)12,9916,9416806760996
Industrial / EBM
CD EBM / INDUSTRIAL Compilation: KK / Electrip CompilationUSA0018777280020New (cut out)1,491,941900298027us de uk fr
CDAtkins, Martin & The Chicago Industrial League: An Industrial Christmas CarolFRA5028563233821New (cut out)1,491,941900298162de uk fr
12" x 2Echoboy: Turning On - Remixes (Ltd. Numbered Ed.)
L12 MUTE 257 - A) Südwestfunk No.5 (Remix By Ester Brinkmann) / B) Turning On (Remix By Red Snapper) / C) Siobhan (Click 'n' Flow Mix By Thomas Fehlmann) / D) Angel Band
UKMute5016025502578New (not sealed)2,493,253205047627de uk fr
12"FIXMER, TERENCE: CERVEAUX SANS AMES / PEPLUM (FLC)GERGigolo Rec.0718752782760New (not sealed)1,992,592505156611
CDGravity Kills: Perversion USA0016581592025New (cut out)1,491,941900241933us de uk fr
CDMatera: Same Here USAInvisible0637642009223New (cut out)2,993,93800297925us de fr
12"Passage, The: CREATURE IN THE CLASSROOMANTICON655035503912New (sealed)2,993,93800600146us de uk fr
LP x 2Passage, The: The Forcefield KidsANTICON655035503813New (sealed)5,497,167106692801us de uk fr
12"Peron, Carlos: Satyriasis - The Late MarilynEURPartizonePZ001New (not sealed)2,993,93805290831
CDPitbull Daycare: Six Six SexUSAMia Records Inc.0657674100125New (cut out)0,991,291200074864us de uk fr
7"SELFISH CUNT: Authority Confrontation / Full SwingUKHorseglue5024545280500New (not sealed)1,291,681606697680us de uk fr
CDTransmisia: Frigid ProseUSAInvisibleB000004B5VNew (cut out)1,291,681600297945us de uk fr
CDUltraviolence: Life Of DestructorUSA0745316010328New1,491,941900277870us de uk fr
CDVendor Refill: Stable LP45Nature RecordsNAT2114CDNew (sealed)2,493,253201297324
Melodic Rock / AOR
CDDiamond Head: Am I EvilChrisly4010470250016New (sealed)2,493,253201145105de uk fr
CDHors La Loi: Hors LA LoiCA0774668204925New (sealed)2,993,93801234581de uk fr
LPImpellitteri: Impellitteri (4 Track Mini LP)USA0088561821913New (sealed)2,493,253201310701de uk fr
Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
LPTiger B. Smith [Smith, Tiger B.]: Tiger Rock (Lim. Ed. 1000 Copies 180Gr. Re-Issue Incl. Poster+ Signed Postcard)GERCMV (Clockwork)4047253999985New (sealed)12,9916,9416805227108us de uk fr
CD PUNK/ HARDCORE Compilation: 2001 A Grass OdysseyUSA0017531502729New (cut out)1,491,941900298024us de uk fr
CD PUNK/ HARDCORE Compilation: Cracks In The Sidewalk (Blue Cover)
Black Flag, Minutemen, Sharp Corners...
USASST0018861009223New (cut out)1,491,941900298396us de uk fr
CD PUNK/ HARDCORE Compilation: Cracks In The Sidewalk July - Nov. 1980 (White Cover)
Black Flag, Minutemen, Sharp Corners...
USASST0018861009223New (cut out)1,491,941900090599us de uk fr
CD (Digipak) PUNK/ HARDCORE Compilation: Punk It! Vol. 5
18 Pop/Rock Hits Covered By Punk Bands Like The Queers, Satanic Surfers, Vibrators, Damned, ....
47Imperial4988004092381New (cut out)1,792,332305032156us de uk fr
CD12 Eyes: UnitCA0777521112726New (sealed)2,493,253201231412us de uk fr
CD12 Pointbuck: To Charlie With LoveCA0774907978020New (sealed)1,491,941901234630us de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: Adventure / Ouch (Demo Version)UKXL RECORDINGS634904122577New (not sealed)1,692,22206697631us de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: Adventure / We Will Vacation…(Demo)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904222574New (not sealed)1,692,22206697636de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: Black Hole / Bummer Time (Battle Tapes Session)UKXL RECORDINGS UK634904034276New (not sealed)1,291,681606697664de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: DAMN DAMN LEASH / Spill (Black Cover)UKXL0634904121273New (not sealed)1,692,22206790909us de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: FIRE DEPARTMENT / Take That WalkUK5050159823871New (not sealed)1,992,592506695295us de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: Food Fight / The Beast WithinUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904034177New (not sealed)1,291,681606697660de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: Super Soaked / Blow Yr MindUKXL RECORDINGS UK634904034078New (not sealed)1,291,681606697662de uk fr
7"BE YOUR OWN PET: The Kelly Affair / What's Your Damage (Battle Tapes Session)UKXL634904034375New (not sealed)0,991,291206715942de uk fr
CDBlue Humans, The: Clear To Higher Time (feat. Rudolph Grey)USANew Alliance0018861107721New (cut out)1,491,941900278480us de uk fr
LPBLUETIP: JOIN USUSADischordDIS116VNew (not sealed)3,494,554506781024
LPBLUETIP: POST MORTEM ANTHEMDIS126VNew (not sealed)6,498,468406781061
7"Boggs, The: Arm In Arm (x2, Incl. Shy Child Mix)EURTangled Up5016958090876New (not sealed)0,991,291206697658us de uk fr
American Oi Band
USARADICAL RECORDS0766627003120New (sealed)2,993,93801231403
CDBooze Bogy: Welcome To The BogylandGER9008115005003New1,491,941900209809us de uk fr
CDSBowling For Soup: Emily (x1+1+Video)EURSilvertone Records5016583719821New0,991,291201211661de uk fr
LPBranch: ManagerUKDischordDIS95VNew (not sealed)6,999,119006693206
CDBulkhead: Gas GiantsCAShimy Disc0738641007422New (cut out)1,291,681600296964us de uk fr
LPBurning Heads: Taranto (17 Track Vinyl)FRAOpposite Production5099751084419New (not sealed)3,494,554505051363de uk fr
LPCAPITOL CITY DUSTERS: Rock CreekUSADischordDIS127VNew (sealed)3,494,554506692805
LPCAPITOL CITY DUSTERS: SimplicityDIS1215New (not sealed)3,494,554506781039
CD (Digipak)D.B.S. (DBS): I Is for InSignificant (Multi FOC)Empty Records0718751239128New1,491,941900298252de uk fr
CDDahl, Jeff: Dead Boy (+ Poison Idea)0021075113723New (cut out)1,491,941900279397us de uk fr
7"Deathset, The: Around The World / Paranoia / Boys Than GirlsUK5021392503172New (not sealed)1,992,592506789099us de uk fr
CDDumpster Juice: Get That Out Of Your MouthUSASpanish Fly Records0035058927122New (cut out)1,491,941900277072us de uk fr
CDGerrymander Bob: Meat TownUSAS.HeadBOOT4New (cut out)1,491,941900298222
CDS (Album Case)Ginn, Greg: Don't Tell Me (x2+2)USACruz Records0031895003425New (cut out)0,230,3300278344us de uk fr
CDGodandtexas: Criminal ElementUSA0018777290029New (cut out)1,491,941900298021us de uk fr
7"GOGOL BORDELLO: Not A Crime / 60 Revolutions / 60 RevolutionsUKSIDE 1 DUMMY RECORDINGS603967131574New (not sealed)1,692,22206705888us de uk fr
7"GOGOL BORDELLO: Wonderlust King / Supertheory Of SupereverythingUKSIDE ONE DUMMY603967133974New (not sealed)1,692,22206712826de uk fr
CDLa Secta: Memories Pt.1USAHell Yeah0053477004224New (cut out)1,491,941900281956us de uk fr
CDLeech Woman: 33 oUSAInvisibleNew (cut out)6,999,119000298070
CDMxpx: MOVE TO BREMERTONUSATOOTH & NAIL RECORDS0026297106126New (sealed)1,992,592501231446
DVD Audio SingleNew Found Glory: Head On CollisionUKDRIVE THRU0008811398095New1,491,941900293916us de uk fr
CDSNew Found Glory: Head On Collision (CD1)EURDRIVE THRU0008811397821New0,991,291200293466us de uk fr
CDSNew Found Glory: Head On Collision (CD2)EURDRIVE THRU0008811397920New1,291,681600293472us de uk fr
CDS (Album Case)New Found Glory: HEAD ON COLLISION / HIT OR MISSUSADRIVE-THRU0602498010310New (sealed)0,991,291205066115
CDOctoberfaction: Octoberfaction
Feat. Henry Rollins, Greg Ginn, Bill Stevenson...
USASST0018861003627New (cut out)1,491,941900297777us de uk fr
CDOktober Faction: The Second Factionalization
Feat. Greg Ginn (Black Flag)
USASST0018861005621New1,992,592500284564us de uk fr
CDSEX PISTOLS & SID VICIOUS: LiveFlash Light4015910261713Sup (sealed)1,491,941905066377de uk fr
CDSmut (Punk): Blood Smut And TearsUSA0035058924022New1,491,941900298195us de uk fr
CDSunbrain: LiveUSA0017531504525New (cut out)1,491,941900298025us de uk fr
7"Supersuckers / Tenderloin: Mother Mary / Leave This Town (Split Single)USASub PopSP384New (not sealed)1,692,22206712843
CDTar Babies: Honey BubbleUSASST0018861023625New (cut out)1,992,592500298389us de uk fr